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The 20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All-Time


Unless you've been living under a rock, you've likely heard of Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics was founded in 1939 by pulp magazine.

While Captain America was introduced in the 1940s, it wasn't until the 1960s that other characters in the Marvel Comics were introduced including Spider Man, The Incredible Hulk, and X-Men. This is simply because comic books only started to increased in popularity until the 1960s.

Over time, these comics have become the Marvel cinematic universe, which is essentially the video counterparts of the original comic stories.

From Captain Marvel to Scarlet Witch, the Incredible Hulk and even Doctor Strange, heroes, villains, and their superpowers have taken the world by storm in their prestige, intimidation, and power. Because of this, we decided to look into the most powerful Marvel character ever.

With that, there are several ways that one could go about defining the term "power" when it comes to describing the top Marvel characters ever. Some of the characters are incredibly rich, and they yield political and influential power.

Others have special skills and abilities which give them the edge in a fight, and while there are some fairly impressive attributes ascribed to these characters, there are some who rise to the top of the power scale.

The characters are larger than life, and we've compiled a collection ranking the 20 most powerful of the Marvel characters of all time for your consideration.


20. Vulcan

Gabriel Summers is our twentieth most powerful marvel character within the Marvel universe. He first appeared in Marvel comics in 2006 when he appeared in X-Men, Deadly Genesis. He's a mutant with incredible powers who goes by the name of Vulcan, who was once the Emperor of the Shi'ar Empire.

He's gone to battle against Starjammers, Inhumans, and X-men at the same time. We're impressed with his ability to control a total of seven elements, including water, wind, fire, earth and three additional ones beyond the norm, of electricity, darkness, and light.


19. Skaar

Skaar is the son of the Hulk. He first appeared in Marvel comics in 2007. His father was one of the strongest marvel characters, but the strength of Skaar even surpasses that of the Hulk in an alternate reality.

Skaar was born on the planet of Sakaar without any parents to raise him, which made him entirely filled with anger. In order to survive, Skaar was determined to kill anything that stood in his way.

He can fall from outer space with a healing factor that goes beyond that of the great Wolverine. He's one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe, and he's really hard to kill, but we've kept him outside of the top ten because aside from these two amazing powers, there isn't a lot more to say about him.


18. Odin

The next powerful marvel character in the marvel universe is Odin, who first appeared in Marvel comics in 1962. Odin is the patriarch of the mighty Thor, and he rises to the top in strength among all of the Asgardians. Odin is an immortal who commands control over magic and he can produce a variety of different effects.

One of the best powers to his credit is the ability to augment his already great powers by absorbing the powers which exist collectively within the rest of the Asgardians.


17. Hercules

Hercules, like Skaar, is also stronger than the Hulk and Thor, although he isn't quite the strongest marvel character. He first appeared in the marvel comics in 1965. He's the son of the immortal Zeus who accomplished the feat of hauling the island of Manhattan into a different location.

Now that's some serious strength. He's also one of the hardiest Marvel characters who have the ability to survive in outer space without any outside assistance, and he can also survive through a cosmic Nova blast, giving him an edge over scar when it comes to power.

While he has had great strength and is one of the most extremely powerful heroes, he's also had quite a tragic life. After marrying for the first time, he had children, all of whom he murdered unintentionally. Hercules has had to live with this guilt but even so, he continues to fight alongside other powerful marvel characters in the marvel comics universe.


16. Grandmaster

We can't forget to include the Grandmaster in the top 20 most powerful Marvel characters who first appeared in Marvel comics in 1969. We put him at number 16 simply because of the fact that he cannot die. He's an ancient and eternal being.

The most impressive of his attributes is his vast intelligence and power, and his ability to revive the dead and bring them back to life. Interestingly enough, the Grandmaster at one point was the ruler of the planet Sakaar, which is where The Incredible Hulk's son was born.


15. Galactus

Galactus is the fifteenth most powerful Marvel character because he can literally eat planets making him one of the most powerful beings. He first appeared in Marvel comics in 1966. His cosmic knowledge and power are unlimited. This gives him a definite edge over many of the other characters in our top 20 list.

What we think is really cool about Galactus is his use of technology that is paired with the biology of his existence. He influences the minds of those who are looking at him and they see him in the same form that they occupy, whether alien, human or otherwise.


