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The 10 Most Expensive Chicago White Sox Baseball Cards Ever

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Baseball trading cards emerged as a promotional gimmick in cigarette packs. Most of them were thrown away by people who didn't realize they would be valuable in the decades to come. Not all cards are collectibles, but some are worth millions on the trading card niche of the collectibles market today. The Chicago White Sox has its share of cards out there. Most of them cost between $0.26 to $5.00, but some are worth far more. Fans of the team may enjoy collecting them as memorabilia to celebrate moments or their favorite players' careers. Serious collectors are looking for cards with the most historical significance and highest value for their collections. Here are the ten most expensive Chicago White Sox baseball cards ever.

10. Michael Jordan Rookie PSA 8 Upper Deck ICON Baseball Vintage Collector Card 1994 Auction Price: $469

Michael Jordan was best known for his successful career in the NBA. After retirement from basketball, he tried his hand at baseball. The 1994 Michael Jordan Rookie card is an Upper Deck ICON vintage collectible, valued higher than most other Michael Jordan Rookie cards with a PSA 8 grade. It's on eBay.

9. 1935 Schutter-Johnson Ted Lyons #33 PSA 1 Baseball Card White Sox HOF Auction Price: $488

This baseball trading card is a vintage collectible from 1935. These are rare cards with a known population of 10, according to PSA Card. Theodore Amar Lyons pitched for 21 seasons. He played for the Chicago White Sox his entire career, earning the nickname "Sunday Teddy serving as a pitcher for every Sunday game played. He was best known for his cut-fastball, curveball, and knuckleball. He's also remembered for his no-hit against the Boston Red Sox. His induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame occurred in 1955.

8. 1992 Donruss Sammy Sosa Rookie Error Card Auction Price: $999.99

Most Sammy Sosa Rookie Cards are inexpensive collectibles because they're not that rare. This example is worth more because it got printed with the wrong birthdate. It's in 96 Mint condition, enhancing the value. This baseball trading card is from Topps, signed by Sammy White. It's an original print with the number 94. The rarity of this Error card increased its value over other Sammy Sosa Rookie trading cards.

7. 1919 Swede Risberg W514 Hand Cut #105 Assessed Value: $1,623.73

PSA Card verifies that the Swede Risberg Hand Cut card from 1919's value is $1,623.73 through Mile High Card Company. Most Swede Risberg cards are not this expensive, but this example has two unique things going for it. The card is hand-cut. It's grade NM-MT 8, certification number 20245979. It's is the highest price sold at auction for this card.

6. 1923 MAPLE CRISPETTE V117 # 4 EDDIE COLLINS PSA 7 POP 1 Auction Price: $1,699.99

Maple Crispette manufactured this example of the Eddie Collins baseball card. There is one known example of this card known to exist. It is in good condition, offered at auction. Collins played for the Chicago White So AL from 1915 through 1923, then as a player/manager from 1924 through 1926.

5. 1951 Randy Gumpert Chicago White Sox Signed Vintage 1951 Bowman #59 Card - PSA/DNA Assessed Value: $1,999

The autographed Randy Gumpert edition is a vintage 1951 card, number 59, with a certificate of authenticity. The collector offers the PSA collectible for just under $20,000 due to its rarity. The price range is $1,999 to $19,999.99 offered at Walmart and on eBay auctions with the price solid at just under $2,000 from each venue.

4. 1919 Lefty Williams #35 (HAND CUT) Assessed Value: $4,669

The Lefty Williams #35 Hand Cut baseball card sold for $4,688. The auction returned its highest known value. Prices for the card range from $98 to $4,669, depending on the condition/grade. Williams earned notoriety for his role in fixing the 1919 World Series. He received a permanent ban banned from playing professional baseball from that time forward.

3. 1888 Charles Comiskey HOF Assessed Value: $37,500 MT 9

PSA Cards assesses the value of a MT 9 grade Charles Comiskey HOF baseball card as high as $37,500. Charles Comiskey was born in 1859 in Chicago, Illinois, and died in 1931 at the age of 72. He played for the Chicago White Sox. They inducted him into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1939.

2. 1956 Topps Luis Aparicio #292 Baseball Card Assessed Value: $65 to $$53,380.80

PSA Cards confirms the most expensive version of this card exists in two known examples with a GEM MT 10. Most other cards valued from $65 to $4,200 are lower grades. Luis Ernesto Aparicio Montiel played in the shortstop position for the Chicago White Sox from 1956 to 1973.

1. 1910 Shoeless Joe Jackson T210 Old Mill Auction Sale Price: $492,000

ESPN reported that a vintage original Joe Jackson baseball card from 1919, sold at an auction for $492,000. The collectible came in a hair under a half a million in value. The card was found in 2009, along with other expensive vintage baseball cards among a family's heirlooms. Joe Jackson earned the nickname "Shoeless Joe" for taking his shoes off during a game because they were uncomfortable. Jackson was born in 1887 in South Carolina and died in 1951 in South Carolina. He played for the White Sox from 1915 through 1920.

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