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The 20 Richest Comic Book Characters Ever

Black Panther

Who are the richest comic book characters? Some of us might automatically default to assuming that it's Bruce Wayne of the Batman franchise, but determining the riches is not an easy proposition.

There really isn't a way to validate claims of wealth because they're make-believe and there are no official records to consult. Although there is really no way to put them in a specific order of wealth, we can make inferences based upon the information supplied by the writers of the stories. With this in mind, here are the 20 richest comic book characters ever.


20. Magneto Net Worth - $900 million

We know that Magneto is one of the richest comic book characters ever because he has control of all of the metal, plus he stole a lot of Nazi gold from Hydra including platinum, gold, silver, copper, and Vibranium, which is the rarest metal known in the comic book world.

He can bring together any kind of precious metals. He doesn't need to worry about money because he has access to all of the world's resources to get whatever he needs.

Maxwell Lord

19. Maxwell Lord Net Worth - $1 billion

Maxwell Lord started out as a businessman who ran a decent con scam to draw in money on a bogus world peacekeeping task force. He built a massive empire that gave him power and wealth. He is still in control of some versions of the Justice League.

His character has metahuman powers and he can control the minds of those around him. He's a dangerous character who took things a little too far, and as a result, Wonder Woman was forced to kill him when he commandeered the mind of Superman.

This was something that simply had to end, so she broke his neck. As luck would have it he was resurrected by Deadman through his white power ring and he's back to wreaking havoc with his mind control powers.

Ras Al Ghul

18. Ras Al Ghul Net Worth - $1 billion

Ras Al Ghul is one of the most deadly evil characters in the DC universe, and his name literally means, "The Demon's Head." He's several hundred years old and he discovered a chemical pool that has the ability to resurrect the dead, but the price is insanity with the benefit of metahuman strength.

He's lived for several lifetimes and as a result, he's been able to accumulate a great deal of wealth. He runs some illegal operations as well as some which are legitimate because after all, he does need to have a cover for his nefarious operations.

Janet van Dyne

17. Janet van Dyne Net Worth - $1 billion

Janet van Dyne is placed among the top twenty in our richest comic book characters of all time. She was born into money. Her father enjoyed tremendous success in business, and when he died, he left her a sizable sum.

The character earned her reputation as a stuck up rich girl, but over time, thank goodness, this has been tempered a bit. Janet van Dyne is a billionaire and she's earned her place as one of the richest characters..


16. Spider-Man, Peter Parker Net Worth - $2 billion

Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, is the young man who was bitten by a spider and that bite gave him spider-like superpowers. The incident transformed a normal kid from Queens into a Superhero.

Although not the richest, he's right up there thanks to Parker Industries and the resources that it affords him to the tune of around $2 billion. He doesn't have to worry about money so it frees up his time to go out on the streets and save the innocent from those who would prey upon them.

Michael Holt

15. Michael Holt Net Worth - $2 billion

Michael Holt is a brilliant scientist and a genius inventor. He used his talents to establish a tech company. He's so smart that he has 14 Ph.D. degrees, and with all those smarts, we know that he's one of the richest comic characters.

With all of his research and patents, there's no way that he's not worth at least a couple of billion dollars. You've gotta figure, with that kind of intellect and talent, it only makes sense that he would amass a fortune, if for no other reason than to continue to finance his research and development of bigger and better technology.

Silver Sable

14. Silver Sable Net Worth - $2.1 billion

The beautiful Silver Sable is the leader of the Wild Pack, which is a mercenary group. She's the boss, and in more ways than one. She also took control of the Silver Sable International company after the death of her father. She made the company a huge success. She's easily one of the 20 richest comic book characters of all time.

Professor X

13. Professor X Net Worth - $3.5 billion

According to Comic Book, Professor X is worth $3.5 billion. We're not sure how they arrived at this figure, but they crunched the numbers based on a ton of research on his financial operations and they have him among the top ten in the DC comics world, which is quite a feat considering how many of these comic book characters are independently wealthy and have the luxury of spending their time plotting to kill the good guys or going after the bad ones.


12. Ozymandius Net Worth - $7 billion

Ozymandias is a famous comic book character from Watchmen comics. We know that he's super-rich because of his unique and stylish dwelling. First of all, he lives in a giant tower and it's so lavishly decorated that the money has to come from somewhere.

We know that money isn't even close to being a problem because he's known as the smartest man on the planet, so don't you think he's going to make sure that he's financially well set? He's a mastermind and we have no doubts that he's one of the richest comic book characters ever.

