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The Hamilton ODC X-03: A Comprehensive Review


Among all popular watch brands, Hamilton is the only brand that is popular among a totally unique niche: sci-fi-inspired watches. The brand is particularly popular for having supplied some of the greatest sci-fi film hits with intriguing time pieces. Currently, it has been making headlines in the sci-fi watch market for its latest release: the Hamilton ODC X-03. This particular model is inspired by the watches supplied to the stars of Interstellar, the sci-fi movie that explores man’s solution to nature’s collapse.

It is made in honor of the spacecraft named Endurance, and it goes a long way to capture its essence. With a production plan for only 999 watches, Hamilton ODC X-03 is expected to cause a frenzy among willing buyers. Here is a review of what you will be missing if you do not manage to get your hands on one of these incredible time pieces.

A Brief Background

The Hamilton ODC X-03 has been a long time in the making. It is not the first of Hamilton’s best sci-fi inspired watches, but it has proved to be its best one yet as it incorporates much of the technology of its predecessors. This model is the third in a series of ODC X-03 watches. The first watch in the series, the Hamilton ODC X- 01 was released in 2006 and is largely inspired by the sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey; the watch was an instant hit among fans of the movie as it is almost a perfect replica of the watches that the company made for the film’s stars.

The second watch in the series is the ODC X-02, and it was released three years later in The Hamilton ODC X-03 will be the latest in this series of watches, and it is slated for release in 2017. It has been designed in collaboration with Nathan Crowley, a three-time Oscar nominee and the production designer of the science fiction film Interstellar.

Strong like Endurance – A Most Compact Case

The first thing you will notice about the Hamilton ODC X-03 is its compact case. It is larger than usual as it measures 49mm by 52mm, but its size is justified by its visual appeal; this is the kind of watch you would want everyone to see. What’s more, the case is made of pure titanium, so it is light weight and incredibly strong, ideally, just like the spacecraft behind its inspiration. Additionally, it is hexagonal to add to the compact appearance.

It comes in a mate black color due to its titanium material, and the color blends in perfectly with its compact appearance. This color contrasts well with the silver-toned rivets that hold the bezel and straps in place, and it contributes significantly to the watch’s compact appearance. What’s more, the bezel is made of crystal-clear sapphire glass that keeps the delicate dial safe from even heavy impacts.

Since the watch is inspired mostly by space travel, one of its biggest features is a 3D printed image of the planet Jupiter. The image is imprinted boldly on the dial, and it takes into account even the smallest details to seem incredibly life-like. What’s more, the back of the case is engraved with details of Jupiter including its surface’s temperature and diameter. If you look closely, you will not that the 3D image of Jupiter does not cover the whole dial. Instead, it leaves some space on the right side that gives the impression of a silhouette around the public when placed under bright light.

The strap is made of strong and comfortable fabric that snuggles gently on the wrist. What’s more, the straps are strong enough to ensure that the watch stays firmly in place all the time, and this is highly appreciated considering how hard it would be to buy one of these, let alone replace it.

Time Zones

The ODC features three time zones just like its predecessor, the Jazzmaster Face 2 Face II. One sub-dial tells the local time, another the home time, and the final one tell Universal Coordinated Time; however, enthusiast are labeling the time zones as their planets of choice, and Earth and Jupiter are definitely on the list. The main sub-dial that tells local time is bigger than the rest and it is powered by an automatic ETA 2671 movement while the other two are powered by ETA quartz movements.

Each sub-dial comes with a minute track that features laser engravings that resemble space crafts orbiting the life-like 3D image of Jupiter. What’s more, each of the time zones comes with its own movement, and the detail that goes into the design is nothing short of mesmerizing. And, if you have a dimension you would wish to keep up to date with, then you can adjust any of the time zones independently without interfering with the rest.

However, you will not find three crowns; the presence of three crowns would make the watch seem more cumbersome than compact. Instead of placing the crowns on the side like in other watches, the Hamilton ODC X-03 stores them inside the side. As such, you have to retrieve each dial to adjust the time and push it back in after use.

Pricing and Release Date

The Hamilton ODC X-03 is not for everyone for two reasons. To start with, it is priced at approximately $3,500, which places it among other luxury watches that may not necessarily be sci-fi inspired. Second, only 999 issues are slated for production at the moment, and it is not yet clear whether the brand intends to make this model a limited edition. To this end, it will take a lot of effort to book yourself one of these time pieces considering the buzz that it has already stirred in the market.

This model is slated for release sometime in 2017, and the company has been very secretive about the exact release date considering how much demand it has stirred thanks to the limited production. To stay on the safe side, enthusiasts are advised to regularly check in with Hamilton to stay up to date with news updates.

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