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A Closer Look at the $55 Million Graff Diamond Hallucination

Graff Hallucination

You never know how valuable time is until you are sitting in the Intensive Care Unit holding on to your loved one in a coma praying that they gain consciousness so you can spend more time with them. Probably this is the reason that Diamond Rio decided to sing "One More Day" or why Ronan Keating came up with "If tomorrow never Comes." It takes a loss for us to appreciate what we have hence the advice that our teachers and parents always kept drumming into our heads "Stop wasting time. You will not always be young." Why we need a watch to help us keep track of time yet we know, we should fill every minute with 60 seconds worth of running regardless of the time, makes you wonder if at all we ever appreciate that we can never recover lost time. Could that be the reason why manufacturers are making more and more watches that are priced higher and higher to remind us of how valuable time is? Whatever the motivation watch manufacturers have for pricing some of their products so high, we can never put a price tag on time which brings us to this discussion of why a watch should cost us $55 million yet you can also rely on a broken watch to tell you the correct time twice in a day. We are not discouraging anyone from spending their millions on a timepiece because maybe with the insight detailed below about the watch, you will be convinced in investing in the Graff Diamond Hallucination at the price of $55 million only, dare we add.

The making of Graff Diamond Hallucination

When you hear of painstaking and time-consuming procedures, the making of the Graff Diamond Hallucination is the ideal example of what it means. Forget about the seamstress who has to keep putting her thread through a tiny hole in her needle now and then and making lots of stitches to come up with an elegantly designed dress. The Graff diamond hallucination took thousands of hours to complete because it is made of many diamonds which had to be inserted one by one.

Diamonds are precious, and any mishandling will render them a whole lot less valuable; hence, only master artisans were entrusted with the making of the Graff diamond hallucination. Of course, with the expertise that goes into the design as well as the time the craftsmen had to spend on a single watch, we cannot dispute that the price was bound to be jaw-dropping. Besides the time spent making the watch, the designer had to spend several years collecting the different kinds of diamonds used as Hush Hush reveals, adding that each stone was separately selected.

To imagine that diamonds are only coal that has been subjected to so much pressure leaves your mind reeling as to why we cannot make our diamonds using the readily available coal and press it hard enough to make our precious stones. Then again, we can never beat nature, so we allow it to take its course. That said, the Graff diamond hallucination uses not just one kind of diamonds, but several types. Additionally, they are not the usual white gold diamonds. Instead, Graff collected colored diamonds that are much more valuable hence the high price tag attached to the timepiece.

The diamonds are not just of the highest quality but come in red, pink, blue, cognac, green olive, violet and yellow. The watch was not only supposed to be a timepiece, but a statement remarking the all time-consuming enthusiasm Graff has always had. According to Laurence Graff, the Graff diamond hallucination is the celebration of the miracles of multi-colored diamonds and what better way than to be in a product that will be glanced at from time to time.

How does the watch look?

The entire watch is a sight to behold which could be the reason that Laurence called it a hallucination because it feels like a dream and it is hard to imagine that something so beautiful exists yet it made Laurence's dream become a reality. For something so expensive, you would expect that the dial is prominent, but we have come to learn that it is the smallest details that matter.

The Diamond Graff hallucination, therefore, has a small dial, and you can barely think of it as a watch because it is overwhelmed by the pink diamonds surrounding it. As for being concerned about the watch letting you down in your time of need, you should not worry because although it does not have a power reserve neither does it require automatic winding as A Blog To Watch informs us; it can keep ticking for months.

The clasp ensures that it clings on to your wrists in a way that does not interrupt the breathtaking beauty of the watch. It is a tiny clasp that stays hidden once you close the bracelet and like "Open sesame" opens the cave for the forty thieves in Alibaba's story you have to know which specific diamond to apply pressure on for the clasp to open.

Learn more about Laurence Graff

Laurence is a jeweler whose clients includes Oprah, Elizabeth Taylor, and Donald Trump. However, Laurence did not start out rubbing shoulders with those whose net worth is in the range of billions. Matter of fact is he was an apprentice whose love for creating masterpieces molded him into one of the finest jewelers in Britain. By the time he was 24 he already had two jewelry shops in London and was attracting the crème de la creme of society as his clientele.

When Laurence was 30, his success had grown so much that he not only owned one of the largest jewelry manufacturing shops in Britain, but his work was recognized by the Queen and received the Queen's Award to Industry and Export. Laurence explains that setting up the price to $55 million was not an easy task but having considered the time he spent collecting the stones, cutting them to perfection, making them into the most beautiful watch ever seen, it was a no –brainer that it was worth every penny included in the price.

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