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What Does Leonardo DiCaprio Do For Charity?

If you think of Leonardo DiCaprio, you may imagine him in one of nearly 50 roles where he has earned some type of award and become a household name. From his first appearances on television in the 1990s to his current roles that are currently in production, he has generated a current net worth of $300 million.

Despite being one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood, he has also given lots of his fortune and earnings to charities over the years. He is known to be a big philanthropist and advocates for several causes that he is very passionate about around the world. Because he has been an active member of charitable donations and even activism over the years, he was awarded the UN Messenger of Peace in 2017.

Leonardo DiCaprio Charity

In order to make sure the money he has donated over the years reaches the right hands and is used for the appropriate causes, the Leonardo DiCaprio charity known as the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is associated with the United Nations. The focus area of this charity is climate change and working to improve environmental conditions across the globe. This foundation originated in 1998 and has grown to have a partnership with the United Nations and other organizations that have similar missions when it comes to climate change.

Leonardo DiCaprio has used this charity as a way to bring attention and focus to the growing concerns of the environment and help protect ecosystems that are in danger of becoming extinct.

Because climate change has an impact on agriculture in different areas and the livelihoods of those residing in the affected areas, DiCaprio has made a personal contribution of $20 million to these different efforts. His platform has also allowed him to help generate over $100 million more from various donors so that these programs and organizations have the funding they need to be successful.

African Wildlife Foundation

Being able to protect the endangered animals living in the African desert is another charity that Leonardo is very passionate about. He has been pictured out on safaris and putting in the man-hours to work alongside these organizations, while also making financial donations to the African Wildlife Foundation. He is one of several stars that have shown support and continue to contribute to their efforts.

DiCa has donated approximately $1 million to this organization. His involvement in the African Wildlife Foundation has allowed the organization the ability to gain a substantial following on social media and other platforms.

Feeding America

Being able to give back to families and children in America who need food is the mission of Feeding America. Leonardo DiCaprio has advocated on their behalf, encouraging his fan base to donate and be monthly donors so that the food banks remain full of nutritious and healthy foods for these people to access as a way to reduce hunger.

While he is not the only celebrity to advocate on behalf of Feeding America, he is passionate about their mission and encourages others to give back when they can. He has raised nearly $1 million for this organization and has helped generate several million dollars more by utilizing his platform for his fans and followers.

Because of the advocating done by DiCaprio and others, Feeding America is able to offer a variety of different ways to donate. As they build and establish food banks in some of the most impoverished areas across the country, they are able to do so with the help of large donations provided by celebrities like DiCaprio and his fans, who appeal to his mission, seeing his contribution in the media and looking to help out, as well.

Global Green

Over the last 10 years, Global Green has been a non-profit organization that has worked to improve the lives of people on the planet while improving ecosystems for a healthy and vibrant planet. Maintaining the planet's boundaries efficiently is at the core of sustainability, and you can find Leondardo being an activist with his platform.

Global Green has a variety of different projects in place as a way to encourage sustainability through education programs for young people across the world. There has also been a significant number of climate parks established across the world to encourage healthy ecosystems in that area that are protecting the area and maintained regularly.

Global Green is active in the US and also in various countries across the world. He has not only advocated raising funds and generating a sustainable lifestyle. His personal contributions have been between $500,000 to $1 million. It is expected that the Leonardo DiCaprio charity will also continue funding this organization as one of the 35 conservation organizations into the future.

World Wildlife Fund

Not only has Leonardo DiCaprio Charity made several donations to the World Wildlife Fund, but Leonardo himself has held executive positions for them as an advocate. Over the last decade, Leonardo DiCaprio has worked to ensure that over 3,000 endangered tigers were protected and secured through missions.

His donations have been more than just funds and time, he has also donated productions and film development in order to advertise for the projects put in place by the World Wildlife Fund.

This organization is one that he is often seen with and advocating for, posting their needs and accomplishments on social media and other outlets. The World Wildlife Fund does have other donors, but none contribute from the same types of resources as DiCaprio.

Natural Resources Defense Council

Being able to provide clean and healthy resources to residents in areas where these are not readily available is also something that Leonardo DiCaprio is very passionate about. He has been an activist on behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council. This organization has been in effect since 1970.

DiCaprio has not only donated several million dollars of his own money to this organization, but he has raised awareness and funding from others to help them restore clean air and water to these populations that do not have direct access to these resources. Leonardo DiCaprio charity has been a contributor to the NRDC since the early 2000s and he has served as an executive member, overseeing projects like the opening of the Environmental Action Center in Southern California.

Stop Global Warming Organization

Another environmental charity that Leonardo donates to regularly is the Stop Global Warming organization. This organization has partnered with the US EPA to establish that global warming is happening and to work on solutions to stop this process or at least slow it in the immediate years to come. It is estimated that the Leonardo DiCaprio Charity has donated nearly $50,000 to this cause.

Jane Goodall Institute

Another well-known organization that Leonardo DiCaprio is affiliated with is the Jane Goodall Institute, which was founded in 2002. The initial purpose of this was to improve the livelihood of women, animals, and those impoverished in the area. This mission began to conserve and protect anything that was in danger in these areas as viewed by Dr. Jane Goodall.

It has now grown to be a global phenomenon in terms of charities and giving back to local communities. The Leonardo DiCaprio Charity has donated nearly $100,000 annually to this charity over the last decade, making it one of the 35 that receives annual donations because of its mission and projects that they are currently pursuing. While there is some environmental protection happening in this mission, more projects align with immediate protection for those in danger.

Moving Forward

Because Leonardo DiCaprio has been a social activist for the environment and humanity over the last two decades, it is expected that he has donated a significant portion of his wealth to various organizations so that they can have the resources they need to protect these missions. He has also donated his own time, volunteering and producing documentaries for many of these organizations, bringing awareness to what they are facing.

It is expected that he will continue to donate a significant portion of his wealth to these organizations each year, working to spread information and encouraging donations from his followers. Leonardo DiCaprio is still accepting roles and generating one of the highest salaries in the industry. He has one of the largest platforms in Hollywood and is generating a net worth that will continue to grow, giving him the ability to continue with his donations and advocating for these charities.

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