14. Magus

Magus is the father of Adam Warlock who has a power that is right up to par with that of Galactus. He first appeared in Marvel comics in 1984. Magus is also an immortal, but we ascribe a bit more power to him than that of Galactus because Magus can teleport, shapeshift and turn himself into any substance.

In addition to this, he can split an entire star into two pieces. Additionally, Magus also has supernatural physical characteristics such as super strength, making him one of the most powerful marvel characters.

Adam Warlock

13. Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock, who first appeared in Marvel comics in 1967, is the son of Magus and he was created to be a perfect example of a human being. He outdoes his father by having the energy to project along with the speed and strength of Magus on steroids.

In addition to this, he can stand up against reality-warping and even Time Gem's freezing ability is something he can resist. He also has the amazing ability to discern where there's a wormhole and he can also create them.


12. Thanos

Thanos is the youngest son of A'Lars and he first appears in marvel comics in 1973. He has the ability to manipulate energy which gives him an advantage against most other Marvel characters. He's an immortal who is almost impossible to defeat as he picks fights with the Avengers.

He has quite a few unmatched abilities including his intelligence, his speed, his durability, and his strength. He's although telepathic, so we give him the 12th position among the most powerful Marvel characters of all-time. Some of his mind-blowing telepathic powers include sending The Incredible Hulk into a rage, or speaking mentally with Galactus. These telepathy superhuman powers definitely make him stand out as one of the most powerful marvel characters.

Amatsu Mikaboshi

11. Amatsu Mikaboshi

Amatsu Mikaboshi first appeared in the Marvel Comic Books in 2006. This character has been rightly nicknamed the Chaos King. He has enough power to destroy an entire world.

While his physical strength is outmatched by many of the other Marvel characters and deities, his magical powers are top-notch, adn so is his durability. He has the power to affect the astral bodies of people who have recently died, and he can capture and detail their essence at will.

Amatsu Mikaboshi also possess the ultimate power to use a very powerful Japanese black magic, which comes in handy when fighting against any powerful deity. He is also fast and agile and therefore is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.


10. Surtur

Surtur first appeared in Marvel comic books in 1963. This character can be compared to Odin in his degree of superhuman strength, but we think that it goes a little beyond that. He's a humungous fire demon who commands the power of a thousand suns. He is an immortal who also has the gifts of telekinesis, pyrokinesis and he can survive while living in a flame.

Because of his intense powers, he is considered one the most powerful marvel characters. He is able to fight Thor, Odin and Loki who are some of the most powerful in the marvel universe. With just making sounds while weapon making, Surtur is able to destroy entire universes. Additionally, any time that Surtur is awake, there are volcanoes erupting.


9. Cyttorak

Cyttorak first appeared in comics in 1992. This character is a deity who is among the most powerful of all Marvel magical beings. Cyttorak is an omnipotent being who exists within his Crimson Cosmos and he is also the source of many elite magicians within the universe. He can use the powers of past dimensions using avatars and spells. He is also the source for Doctor Strange.

Franklin Richards

8. Franklin Richards

Reed Richards and Sue Storm had a son whom they named Franklin Richards. Franklin Richards first appeared in comic books in 1968. He's a mutant who is classified as a rare and omega-level character.

His most powerful characteristic is that he can warp reality as well as control the fundamental forces of the universe. He is one of the strongest mutants in existence with powers equal to that of the Celestials.

Franklin Richards is found to travel all over the marvel universe with the Fantastic Four. While he can manipulate reality, he can also create multiple avatars of himself when there are times of crisis.

With his psychich abilties as an avatar, Franklin Richards can make those around him unconcious. Without a doubt, he is one of the most powerful marvel characters in the universe.


7. Eternity

Eternity first appeared in comic books in 1965. This character is Infinity's twin brother as well as being the sibling of Oblivion and Death. Eternity is more powerful than the mighty Galactus.

Eternity has the ability to manipulate reality, as well as space and time. This definitely gives Eternity an edge over the Marvel characters who do not possess these abilities, nor the power to resist their influence.

Because of his abiliti to represent both time as well as space, Eternity is a walking marvel multiverse. He has superhuman characteristics such as superhuman strength and also inmortality.

He has spatial manipulation and he can also shapeshift. Additionally, he has mental controlling powers which include telekenisis, telepathy, and teleportation, making him one of the most powerful marvel characters.


