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The 10 Most Expensive Amiibo Figures Ever Sold

As with any product during the manufacturing process, Nintendo experienced rushes with the process leading to supply problems and even defects with the Amiibo figures. This means some are scarce and exceptionally valuable today compared to their original value.

Which are the most expensive Amiibo figures that have been sold to date? Thus far, that price was $25,100 at auction. Let's look at the top 10 most costly that have sold to this point in history.

What Are The 10 Most Expensive Amiibo Figures Ever Sold As Of 2023

If you're a collector of Amiibo figures, you'll be waiting intently to find out which figures will cost you the most to complete your set.

If you choose to invest in one or more of the characters, a wise method for buying is to first research where the items are most available before committing to a purchase. Half the fun in collecting is searching not only for the "prize" but getting the best price.

While you don't want to miss out on a scarce item by passing it by, figures that are less rare might be available for more reasonable prices if you take a little more time in your search instead of jumping on the first one that comes along.

Without further delay, the following list constitutes the most expensive and some of the rarest characters ever sold for this collection as of 2023.

10. Toon Link and Zelda / Price point currently selling at $110

Separately the amiibo figures aren't as desirable. The release of the two-pack for the Legend of Zelda's 30th anniversary with both WindWalker characters is more challenging to find. That's due to a sparse print.

Buyers search for premium packaging intact in order to pay the current selling price since it's easy to obtain the individual amiibo separately. Finding one in pristine condition could mean a soaring price point when bidding on an auction site.

9. Corrin (Player 2) / Price point currently selling at $150 to $200

Corrin Player 2 ranks the Smash Bros' rarest figures since the character did not get released on the "real-time" market. It was only available on the online platform.

Still, when customers ordered the character in this medium, more than likely they received Player 1, a male figure, instead of Player 2. Player 2 was reproduced only for a small supply stocked in a Japanese market.

8. Joker / Price point currently selling at $50

The character was considered among the coolest of the figures when released. The developers included incredible detail with vibrant color, especially the sapphire stand Joker stood on.

Manufacturers were bombarded with pre-orders selling out of stock rapidly, and the amiibo Joker was never reproduced. The figure is highly sought, causing the price point to soaring on auction sites.

7. The Mii Fighters (Swordfighter, Gunner, Brawler) / Price point currently selling at $90 to $250

These were too available on the market in the beginning. The US sold them in a pack containing the three fighters together in massive volume. The response from Nintendo was no reproduction or restocking, thereby the series disappearing after all were sold.

The price point is exceptionally high when you can find them, with auction bidding ranging out of sight.

6. The Gold Mega Man 11 / Price Point negligible (it was given as a grand prize at a raffle to celebrate its 30th anniversary)

Nintendo produced Mario and Megaman gold-painted versions in a sort of premium or trophy-like variation. Megaman is the most difficult to find, as only ten exist. But that's the only genuinely unusual thing about the figure aside from the paint.

Still, the amiibo character would likely go for a relatively excessive price point if one were found on the market because of its exclusivity.

In that same vein, collectors also search for another "precious metal" hero in the silver Mario figure. This character is another rare find with a current selling price ranging around $100. He comes in among the 25 most costly figures worldwide.

5. Qbby / Price point currently selling at $250 to $400

Qbby was the HAL Lab's "BoxBoy" series protagonist. The figure came with a "3D entry" in the package. These were only produced and released to the public in Japan.

The character itself presents as an obscure figure capable of producing massive numbers of boxes in a game with the premise of solving puzzles using these boxes. The precarious nature of both the character and the game leads to a demand for adding this amiibo to collections.

4. Mega Yarn Yoshi / Price point currently selling at $125 to $200

Considering this is a "plush" amiibo, it's comparably small to others in that category but massive in the amiibo world. As with others in the line, the product's manufacturing just stopped, and the figure disappeared, making the amiibo scarce and highly sought.

If you find one, the suggestion is to grab it because it will be difficult to locate another.

3. No Left Hand Luigi / Price point sold for $500

Because Luigi is missing his left hand in the same vein as Princess Peach is missing her legs, the character sold for excessively more than the original value of an intact figure.

He didn't fetch quite as much as his counterparts, but that doesn't mean it won't happen at some point when the right buyer finds one available.

2. Dual Cannon Samus Aran / Price point sold for $2500

Metroid's Samus Aran came with the Amiibo figures' initial wave running in 2014. The character has grown more difficult to find over the years though it was widely available at the start.

The defect created a rarity that made one individual a significant profit after they bought the amiibo for regular price and sold it at auction for $2500. Some don't realize that Samus is the amiibo with the most defects. Most notice straight away that the character "leans to one side."

1. Legless Princess Peach / Price point sold for $25,100

It isn't easy to clarify how many errored products make their way onto the public market. That means no one knows the availability of the Legless Princess Peach figures.

The indication is that a few found their way onto auction sites, with one, in particular, fetching a phenomenal amount. She is touted as the rarest and perhaps the most desired for collections everywhere.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that someone else will be willing to go that high if a bidding war breaks out.

Why Are Amiibo Such An Expensive Collectible?

No one knows how Nintendo intended its strategy with amiibo, whether it was a calculated marketing strategy or merely an unexpected turn of events. Since the 2014 release, fans eagerly awaited the day they could purchase their chosen figures.

Some were unpleasantly surprised to find that some of these were unavailable or in very limited supplies creating a frenzy and skyrocketing prices.

Determining which are the most expensive can be somewhat subjective since it greatly depends on supply and demand in this particular market.

In reality, deciding which has the highest value will be a matter of personal preference. Some might love Qbby for his obscurity, while others really love to cuddle with Yoshi. How will you decide?

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