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A Deeper Look into the Michael Kors Gold Rose Watch


The Michael Kors (MK) Access Bradshaw Rose Gold-Tone Smartwatch is a fantastic piece of technology. Powered by Android Wear™, this watch has multiple displays, fitness tracking, text notifications, and email alerts. Not only is this watch functional, but it's also stunningly beautiful. On top of all of the technology inside, it also has two separate lines of straps, customizable to your style preferences. Let's take a deeper look.

First, this gorgeous timepiece is IP67 Certified Dust and Water Resistant meaning it will resist taking on water up to 33 feet deep. We  don't recommend testing it out because water resistance does not entirely prevent the device from taking on water. It's not even recommended to swim with a water-resistant watch as it will likely take on water eventually. However, if you drop it, there might be a chance to save it before the water seeps inside.

Rose gold is a great color for jewelry and watches are no exception. Complementing the color is a touchscreen with a 1.4" display and 320 x 290 resolution. At 44.5mm (46mm for men) this watch is on the larger side. The rest of the watch is stainless steel and crystal with touches of glitz and acetate. Weighing in at 56 grams it'll feel substantial on your wrist but not heavy enough you feel weighted down.

This watch is powered by Android Wear and is compatible with both iPhone 5 iOS 8.2 and Android OS 4.4 or higher. It's Bluetooth Smart Enabled 4.1 Low Energy meaning it uses minimal amounts of energy to communicate with your phone. The battery holds between one and two days of charge depending on how intensely you're using the watch. Battery life is unlikely ever to be an issue as it can charge from 10% to 80% in only two hours.


To wear a watch like this in swappable style, straps are a must-have. Choose between carefully designed and beautifully constructed silicone and leather straps. All straps are 22mm wide. The large strap adjusts from 130mm to 70mm, and the small strap adjusts from 105mm to 65mm. In addition to these options, the Bradshaw features a traditional metal link watch band.

Enough about specifications, what can you do with your MK Smartwatch? Search for and navigate to a lunch spot. Get turn by turn directions on your way. Whether you walk, bike, or drive your smartwatch will get you where you want to go. Change the watch face display to match your outfit and enjoy your new lunch spot in style.

Looking for an activity tracker? MK built one into this watch. Swap out for a silicone band and sweat it out while MK Access watches you move. At the end of your workout, you'll see your steps and calories burned. No matter what exercise you choose the watch will keep up with you. If you dunk it in the pool, accidentally it'll probably be OK, but I wouldn't wear it swimming. Remember, it's water-resistant, not waterproof!

Directions and exercising tracking all in one, but that's not all. It takes alerts from your phone as well and displays them on your watch. It can even issue a gentle tap on the wrist to get your attention instead of giving you another buzzing or ringing electronic device. Do you have an important meeting coming up? Set a reminder and your phone will bring the notification right to your wrist. No need to drag out your phone and look every few minutes and make sure you're not missing anything.


Last minute text messages from friends about getting together for dinner or a movie will show up right on your wrist. A weather alert app can notify you on your watch that it's going to start raining in the next ten to fifteen minutes. No need to stare at your phone any longer. Everything you need to know will push right to your wrist. You can even keep an eye on your e-mails and avoid missing important information whether it's for work or play.

Speaking of work, you'll never need to pull your phone out during a meeting again. You'll be able to preview whatever e-mails or calls you receive right on your wrist after the watch gives you a gentle and sound-free tap. Immediately ignore unnecessary interruptions while still getting that critical email you're waiting on. No more anxiously waiting, you'll know exactly when important things happen.

You can pick up the Rose Gold Bradshaw starting at $350.00 with interchangeable straps starting at $40.00. It's comparable to other watches on the market and significantly more stylish. The clock faces are designed to match any outfit, and the wide variety of bands will give a trendy and attractive look regardless of the occasion. It's also available in Gold-tone and silver-tone if you'd prefer. This watch is a purchase you'll appreciate for a long time to come. It's an excellent balance between being an attractive timepiece and high-performance technology.


We highly recommend buying the Michael Kors Access Bradshaw Rose Gold-Tone Smartwatch. It's beautiful, functional, and the different bands make it customizable enough you're unlikely to run into someone else with the same look. It will take you from your bed to your workout and through your day regardless of whether you're at work or out on the town. You won't miss a beat with this watch by your side. In addition to everything that I've already mentioned, this watch also comes with a two-year warranty when purchased new! That's double or more of the warranty length that competitors offer.

All your text messages, phone calls, emails, and phone notifications will be right on your wrist all day long. Check them discreetly any time you'd like. There's no need to feel guilty for continuously checking your phone through a lunch or dinner date ever again. Work meetings will also be significantly easier as you can discreetly ignore all non-urgent communication while still responding immediately to anything of significant importance. Take a look at this watch as soon as you can make it out to your local MK boutique. As great as it sounds, it's going to look even better in person.

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