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A Closer Look at the Hublot Million Dollar Black Caviar Bang

Hublot Black Caviar Band

Once you get talking to the older people, most will tell you that if they could go back in time, they would change a few things they had done with the knowledge that their ripe age has given to them. If you are young, you will not understand what they mean because now almost everyone believes in the phrase "You Only Live Once" so you might as well make it count. Time is a scarce resource, but we choose to squander away and live in regret later. Then again life does not have a rehearsal, you only get one chance, and if you do not do what you want when you can, the regret will be that you had the time but chose to spend it on things that do not matter. Perhaps it is with this realization that manufacturers want us to know how much valuable time is with the ridiculous prices they attach to the timepieces. With the harsh economic times and our needs increasing with each passing day, it is hard to imagine that anyone would want to spend more than a few dollars on a watch. Still, some do not mind spoiling themselves, and one way they might do that is by buying a million-dollar watch such as the Hublot Caviar Bang. You heard right; a million-dollar watch so if you are wondering why the high price tag, maybe once you learn more about it you will be convinced that it is worth every penny.


If you stepped into an economics class, the one thing you must have heard is that when supply is limited, then the price goes up and the Million dollar Black Caviar Bang is the perfect example of such a scenario. The manufacturers did not make hundreds of the timepiece; the limited edition is restricted to only. Owning it would be an ideal motivation for anyone with a huge ego that needs to be massaged.

Invisible visibility

Such an oxymoron would tense up many minds wondering what the Hublot means by having a watch with "invisible visibility." Forget about what you are used to with timepieces that reveal the time by Roman numerals on their face. This particular one does not have any numbers on its face and perhaps the only way to tell the time is from your photographic memory of where each number usually is since the minute and hour hands at least will guide you in this regard. However, that should not have you worrying about its ability to function as a watch. It comes with a power reserve of 120 hours, and the vibrations are set at 3Hz. It also has a manual winding Hub Solo T Tourbillon movement.


The construction of the Black Caviar Bang plays a huge role in determining the astronomical price. It boasts of a combination of gold and black diamonds except for the strap that is made from vulcanized rubber. A total of 544 black diamonds are perfectly arranged to give the watch a sophisticated look. The only thing you can see is the deep and black tones, according to Hush Hush.

The diamonds are distributed in different parts of the timepiece; 322 are on the case, 23 are on the crown 179 are on the dial while 30 are in the clasp bringing the total weight to 34.5 carats. If one carat of a diamond can go as high as $25,000, the black diamonds alone make the watch worth over $850,000. As if that is not enough, white gold has also been used on the case, back, crown and dial, according to Word Tempus.

Time spent in manufacturing

People have become used to account for the cost of products by considering the raw materials used but rarely do people account for their time. Time is also a resource that goes in the production of goods and services, and an entrepreneur who cannot account for it will be giving discounts on all his products. Luckily Hublot seems to be a shrewd manufacturer because the hefty price that on the Black Caviar Bang considered the manhours used in manufacturing it.

According to Luxuo, more than 2,000 hours were used in the entire construction, from the design to the finished product. Lots of hours we spent on research and development, choosing the tools to be used, programming the machines, cutting the diamonds to the impressive precision, checking them individually and setting them into the watch.

Is it the most expensive Hublot watch?

At a price of a million dollars, you would be forgiven for assuming that this Hublot is the most expensive watch, but according to Money Inc., it only comes second to the Hublot. The Hublot has a retail price of $5 million and is covered in 1,200 weighing 140 carats, inclusive of six stones that weigh 6 carats. The fact that it took 14 months and a crew of 17 people to complete it factors into the price, and with such a cost, only the filthy rich can afford it. It is, therefore, no surprise that when Jay-Z celebrated his 43rd birthday, Beyonce gifted him with the timepiece, thereby raising the bar for birthday gifts.

More about the manufacturer

Hublot was founded in 1980 after Carlo Crocco decided to settle on vulcanized rubber as the strap for his watch made of precious metals. The process of getting the ideal material for the strap took two years according to Haute Time, but since Carlo knew what he wanted, he launched his vision through Hublot in 1980. The Big Bang collection came 25 years later after Jean Claude joined the company in 2004. Jean Claude wanted the Hublot brand to go to the next level, and he ordered parts from different suppliers. When he unveiled his creation at Basel wood 2005, it was the birth of Big Bang.

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