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How Patrick Cantlay Achieved a Net Worth of $17 Million

Patrick Cantlay

Patrick Cantlay is a renowned American professional golfer. According to FedEx, Cantlay is ranked as one of the top golfers worldwide. His record stands at eight PGA tour wins, and he is a holder of the 2021 FedEx Cup. Cantlay started his golf career in 2011 when he was ranked as the most outstanding college golfer. Over the years, he has grown his talent to become one of the most prolific golfers on earth.

His successful career has enabled him to amass a fortune of wealth to be classified among the richest golfers. It is estimated that his net worth currently stands at $17 million. So, how did Patrick Cantlay achieve such a high net worth? A big percentage of Patrick Cantlay's net worth comes from his earnings as an American professional golfer. However, part of his earnings comes from sponsorship deals and other off-course sources of income. The following are some interesting details about Cantlay's net worth and sources of wealth.

Career Earnings

Golf career earnings are the main source of income that has helped Patrick Cantlay achieve a net worth of $17 million. Over the years, Patrick has won major tournaments and received huge sums of money that have significantly contributed to his wealth and status. His career earnings are estimated to stand at $31.2 million from official tournaments. According to Sports Casting, in the 2017/2018 season tournament, Patrick won his first ever PGA, where he was rewarded handsomely with $1.224 million.

During his PGA tour wins, he pocketed prize money worth $22 million. Besides the PGA tour wins, Patrick won the BMW Championship, where he was rewarded with $3 million. Cantlay's highest earning stands at $15 million throughout his career, which he received after participating in and winning The FedEx Cup. He won the FedEx world championship cup in 2015. The 2020/2021 tournament season presented yet another challenge in which he emerged victorious. During this season, he won $1.44 million, which he received after emerging top in the ZOZO Championship. Patrick remains an active professional golfer. If he continues impressive performances, his net worth will soon double.

Sponsorship Deals

Apart from his thriving career, Cantlay has also built his net worth from sponsorship deals and endorsements. Over the years, he has bagged a good number of sponsorship deals. He has partnered with companies such as Hugo Boss, Goldman Sachs, and Lexus. These companies targeted him to serve as an ambassador who promotes their products.

Patrick Cantlay and Goldman Sachs

Cantlay received his first sponsorship deal from Goldman Sachs. Patrick signed a deal with the company in July 2020. Goldman Sachs partnered with Patrick Cantlay to help the company boost its awareness of the new Marcus mobile banking app. Through the sponsorship, Patrick and Goldman developed a series of TV advertisements held during the Memorial Tournament. At 28, Patrick signed a multi-year deal with Goldman Sachs where he was supposed to wear sporting clothes bearing the bank's logo in every golf event held that year. The company declined to reveal the financial cost of the sponsorship, but it is their wish to enter into a long-term agreement with the golf player.

Dustin Cohn, the head of the Consumer Investment Management Division at Goldman, said the company chose to work with the professional golfer because they believed in his work and that their combination would lead to a great partnership. Cohn described Patrick as a young golfer with a bright future. It is expected that Cantlay will work with Goldman to launch and create awareness of Marcus, a mobile app invented by Goldman Sachs. Customers will use the mobile app to access their accounts easily.

Patrick Cantlay Ambassador to Hugo Boss

In 2020, Hugo Boss proudly announced that top-performing golfer Patrick Cantlay was the company's new ambassador. Patrick was to officially make his first appearance in the RBC Championship with the support of Hugo Boss. In an interview, the golfer said he is excited to work with Hugo Boss. Hugo Boss is a top German brand that specializes in men's fashion. Patrick considered it an honor to work with such a big brand and to represent them on the golf course. Luder Fromm, Hugo Boss' Director of communications, said they chose to work with Patrick Cantlay because of his drive and determination in recent years.

According to Hugo Boss, during the BMW Championship Golf Tournament, he wore a polo shirt from the company that was sold at $128. In the same tournament, he faced other golfers such as Scottie Scheffler and Scott Stallings. He not only represented Hugo Boss but also played well and won a whopping $2.7 million for his outstanding weekend work. In the final round of the BMW Championship, he wore Hugo Boss pants sold at $178. Hugo Boss has a long history of working with professional athletes since 1985, and it is no surprise that they chose to work with such a talented professional golfer.

Patrick Cantlay and Titleist

Patrick Cantlay is privileged to be the ambassador of several companies. His partnership with Titleist and FootJoy has greatly contributed to his net worth. As an eight-time PGA winner, Cantlay is a Titleist staff player. This means he has been awarded a bag full of Titleist clubs like Pro V1x. Besides his earnings as their official brand ambassador, he enjoys other privileges. Patrick is reported as one of the few players still using the Titleist 917D2 driver. He recently switched to using TS3, which has 9.5 degrees of loft.

Other Sponsorships

According to Spotrac, Patrick Cantlay has partnered with other top organizations, such as Lexus and FootJoy. Lexus is a luxury car model made by Toyota. In 2019, Lexus US partnered with Cantlay to open Patrick Cantlay Golf.

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