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The Five Most Expensive Samurai Swords in The World


Samurai swords are in a class of collectibles currently in high demand. Collectors with a fascination with Japanese history seek the oldest and most unique examples of these objects to add to their collections. The sword-making industry in Japan is monitored by the government to ensure that the historical significance of the cultural aspects is maintained in the quality. It's a centuries-old tradition that goes back to antiquity. Some of the most valuable Samurai swords date back to historical eras in ancient Japan. The swordmaking tradition is still carried on in Japan with artisans crafting expensive modern pieces also known as the Katana, We highlight the ancient Samurai swordmaking tradition with the five most expensive Samurai swords in the world today for your enjoyment.

5. Etchu Norishige Sword Price: $4,000 paid but valued as priceless

A 14th-century sword went missing from a collection. It is a Katana that was gifted to the shrine by a Samurai Lord over two thousand years ago. The sword was made by Etchu Norishiga, one of the most famous wordsmiths in the history of Japan. The sword disappeared and was missing for several decades. It recently turned up at an auction where it was purchased by an Australian bidder for under $4,000. The sword is confirmed to be the missing National Treasure of Japan with a priceless value. It's unknown how the sword disappeared or how it came to be listed on an auction site. The winning bidder knew that he had acquired an ancient piece and had it confirmed to be the product of the Kamakura period in Japan.

4. 13th Century Yamato Katana in Mounts Price: $23,750

A thirteenth-century Yamato Kanata in Mounts was auctioned at Christie's in 2007. The sword dates back to production sometime in the 1200s, making it nearly 800 years old. Christie's auctioneers assessed the value between $15 to $20,000 and were pleasantly surprised when it sold for $23,750. The sword was made in the Taima school of wordsmiths in Japan. it is one of the slimmer blades made during that time. The 13th-century Yamato katana in Mounts is the fourth most expensive rare Samurai sword in the world today.

3. Rare Sosho School Katana Price: $69,162

Christie's auctioned a fourteenth-century Japanese Samurai sword at its auction house for a selling price of just under $70,000. It's a rare collectible piece that experts assessed and determined that the blade was made by a Japanese swordsmith who lived in the region that is now Kyoto. It is believed to be the work of Hasebe Kunishige, who was a student at the Sosho School and worked under the master wordsmith Masamune back in Medieval times. He was one of the greatest wordsmiths of all time, and he's a revered legend in Japanese history.

One of the most impressive features of the blade is the gold inlay of the designer's name. It is a forged piece. The sword undoubtedly took time and effort. The sword took a lot of skill to complete. This sword is a reflection of the Nanbokucho Period. It was an era when the imperial throne claimed by two competing families was in dispute. The date of completion of the sword was also inscribed on the blade, confirming its origins. The Sosho School Katana is the third most valuable Samurai sword sold.

2. The Kamakura Katana Price: $418,000

The Kamakura Katana is the second most expensive Samurai sword offered for sale. The Katana was a part of the massive sword collection of Dr. Walter Ames Compton. The blade dates back to the 13th century. It's one of the oldest known Katanas that survived the ravages of time through the centuries. The Kamakura Katana sold in 1992. Swords of Northshire confirms that this is one of the few expensive and rare Samurai swords for sale.

Most of them are kept in museums for the preservation of their historical and cultural values and they're valued far higher than this example. The Kamakura period of Japan commenced in the year 1185 and continued through 1333. The sword is estimated to be from the Jumyo school in the Mino province of the Gifu prefecture. The name of the school means longevity. It's a trait conferred upon the quality of the swords they produced. There are only 125 known examples of Kamakura Katana swords to exist, and few are in such exceptional condition.

Historians date this sword's origins back to the Taima school of swordsmithing. Many of the swords made at the school were commissioned as thinner blades commissioned by monks and rarely were they ever signed by their wordsmiths. The Taima school swords came from Japan between 1288 and 1317. Few of the swords forged during the era have survived to the present.

1. Samurai Tachi Sword Price: $100 Million

World Art News confirms that the most expensive Samurai sword in the world today is the Samurai Tachi. The name Tachi is interpreted as Long Sword. It was among the largest swords produced. This rare and valuable example was created in the 16th century. It was the possession of a powerful Japanese warlord named Fukushima Masanori.

He lived during Japan's feudal era. He was a legendary warlord and one of the most famous figures in Japanese history. He lived from 1561 to 1624. He earned fame from bravery in the Battle of Shizugatake gaining a place as one of the Seven Spears of Shizugatake. He took the honor of first blood in the battle. He also fought in the Battle of Ch'unju during Japan's Invasion of Korea in the year 1592. The long, curved blade is not only an ancient rarity, it has an impressive history. Remarkably the blade is in mint condition. It is believed to have been constructed near the end of the Koto period.

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