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Five Fun Watches Serious Collectors Would Enjoy

Citizen Men’s Dagobah Limited Edition Watch

For the most part, serious collectors are exactly that- serious. They diligently collect whatever it is that they're attracted to and they painstakingly examine every square inch of it before a single dime ever exchanges hands. However, there is sometimes a fun side to collecting things. Believe it or not, one of the more interesting things to collect involves watches. It doesn't always have to be a serious matter, either. There are plenty of ways to collect fun watches and still be a serious collector. If you're curious about learning more, here is some information on five of the top fun watches that collectors might want to get their own hands on.

Holzkern Volcanic Walnut and Basalt Watch

5. Holzkern Volcanic Walnut and Basalt Watch

You know that this watch is different from practically anything else available on the market at first glance. It looks completely different from other watches. For starters, the face is completely filled with volcanic ash, yet that ash is subdued at a level below the hands so that you're still able to see what time it is. In addition, the bracelet is formed out of walnut and basalt. It doesn't sound like anything that would be very functional, but the finished product is truly one of the most exquisitely beautiful things that you're ever likely to see. Furthermore, it's something that is quite rare, so it's not like you're likely to find anyone else that has one of these watches in their collection. You can have one all your own for the relatively tame price of just $199, far less than you can expect to pay for a lot of other collector’s watches.

Original Grain Alterra Chrono 44mm Watch

4. Original Grain Alterra Chrono 44mm Watch

This is another watch that is quite different from virtually anything else available. It has a fairly stunning appearance because it is so different. Part of the watch is made from the traditional stainless steel that most people have come to expect from watches, but part of it is constructed from actual wood grain, giving it a very unique appearance that stands out above virtually everything else that's available these days. In addition, there is incredible attention to detail that's been paid here. There is a very fine amount of wood grain that is included in a circular pattern around the face. In addition, that material is also part of the face itself. Finally, wood grain is joined to run directly down the middle of the stainless steel bracelet, giving the watch a finished appearance that is truly second to none. It can be yours for about $379.

Égard Bermuda Skeleton Watch

3. Égard Bermuda Skeleton Watch

Just as the name implies, this is a skeleton watch but that's not where the appeal ends. It's really about the extreme attention to detail and the artwork that is included on the entire timepiece, making it more a work of art than anything else. Aside from the fact that it's water resistant all the way to 100 meters, the thing that sets this watch apart (and makes it a fun collectible) is that the whole thing is engraved. Its appearance is absolutely exquisite, requiring hours of painstaking work by hand. There are very few of these watches available because they can't be mass-produced. As such, the price is slightly higher for these, with this one coming in at $495.

Armitron Prismatica

2. Armitron Prismatica

This watch is a little bit different from some of the others included in this group. It definitely is capable of getting the attention of virtually anybody that sees it but the thing that makes it different is that most serious collectors wouldn't consider this particular example to be a bona fide collectible. Nevertheless, it's definitely fun so if you're looking for fun watches to add to your collection, it would be a huge mistake not to include this one. It's basically brand-new, as the company doesn't even expect to start shipping them until November of this year. It has two hands on the face and is constructed of iridescent metal, the thing that really makes it stand out. In fact, the entire watch reflects different colors of the rainbow and those colors change depending on how the light is hitting that particular section of the watch at any given time. You can literally sit there and watch the hands move on the dial while seeing the colors on the face of the watch change in time with the movement. It's something that can keep a lot of people occupied for longer than they would probably like to admit. It's also guaranteed to be a conversation starter, not to mention being a beautiful watch that can be worn as a piece of jewelry that's just as functional as it is gorgeous. Perhaps the best part about the whole thing is that you can get your hands on one of these for less than $100. In fact, Armitron is currently taking advance orders for just $70. You could even break that down into four payments of just over $17 if that option suits you. That makes it a great option if you want some fun watches and you're just starting your collection. What better way to get that collection started than with something that looks absolutely stunning, is different from anything else available, and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg in the process?

Citizen Men’s Dagobah Limited Edition Watch

1. Citizen Men’s Dagobah Limited Edition Watch

What fun collection would be complete without a Star Wars watch? This one features a traditional stainless steel case with a leather strap but there's a lot more to it than that. The face is a brilliant jade green color, complete with an X-Wing Fighter etched onto its surface. If you love fun watches and you're a Star Wars fan, you simply can't pass up the opportunity to own one of these. Fortunately, you can have one for about $220.

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