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The 10 Most Expensive Golf Drivers Money Can Buy

Golf Drivers

If you want to be an exceptional golf player, you need to choose a proper golf driver. A golf driver is a type of golf club that is usually very long with a colossal head. Generally, it can strike a ball at very far distances of between 280 yards to 320 yards. That explains why golf drives are normally used for the first stroke from the teeing ground on par-4s and par-5s. If you are hoping to purchase a golf driver, you may have to pay a lot for it. According to Live About, the average price of a golf driver ranges from $250 to $600, but you can spend more than the amounts in this range depending on certain factors. Some factors that make golf drivers expensive include the material, engineering process, level of performance, etc. Are you curious to find out some of the most expensive golf drivers? Without further ado, here are the ten most expensive golf drivers you can get.

10. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver ($500)

As you grow older, your golfing skills deteriorate. That means you will have trouble hitting it or striking the ball farther. Thankfully, this golf driver can be used by this demographic since it has a large club head, making it easy to hit. Its head is large from front to back, which makes it assume more of a triangular shape. For ball speed, the golf driver has Jailbreak bars behind the face to max out ball speed.

9. Ping G425 MAX ($600)

Its club head has a black and silver color scheme, giving it a futuristic feel. It has subtle depressions along the back of the crown for improved aerodynamics. Those who love the sound when you strike a golf ball will be impressed with this particular golf driver. It delivers a quiet, mid-bass, hollow pop sound.

8. Titleist TSi2 Driver ($650)

This golf driver was designed to be easy to hit and is consistently long. Its power is due to the technologies it has. First, it has the ATI 425 face insert. The insert contains a titanium alloy which gives it sufficient strength to strike a ball to very far distances while also providing excellent elasticity. Its head has also been reshaped to reduce drag and enable players to increase their club head speed.

7. Miura Golf Giken Hayate DAT55 Titanium Driver ($675)

Here is another golf driver that serves its user with aesthetics. Its head is decorated with a black ion plating (IP) finish and has a large shiny MG logo. So far, Miura Giken has launched two lofts of this golf driver: 10.5 and 11.5. According to Tourspec Golf, the company labeled 10.5 as mid trajectory, but others may consider it a higher trajectory.

6. Callaway Epic Max Star Driver ($700)

Callaway launched this golf driver specifically for “force-limited” golfers. In short, it is ideal for beginner golfers who have not learned to strike the ball very far. According to My Golf Spy, some golfers played with this golf driver and discovered that they gained 3-5 mph of club head speed, which translates to 5-10 mph of ball speed.

5. MyStealth Plus Driver ($700)

This golf driver delivers on the aesthetics front in terms of the colors available for its club heads, e.g., blue, yellow, red, orange, and green. Not only is the golf driver pretty, but it is powerful. The club head is made of carbon, enabling this golf driver to transfer high energy, which culminates in faster ball speeds. If you are wondering why carbon is that powerful, the manufacturers used 60 layers of carbon sheets.

4. XXIO Prime 11 Driver ($900)

The golf driver contains some gold accents and a shimmering diamond-like band. For the gold alignment to stand out, the crown has a deep metallic black finish. An admirable characteristic of this golf driver is its constituency on distance. It is able to deliver consistent far distances due to its cup face design and the shaft’s light weight of 39 grams.

3. Honma Golf Beres 07 4-Star Driver ($1,875)

This golf driver is one of the most expensive ones on the market. Its price is so high that you could buy an entire set of golf clubs with its price. Its high price can be attributed to the polished 24 K gold accents on the driver’s head. Other features that make this golf driver pricey are its technology. It has T1100G fiber for stability and a multi-axis metal hybrid armor fiber for improved shaft strength.

2. Maruman Majesty Prestigio X Driver ($2,600)

If you are fascinated by gold designs, here is another golf driver you can consider. The gold material is not the only reason for the golf driver’s high price. This golf driver provides fast swinging speeds due to its long and ultra-light shaft. According to Majesty Golf, its shaft is light because it is made from PYROFIL® MR70, a product used in space engineering to offer control of long shafts.

1. Adams Golf Tight Lies Spin Control ($8,500)

Here is yet another golf driver that strikes golf balls to far distances. It can strike at far distances due to its Extended Face Technology. The technology has increased the height of the face to enable it to deliver a more expansive striking zone. Another notable feature is its versatility. With its Tri-Sole Design, you can swing from a fluffy lie in the rough or a bare lie in the fairway.


After reading this article, you now understand why golf drivers are not so cheap. However, they are justifiable since they offer a lot in terms of functionality. For instance, most of the identified golf drivers that can strike a ball very far have durable materials and are lightweight. However, there are golf drivers that are expensive due to their aesthetic design. So, if you buy a golf driver, you will decide whether aesthetics or functionality matters to you. So if you gave up golf because you thought you were too old, think again. Most golf drivers employ the latest technology that helps you strike a golf ball as far as you did when you were young.

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