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What Does Lady Gaga Do For Charity?

Lady Gaga

Many celebrities get criticized for spending their money on frivolous, expensive items, while less fortunate individuals in the world lack even the basic necessities of life. Lady Gaga is not one of those celebrities, and in fact, she’s well-known for being just the opposite. Her generosity and support of under-privileged people have caused her to stand out as a shining example of how wealth can be used to do some outstanding work and help people who lack resources.

Since 2008, when she burst onto the pop scene, Lady Gaga has consistently acknowledged those less fortunate than herself, because she clearly remembers her own struggles to achieve fame and a steady income from it. She has practically become a spokesperson for people with mental health issues, since she was obliged to confront and overcome those same kinds of issues as she rose up from difficult circumstances.

Lady Gaga Net North

At present, her estimated net worth hovers around $320 million, and her career is still peaking. Much of her success can be attributed to the fact that she is so well-grounded and has not allowed fame and fortune to define who she is and what she stands for. This is one of the prime reasons she has such a close relationship with her fans, who admire her as much for her generosity and caring as they do for her tremendous talent.

Much of her wealth has been amassed through highly successful worldwide performance tours, music sales, deals involving her brand, and several very lucrative business ventures. To be sure, she has not eschewed the life of celebrity, spending $23 million on her customized mansion in Malibu, which she describes as an ‘oasis of peace’. However, at the same time, she always manages to keep in mind that her charitable contributions are the lifeblood needed by a great many people living at the poverty level.

Lady Gaga Charity

Lady Gaga is powerfully motivated to help others who may be suffering from some kind of mental illness, because it’s something she went through herself, and it’s something she continues to struggle with right up to the present time. In 2016, she revealed to the world that she had been raped at age 19 by a man 20 years older than her, and the trauma she had to endure as a result has remained with her as an adult.

She suffers from PTSD as a result of this horrific teenage incident from her past, and she still credits the acts of kindness shown to her by those supporters around her, for her ultimate recovery from the incident.

After visiting a youth center in 2016, she said “I told the kids today that I suffer from a mental illness. I suffer from PTSD. I’ve never told anyone that before, so here we are. But the kindness that’s shown to me by doctors as well as my family, and my friends - it has really saved my life. I have a mental illness, and I struggle with that mental illness every day.”

Support for gays and LGBT

One of the reasons that Lady Gaga has such devoted fans around the world is her continuous support of the gay and LGBT communities. Another pet project of hers was the ‘Born This Way' foundation, which she launched in 2012 with her mother, so as to provide as much support as possible for people suffering from mental health issues.

Her stated goal with this organization was to work with mental patients so as to ‘build a kinder and braver world’. In 2021, this organization donated $250,000 to help address the mental health needs of students all throughout the US.

Coincidentally, right after launching the Foundation, Lady Gaga also released an extremely popular album of songs with the same title, ‘Born This Way’, and it has gone on to achieve enormous success with her fans. Many patients dealing with mental health issues have heaped high praise on this album for helping them to survive personal crises, and for leading them out of darkness into a better place.

The Channel Kindness initiative

She further expanded the involvement of the organization in 2018 by filing legal documents to trademark the ‘Channel Kindness’ initiative begun by the foundation. The Channel Kindness arm of the foundation supplies furniture, food, and child care services to people in dire need of them, especially teenage mothers and their children. The program also provides food to individuals recently discharged from the hospital and who have only meager resources to support themselves.

Another aspect of the Channel Kindness program is that it issues monetary grants to both individuals and groups who perform acts of Kindness or provide needed services to needy individuals. The program also rewards groups that provide fundraising efforts for intercollegiate sports and athletic programs. This unique program has organizations all over the country on the lookout for acts of kindness and support they can potentially provide to less privileged groups.

Recent charitable activities

One of Lady Gaga’s greatest achievements in the charity arena was her 2020 benefit concert, which she arranged for and invited a number of popular entertainers to perform at. This was a live broadcast conducted in conjunction with the World Health Organization and the Global Citizen, and altogether it raised $128 million for those in need.

This event followed another charity effort she made in 2010 that raised $500,000 for survivors of an earthquake that occurred in Haiti just weeks before the event. To raise this money, she donated most of the proceeds from her Monster Ball Tour that year, and it was much-needed by residents of the island who had been devastated by the destruction of the earthquake.

Not satisfied with the extent of those efforts, she also collaborated with the MAC AIDS Fund’s VIVA Glam Campaign to raise some funding for the worldwide fight against HIV/AIDS. By the time she had wrapped up efforts with this beauty organization, they had raised $160 million in total. She has since gone on to establish her own line of beauty care products, and this is another source of income for her burgeoning empire.


Lady Gaga remains one of today’s most enduring and popular entertainers, but she is appreciated for a great deal more than her singing and acting ability. She has made herself quite a beloved figure in American society because she has always remembered her own struggles with mental health, and has resolved to help others rise above those same difficulties.

Lady Gaga has become a wealthy woman as a result of her music, her tours, and her line of beauty products, but she has never been the kind of person who always wanted more. She wants more for her fans, and for those who suffer from hunger, from discrimination, and from mental issues, and that is the real reason she has remained so popular for so long.

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