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The 10 Most Expensive Rare Disney Pins


A Disney pin is a collectible pin that depicts symbols related to Disney, such as characters, events, icons, and many other aspects. People can use Disney pins to decorate items like refrigerators or create a collection of pins. You can obtain these pins by purchasing them. The prices of the pins vary.

According to Disney Tourist Blog, you can get one as low as $1 from third parties. If you do not buy through third parties, expect to pay a price of $10 and above.

The reason some Disney pins are expensive is due to their rarity. So, if you want to impress other pin collectors, it may be best to buy expensive ones since they will likely be rare. Are you ready to find out which pins are expensive? Here is a list of the 10 most expensive Disney pins.

10. Beauty and the Beast Pin ($600)

Beauty and the Beast is one of the cartoons that dared to challenge the notions of beauty. The Beast was initially a handsome man but became ugly.

To make it worse, his personality was horrible, which further cemented his ugliness. Fortunately, Bella was able to see the good in him. To showcase that theme, the pin shows the couple dancing in a ballroom. The ballroom scene has since been parodied by many movies. This pin is a limited edition, and only 250 of them were ever made.

9. Disney Auctions Masterpiece Series Ariel Pin ($750)

In this pin, Ariel and King Triton pay homage to Grant Wood's famous oil painting of "American Gothic." According to Tourism Cedar Rapids, the painting is the world's most parodied American painting. The king portrays the Midwestern farmer while Ariel portrays his spinster daughter. Behind them, there is a castle that belongs to Ariel.

8. Super Jumbo Maleficent Dragon Gate Pin ($995)

If you are familiar with Sleeping Beauty, you already know that Maleficent turns into a dragon to battle against her nemesis, Prince Phillip. This pin, therefore, portrays her in her final form as a dragon as she breathes out fire. It was released in ACME Studio Art Archives, and only 100 of them were made.

7. 45 Year Service Award Pin ($1,000)

This list would be incomplete without including the Disney founder, Walt Disney. The pin shows Mickey Mouse sitting on Disney's lap. This pin resembles a silver coin due to its golden color. The color is meant to give it that vintage feel. For you to possess this pin, you would need to have served as a cast member for 45 years. That would explain why the number 45 is engraved on it.

6. Dream Jeweled Mickey Mouse Pin ($1,295)

By glancing at this pin, you will wonder whether something is wrong with Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse appears to be full of holes, but the holes are actually precious jewels.

The jewels used on the pin are citrine, black sapphire, diamond, and garnet, and their total number is 130. So, the precious jewels used on this pin account for its high price. Currently, there are no online sales or auctions for this pin. However, if you desire this pin, you should keep an eye on any announcements regarding this pin.

5. Disney Villains Rare Disney Pin ($1,788.95)

Villains are meant to be hated, but it doesn't mean that nobody would want a pin of them. Choosing a pin with your favorite Disney villain can be hard, and that is why this pin features 8 villains: Cruella de Vil, Ursula, Maleficent, the Old Hag, Lady Tremaine, Madam Medusa, the Wicked Queen, and the Queen of Hearts. Only 500 of these pins were released, making them extremely hard to find.

4. Marie Aristocats Disney Pin ($1,799.99)

Even if you are not a cat lover, you cannot help but love this particular one. On this pin, Marie sits up and has a pink bow on her head. Another item she wears is a glittery diamond on the neck, which makes this pin expensive. You can find versions of this pin without her diamond, and it will cost you much less.

3. Alice in Wonderland Pin ($4,000)

This pin shows Alice in Tugley Wood which is located in Wonderland. Tugley Wood is a forest home to creatures called the Mome Raths, and they can be seen in the pin. The pin was created by Elizabeth Gomes and made only 100 of them. Her pins usually attract a lot of demand, hence why this pin is expensive.

2. Ariel Carousel Limited Edition 100 Pin ($4,000)

This pin was created in 2003, and it is very similar to a version made in 2018. Ariel rides a seahorse in both pins, but the differences lie in the color of the seahorses. For this version, she rides a purple and pink seahorse, while in the other, it is yellow. This pin was created exclusively for Disney Auctions, and only 100 of them were available. Some people have acknowledged how difficult it is to get one online.

1. Steamboat Willy Pin ($5,000)

Steamboat is a 1928 film that changed the face of animation. It was the first film starring Mickey Mouse to use synchronized sound. The pin shows Mickey steering a boat, and below him, there is a small diamond that is actually real. For you to obtain this pin, you need to have served as a cast member for 50 years.


People collect Disney pins for different reasons. For some, it is an opportunity to show off their collection. If they happen to own a rare Disney pin, you can be certain that many people will respect them for it. After all, which people in your life do you know that own a pin worth $4,000?

However, it is an opportunity for others to meet friends who share in their hobby. By meeting other people who collect pins as you do, you have a chance to acquire other pins by exchanging them with your friends. Besides exchanging the pins, you will also be able to discuss the Disney characters or your favorite Disney film. So, if you need a Disney pin, visit online stores now.

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