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The Most Expensive Golf Disc Ever Sold

Golf Disc

When the Discmania Collectors and Throwers Facebook Group decided to auction off one of the most unique discs in Discmania's collection, little did they realize what a buzz it would create. As this golfing disc was listed, Simon Lizotte of Team Discmania offered to sign it for the winning bidder if it was desired.

With an offer like this, one could only assume he would fetch a good penny for it. However, was it calculated that a buyer would be eager enough to fork out $2,750.00 USD for it?

Does this mean this was the most expensive golf disc ever sold? As pricey as this seems to be, the argument from the YouTube video shared by JK Disc Golf would suggest no. According to the narrator in his presentation, the costliest golf disc ever sold was at $10,000.00 USD when it was auctioned off on eBay.

Sold during a special auction

According to the narrative, it was sold during a special auction held through eBay and there is no documented proof this event actually happened. So far, the only story to accurately confirm the most expensive golf disc ever sold still comes from the one Simon Lizotte's Team Discmania sold through his Facebook page.

This story is also mentioned in the December 1, 2020 blog post on the website belonging to Discmania. In the blog story, the visual of the golf disc was a dark blue sky god featuring dark green. It also had a triple foil stamp of white, black, and silver, showing off its unique design.

When sitting next to the pale blue sky god version the difference is obvious. When visiting the online auction site known as eBay, the asking prices have been known to fetch higher than Lizotte's $2,750.00 USD dark blue sky god. However, there is no recorded proof that anybody has beaten Lizotte's record.

About Golf Disc

For some, it's called Golf Disc while others call it Disc Golf. Either way, this is a sport that has a player throw a flying disc toward a specific target. Normally, golf discs are made from polypropylene plastic. Polypropene is a material that owes its formation from a thermoplastic polymer resin that is also used for a number of other applications.

As for the sport of disc golf, it has much in common with golf. Like golf, there are courses featuring nine holes and courses featuring eighteen holes.

However, instead of actual holes, the target is technically a basket. Just like golf, there is a starting tee pad where the player's goal is to land the golf disc into the basket with the least amount of throws possible. The scoring system with golf disc is the same as the sport of golf itself.

First Known Golf Disc Game

The first known golf disc game ever held was in Bladworth, Saskatchewan, Canada. In 1927, a group of elementary school children from that community threw tin lids into a drawn-out circle that measured four feet wide. At the time, the game was called Tin Lid Golf.

As these children grew older, they went their separate ways and it seemed the game of golf disc came to an end. However, modern disc golf as we know it saw a revival during the 1960s. At the time, it was met with debate about who actually invented the game of golf disc.

Over time, the game became classified as a sport and was gaining ground in popularity. The rules were easy enough to follow as it was basically the same as regular golf. Before golf discs were actually designed specifically for the sport, frisbees were known to be used.

However, as the popularity of the sport grew, so did the desire to improve upon creating and using equipment better suited for a sport that is now played in over forty countries and has over ninety thousand members of the Professional Disc Golf Association.

Simon Lizotte's Story

When viewing the Simon Lizotte story he shared on YouTube on December 4, 2020, he provided detailed information on the whole $2,750.00 USD story. It started with a bidding war that quickly saw the price tag of this disc spike as high as it did.

He admitted after receiving this special disc as a gift two years prior, he wondered how much it would go for with his Facebook group. With a membership roster of approximately eleven thousand people, Lizotte knew he would fetch a good price for it.

However, when he first put it on the auction block, little did he realize when he got up the next morning how it was already at the six hundred dollar mark. One particular Facebook user that got his attention was Michael Kuechenmeister, who was going up against an equally competitive Markus Fjortoft.

Lizotte watched on as the bidding war between these two ensued until the price of the golf disc reached $900.00 USD. When he observed Markus Fjortoft give up, it appeared as if Michael Kuechenmeister would be the victor.

The Bidding Got Intense

However, a $1,000.00 USD bid made by Cinco Gorman kept this dramatic battle between determined bidders going. Once it reached the $1,800.00 USD mark, Simon Lizotte stepped in and made a Facebook post, wondering if he was being trolled.

What he received as an answer was a continuation between Kuchenmeister and Gorman as they continued to outbid each other. With ten minutes left to go during the auction, Michael Kuchenmeister laid down the bid of $2,750.00 USD. At that point, Cinco Gorman gracefully bowed out and it would be Kuchenmeister who would earn the right to claim his prize.

For a moment, Simon Lizotte held his breath until Kuchenmeister made good on his bidding promise and forked out the money to pay for the golf disc. So moved and grateful by Michael Kuchenmeister's decision to donate so much money, all of it which went to Kids Disc Golf and UPlayDG, he added extra items to the winning bidder as a big thank you.

Also, at Kuchenmeister's request, he signed the golf disc before packing it up and sending it to the man who made it possible to donate such a generous amount to kids who have taken up an interest in the sport, perhaps one day become just as inspirational as Simon Lizotte himself. But hey, the story isn't finished yet.

As seen in the YouTube presentation, the good intentions behind Lizotte signing the golf disc met with disaster when ink flew out of the pen he was going to write with.

It splattered itself on the beautiful work of the dark blue sky god disc. He shared this unfortunate event with Michael Kuchenmeister, who was really good about it and let the payment of $2,750.00 USD remain in the hands of Lizotte.

Moving Forward

It's not the first time a successful bidder has spent well over a thousand dollars for a golf disc nor will it be the last. How long will the record of $2,750.00 for a golf disc hold? It was the end of 2020 when this epic auction took place and as the popularity of the sport continues to rise, the possibility of this record-setting price being broken is likely.

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