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The 10 Most Expensive Squishmallows Ever Sold


When Kellytoy released the first bunch of Squishmallows in 2017, they instantly became a major hit. Since then, over 1000 different Squishmallows have hit the shelves, each with its own story, name, and personality.

Kids love them for being adorable; adults love them for being collectible, with the result that some of the rarest Squishmallows now command astronomical prices tags.

While the toys sold directly through official sources won't break the bank, the rare and limited edition Squishmallows circulating on auction sites just might. Here are the most expensive Squishmallow:

10. Chanel the Tan Cinnamon Roll - $450

Chanel The Tan Cinnamon Roll is a light brown Squishmallow in the shape of a pastry. On her head is a slathering of white icing and a brown swirl shaped like a heart. Chanel, who's part of the exclusive Valentine Squad, was released in 2020 as a Valentine Day's limited edition.

She's named after Chanel perfume, and, like the perfume, comes with a hefty price tag - anyone who wants to take her home can expect to pay around $450 at auction.

9. Lucille the Seal - $500

Lucille the Seal debuted in 2018. She has a white body and flippers with a pale grey muzzle and belly and black facial features. According to Squishmallow lore, she loves hanging out in the water and always discovers hidden gems and new creatures whenever she goes diving.

Lucille is a member of the Sealife Squad, which includes 23 members in total. Although she has plenty of company on her squad, she's one of only 4 seal Squishmallows (the others are Noah, Isis, and Lilou) and by far the rarest of the group. At auctions, she regularly sells for up to $500.

8. Avery the Duck - $500

Avery the Duck is a member of two squads - the Adventure Squad and the Farm Squad. He has a brown body, an emerald green head, and a white ring around his neck. His fluffy wings are the same color as his body, while his belly is a lighter tan. He has round black eyes and a short, bright yellow bill.

He's available in a variety of sizes, including 2", 3.5", 7", 8", 12", and 16". According to his bio, Avery is a left-wingman for the Squishmallows rugby team and dreams of becoming a coach. At auction, he can reach around $500.

7. Phillipe the Frog - $530

Phillipe the Frog is a member of the Valentine Squad. Available in two sizes (8” and 16”), Phillipe has a green body with a white belly and two pale pink sparkly hearts embellishing each cheek. According to his bio, he loves playing hopscotch and hanging out with his friends.

He's best friends with Marco, a pink and white hedgehog released as a limited edition Squishmallow for Valentine's Day 2019. Phillipe was released as a promotional Squishmallow for Valentine's Day 2017 and is now one of the rarest Squishmallows around. At online auctions, it's not unheard of for bids to reach over $530.

6. Mariah the Tie-Dye Lamb - $800

According to her bio, Mariah the Tie-Dye lamb loves horseback riding and spending time at the stables with her pony, Bernard. Mariah is part of the Baby Squad, a line of 8-inch Squishmallows with a rattle designed exclusively for babies. Her body tie-dyes in a rainbow pattern.

Her face and inner ears are creamy-white and she has a heart-shaped, pastel pink nose. As one of the rarest Baby Squad Squishmallows on the market, Mariah often fetches north of $800 at auction.

5. Blossom the Sheep - $800

Blossom the Sheep was created as part of an exclusive partnership with Kellytoy and Justice and was originally released in 2018. Justice folded in 2021 - unfortunate for them, but fortunate for the owners of Blossom, who, thanks to the fact she'll never be produced again, can now bank on an $800 payday if they ever decide to list her on an auction site.

Blossom has a white body, a cream-colored face, and gold fluffs. In her hooves, she clutches a little rainbow dotted with woolen clouds.

4. Ben the Teal Dino - $1000

The highest price ever paid for Ben the Teal Dino at auction was a whopping $1000. According to his bio, Ben is a trivia expert who knows everything there is to know about history, technology, pop culture, and more besides.

This walking textbook comes in a variety of sizes (2", 5", 8", 12", 16"), and has a blue-green body with a white belly. He has a line of dark green spines running along his back, a cheerful smiling mouth, and round black eyes.

3. Santino the Platypus - $1500

There aren't many brown Squishmallows around, according to, less than 50 of the 1,000 Squishmallows in existence are brown), which makes the few there are all the more exclusive and all the more expensive. Santino the Platypus is one of the rarest of the brown Squishmallows... which probably explains his ability to fetch up to $1500 at auction.

Measuring 12 inches tall, Santino has a light brown body, a dark brown bill, and a white belly. According to his bio, he makes the best blueberry pancakes around, loves playing soccer, and dreams of becoming a professional goalie.

2. Jack the Black Cat - $2000

Jack the Black Cat is the rarest of all the Squishmallows. He debuted in 2020 as part of the Select Series, becoming the first limited edition Squishmallow to be sold exclusively through the official Squishmallows website. To celebrate Jack's status as the 500th Squishmallow, only 500 toys were made, all of which feature a gold, heart-shaped "500" tag in their ear.

According to his bio, Jack is the strong, silent type, with a feisty personality, generous spirit, and secret passion for cuddles. At auction, it's not unusual for Jack to reach over $2000.

1. Fania the Purple Owl - $2999 - The Most Expensive Squishmallow

According to, the most expensive Squishmallow ever sold is Fania the Purple Owl, who sold at auction for a jaw-dropping $2999. Fania loves to read fairy tales about castles, kingdoms, royalty, and dreams about being a princess.

She's a dark purple owl with big ear tufts and egg-shaped white patches around each long-lashed eye. Her white belly is scatters with tiny light purple feathers. On top of her head is a glistening pink crown.

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