Green Arrow

11. Green Arrow Net Worth - $7 billion

Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen, is a lot like the Batman character. Queen was born into money and his family has historically been super-rich. Similar to Batman, his parents died and after this happened, he became the sole heir of Queen Industries.

This is how he can afford the expensive technology he uses. He has a ton of different investments working for him and a steady income that lets him do whatever he wants without worrying about the cost. His net worth is valued at $7 billion.

Norman Osborn

10. Norman Osborn Net Worth - $10 billion

Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, is a villain from the Spider-Man comics who also happens to be the owner of Oscorp. He can afford to spend his time contriving evil plots so we're sure tht his company is doing so well that he doesn't have to work for a living. There's no way that a villain of his magnitude would settle for being poverty-stricken.

Emma Frost

9. Emma Frost Net Worth - $11 billion

Emma Frost is the lady who has the superpower to turn herself into a solid diamond. That's a lot of carats and what do you imagine that a diamond of this size would be worth?

Even aside from the fact that she can make as many of her own diamonds as she wants, she is also the CEO of Frost International. It's a company that is worth multiple billions of dollars, so we're sure that she has to be one of the richest comic book characters of all time, at least, she's tied with Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne

8. Bruce Wayne Net Worth - $11 billion

We chose Bruce Wayne as the seventh-ranked richest comic book character ever. He inherited his family fortune and in every story, it's been well-established that he's among the richest men in town.

He's a billionaire, an orphan and has no siblings to claim the family fortune, so it's all his. He's the owner of Wayne Enterprises and we can tell that he is free to develop Batman as he chooses and money is no issue.

Being the owner of an international corporation gives him a broad reach and a ton of important connections. Bruce has a certain kind of arrogance about him and he comes across as a guy that doesn't think about the small stuff, but why should he, since he has a butler that attends to his every need? $11 billion is plenty to tide him over for life.

The Kingpin, Wilson Fisk

7. The Kingpin, Wilson Fisk net Worth - $40 billion

Wilson Fisk, aka, the Kingpin is a rich businessman who has made the bulk of his fortune in biomedicine, technology and big business on a variety of fronts. He owns massive amounts of real estate and he has bank accounts all over the planet. He lives on a private island which he owns and he runs everything there.

Lex Luthor

6. Lex Luthor Net Worth - $75 billion

Lex Luthor is one of the most well-known supervillains in the history of comics. He's the owner of LexCorp, and although it's a mystery just exactly what the business does, we do know that it brings in a lot of money.

Luthor definitely works with a great deal of technology development because of all the gadgets and devices that he uses in his attempts to kill Superman. He obviously doesn't have to work for a living because he spends most of his time working out elaborate plans to foil the superhero. You gotta figure that any company large enough to make a weapon that can cause a major earthquake is raking in the dough.

Iron Man

5. Iron Man net Worth - $80 billion

Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, was born into money. Even though he's a hard-working guy, Stark Industries keeps him supplied with a steady stream of cash, and since he took the company over from his dad, it's become the biggest producer of weapons in the world.

It just makes sense that with all of the special weapon design patents that he's really raking in the cash. We rank him as the fifth richest comic book character of all time.

Dr. Doom

4. Dr. Doom Net Worth -$100 billion

Dr. Doom is a bad guy that owns a massive amount of property. He's also a genius in several different fields. He even took over the entire country of Latveria, and it's all his, lock, stock, and barrel. He's got multiple patents to his credit and he's brilliant when it comes to technology in the robotics and cybernetics arenas. He's one of the richest comic book characters in the DC universe.

Black Bolt

3. Black Bolt Net Worth - $250 billion

Black Bolt is the second richest comic book character of all time. He owns the priceless Terrigen crystals and this makes him worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Not only is he rich because of the crystals, but he also possesses very special powers that allow him to transform anyone who carries the inhuman gene into a super species thanks to the crystals. He's also the owner of the moon, the isle of Manhattan, the Himalayas fand he rules the Inhumans.


2. Namor Net Worth - $260 billion

Namor is another extremely rich comic book character. He's the ruler of Atlantis, and with dominion over this part of the sea, we know that he's extremely rich. Even though he's a fish, it doesn't mean that he can't be a rich fish.

Black Panther

1. Black Panther Net Worth - $90.7 trillion

Black Panther is number one on the list of the richest comic book characters. He's the ruler of Wakanda, a fictional African nation. As the leader of a country, all of the resources of the region are t his disposal.

He rules the only country in the world to produce the ridiculously expensive metal Vibranium, so it's safe to assume that Wakanda is hauling in a massive amount of wealth, and T'Challa, aka Black Panther, is reaping the benefits.

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