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A Closer Look at The Casio G-Shock MT-G B2000 Watch

The Casio G-Shock MT-G B2000 Watch

Casio is a watch brand that has kept the sports-minded and adventurers outfitted with shockproof and water-resistant watches for decades now. The G-Shock is a collection that has consistently expanded its line with improvements made in each new generation. Casio has offered a range of wristwatches with a sporty aesthetic and rugged built that is suitable for use in some of the harshest environments that any outdoorsman can tolerate. The most recent addition to the collection is the Casio G-Shock MT-G B2000 watch. This affordable yet highly practical timepiece requires a closer look and inspection to truly appreciate its merit

What is the Casio G-Shock MT-G B2000 Watch?

The latest edition of the G-Shock is a wristwatch that is available in three colorways with models for men and women. According to World G Shock, the G MTG B2000 is one of Casio's most advanced timepieces with the latest technologies, a new level of toughness, a new aesthetic, and rugged materials offered in a choice of a blue, pink, or carbon grey bezel for eye appeal. It's a smartwatch that will keep you connected via Bluetooth with multiple practical and useful functions.

Specifications of the MT-G B2000

This is the first Casio in the MT-G lineup to future a special new material in its construction. Casio is known for its ultra-rugged and durable cases. This example features a case constructed of G-Shock's patented carbon core guard monocoque in its build. This is a first for the new material that is reinforced resin with carbon fiber to led rigidity. It's the combination of different light and strong materials that makes this watch unique. This is the next generation in the evolution of the MT-G lineup. The materials are strong yet lightweight for extreme comfort on the wrist. The components of the watch that are the most vulnerable are safely tucked away inside the monocoque, which is a shell that gives it exceptional protection from impacts and other shocks. The case and the bezel are made of durable and light metals.

Carbon Core Guard

The carbon core guard is a combination of metal and carbon to develop a dual-core guard structure. Its base is the original metal core guard for the MT-G with the most recent mixture of carbon and metal materials that are brand new for this model. The metal bezel is joined with the separate outer case to deliver additional strength in a sealed unit that protects the delicate inner workings, according to Digital Trends.


The watch connects via Bluetooth to the application that requires one long press of a button. It's so user-friendly that all you need to do is use the push activation mechanism and the information on the app helps you navigate step by step through the entire process for full functionality of all the available features. They start with a self-check feature that runs a fast diagnostic any time you like. It ensures that the battery is charged and that the time displayed is accurate for your location. The watch syncs with your smartphone and remains connected to your phone via the app, or you can activate it manually. The choice is yours. Solar cells power the MTG-B2000. It's average for the watch to run for up to five months on one full charge. Exposure to light continues to charge the power source. This eliminates the need for cables and charging units. It connects with a Multi-Band 6 connection for an accurate time wherever you are and pulls a low amount of energy.

High legibility

The new MTG-B2000 comes with a built-in super illuminator to provide a lighter display of the time and other functions. It uses high luminosity LED light to illuminate the dial for bright and crisp visibility in low-lighted environments. Whether you're in dark conditions or bright sunlight, the dial is always visible, unlike some other watches. The sapphire crystal that protects the face of the watch features a non-reflective coating on the interior to enhance legibility in bright light, reducing the glare. The crystal is resistant to scratching to maintain its crystal clarity.

State of the Art Technology

The new MTG-B2000 features the latest in advanced computer technology. The app is so new that it is still under development to give customers the most in form and function. It's easy to use and provides a host of user settings for customization. You get G-Shock Connected for free. It's a dedicated G-Shock watch-specific app. It provides a watch status display with a graphic of radio wave reception levels along with information about the battery status and history for data update. There's also an alert system to let you know if there is a problem discovered. The automatic time adjustment provides world time for more than 300 cities throughout the world. You can easily switch from home to world time and vice versa. There is also a handy phone finder as well as setting for the alarm and timer. A Blog to Watch notes the generous-sized timepiece has a case that is 51 mm in width and 15.9 mm in thickness. It's a chunky timepiece, but you won't' feel a burden because of the use of lightweight materials.

Pricing and availability

The Casio MTG-B2000 is the next generation in Casio G-Shock MT-G timepieces. The wristwatch is in stock and available for $1,000. It's an exceptional value when you consider everything you get in this exceptionally rugged and advanced timepiece. This timepiece is available through the official Casio website. The model is currently available for worldwide distribution. We found this watch to be impressive, yet it's still a big watch. It's not for everyone, particularly those with small wrists, but it's ideal for those who prefer large wristwatches as well as those who insist on making a statement in a functional accessory that quickly becomes a conversation piece.

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