6. Stranger

Stranger first appeared in comic books in 1965. This character is a cosmic entity in the Marvel Universe who is possibly the most enigmatic. We're not sure of his intentions, but he possesses a high does of cosmic strength. He's strong enough to capture Magneto on a few occasions.

He also has the power to create a living planet, such as Ego, one of his side projects. We're not sure if he's really a villain or a hero because he tends to flip flop between playing the two roles.

He manipulated the Hulk in an attempt to conquer the Earth, but he's also taken on Thanos, so it's tough to tell where he fits into the good and bad guy genre. What we do know is that he's even more powerful tht Zeus and Odin.

Stranger is a cosmic entity and he can create force blasts using his cosmic powers. Additionally he can teleport between universes and galaxies making how one of the most powerful marvel characters.

living tribunal

5. Living Tribunal

Living Tribunal first appeared in comic books in 1967. He is a mediator for every cosmic happening that takes place in the multiverse. This is an exponentially infinite number of interactions and it's so mind-blowing that we have to gi e him the fifth position for being the most powerful Marvel character.

He's as powerful as Infinity, and it seems that his power over the cosmos is unrivaled by any other Marvel character, although there are some who have a bit more diversity in their skills and abilities. He presides over the marvel multiverse and is even more powerful than Infinity or Eternity, making him one of the most powerful characters.

The Beyonder

4. The Beyonder

The fourth most powerful Marvel character of all-time has got to be the Beyonder. The Beyonder first appeared in comic books in 1984. This character exists in only one universe, but this doesn't diminish his extraordinary powers to any degree. The Beyonder has the ability to pit the strongest villains and heroes of Earth against one another.

Doctor Doom once had the good fortune of absorbing the Beyonder. Even after beyond absorbed, Beyonder has the ability to quickly regain its powers and in addition to being one of the most powerful Marvel characters, The Beyonder can also manipulate reality. This is one of the top four most powerful Marvel characters of all time.

In addition to his powers, he also has the ability to manipulate reality. He exists in his universe as one of the most powerful beings, giving him the ability to create worlds, solar systems, or even galaxies.

The Beyonder also has abilities that allow him to give powers to others and if he intended to take them away, he very well could. For this reason, we consider him one of the most powerful marvel characters.


3. Death

Our number 3 pick within the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Death, who first appeared in comic books in 1973. Death is an eternal entity. It's been in existence since the universe has been created.

Death is the opposite of the powerful character Eternity. This character is portrayed as a female entity and she is the one who owns the responsibility for Thanos' descent into a villainous trajectory. Death convinced Thanos to kill the pirate captain in charge of him, and he killed his offspring.

It was Death who convinced him to destroy half of all of the existing life in the Universe. What makes Death so powerful is that she is invincible. In addition to this, she has unlimited cosmic power. She can also manipulate matter and Death, as far as we can tell doesn't seem to possess any real weaknesses.

One Above All

2. One Above All

One Above All is the second most powerful character ever in the Marvel Multiverse. This character is even above The Living Tribunal in the food chain of those in the cosmic hierarchy. One Above All has a god-like status. This character is omnipotent and it's tough to find a weakness within the fabric of this character.

It has the ability to use all of the matter within the universe to direct it into any activities that it deems to be advantageous. The One Above has the ability to manifest itself in whatever physical form that it wants to take. It transformed into a homeless man when Peter Parker was in need of counsel for his grief.

He can warp reality and manipulate anyone and anything as well as resurrect and create things as well. Having said this about One Above All, we now move to the next Marvel character who occupies the number one most powerful position of all-time.


1. Protege

Protege first appeared in comic books in the 1990s. If you can wrap your mind around all of the other powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, and imagine them all rolled into one character, you can arrive at the true essence of Protege.

This character is the most powerful cosmic. It goes beyond this to be the most powerful in all classifications and categories of Marvel characters. Protege is a child-like god who as the ability to imitate any entity that is in existence in the multiverse. Even The Living Tribunal and One Above All could not defeat Protege.

The raw potential of this character is all-encompassing. The reason that we are convinced of Protege's unrivaled powers is that it can transform into any entity and assume its power base plus powers pulled from other entities to make an unbeatable opponent. Protege can meet and beat the power levels of anything that exists in all of creation.

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