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A Closer Look at The Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 Black Titanium

Casio's Pro Trek line has just been expanded with the addition of a new variant that they call the Pro Trek PRT-B50 Black Titanium. The watchmaker has taken the former Pathfinder collection which is now called the Pro Trek line to a new level of technology and functionality. The Pro-Trek is an important model within the Casio outdoor and sportsman's category of watches because of the useful and practical features that are built into each model. To properly introduce the new watch here are 10 things you didn't know about the Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 Black Titanium.

1. It's a forerunner of the G-Shock

It's worth noting that the G-Shock line has recently been capturing the attention of hiking enthusiasts, but they're both in the same family of watches. The G-Shock has borrowed several of the selling points of the Pro-Trek, so it's important to give credit where it is due. They both share the same module and many of the same functions. The Pro-Trek in many ways set the stage for the development of the popular G-Shock.

2. The Pro Trek PRT-B50 Black Titanium is a hiker's watch

This model comes packed with features known as the "ABCs" for hikers. The altimeter, barometer, and compass help you to stay on top of imposing environmental changes when you're out in the wilderness. These remain treasured and useful functions that have been carried over to the current variation in the Pro Trek collection of rugged outdoor watches.

3. It' a large watch

The Pro Trek PRT-B50 Black Titanium has a case that measures an ample 50.8 mm in width with a thickness of 15.8 mm. The case is made of a black resin material that is strong and durable. This makes it suitable for its intended purpose of wearing on outdoor excursions. The watch is most suitable for those with large wrists because of its massive size. The rotating navigational bezel contributes to the large appearance of the watch. While it's a cool and functional feature, the compass makes it unnecessary, but it's still a good look.

4. Efforts were made to make the Pro Trek lightweight

Although this is a large-sized watch, Casio built in a few features to help lighten the weight. The entire watch with the bracelet included is a mere 64 grams. The use of titanium material for the bracelet helped in keeping the weight at a minimum. Even though it's big, it still fits comfortably on the wrist.

5. The Pro Trek PRT-B50 Black Titanium is highly legible

This model has the G-Shock beat when it comes to legibility. The hands of the dial are high-contrasting. The hands and hour markers are treated with luminant that make them easy to read in all lighting conditions. This is a useful feature when you're hiking through mountainous areas where sunlight can fade abruptly. Some forest areas are pitch black when the sun goes down.

6. It's quad-sensor equipped

The Pro Trek PRT-B50 Black Titanium is packed with a lot of useful features that are activated through the built-in quad-sensor. There are three sensors designed to detect barometric pressure, altitude and temperature, and compass bearing. In addition to this, there is also an accelerometer that even allows you to count your steps.

7. It's smartphone compatible

Pro-Trek Connected in the app that is used via Bluetooth to connect the watch to your smartphone. Although Bluetooth is not required for other functions it can link smartphone functions with a mobile link. Some of the great features that this can add include displays of the routes you traveled, calculating the total number of calories you've burned, and other records of your activity. You can also set up a link that allows you to change the settings of your watch through your smartphone.

8. Precision Time accuracy

The Pro Trek Connected link ensures that your watch displays the accurate time for the zone that you're currently in. The time is adjusted automatically and this happens 4 times a day via the smartphone. This gives you an accurate accounting of the time even if you cross between time zones on your journey. You'll know the accurate time for your current location. This is a useful feature for travelers who go on long trips where multiple time zones are crossed in a short period of time. Another great feature of the Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 Black Titanium is that it has a built-in world time feature. It displays the world time for more than 300 cities throughout the world through the smartphone app.

9. It's loaded with more great features

The Pro Trek PRT-B50 Black Titanium is truly an outdoorsman's watch that is designed for the safety and convenience of the owner by providing easy to read displays of the relevant and necessary information for planning and navigation. In addition to the features previously discussed, it also offers a full auto-calendar, a 1/100th second stopwatch, full auto double LED backlight, 5 daily alarms, a hand-retract function and it is water-resistant up to 100 meters/330 feet.

10. It's a good value for the price

The Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 Black Titanium retails for a price of $220. This is less than you would pay for a comparable G-shock model from the same company. It's an ideal timepiece and navigation tool for the outdoorsman who doesn't want to pay a high price for a quality wristwatch that just happens to be an essential part of the gear for outdoor exploration and recreation. Whether you're a camper, a hiker, a hunter, a mountain biker, or an explorer, this watch is suitable for a lot of different environments and it's tough enough to hold up well under challenging outdoor conditions. Perhaps the Pro Trek PRT-B50 will stimulate a greater interest in this inspirational line that served as the predecessor for the G-Shock.

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