The Top 10 G Shock Watches Available Today


Casio G-Shock Watches need no introduction. When Casio launched its first watch back in 1974, digital technology was still new in the watch industry. Inspired to create something that represents all facets of time consistently, Casio managed to produce a timepiece that showed the accurate time including the month, day, hour, minute, and second. The watch became the first in the world to feature a digital automatic calendar, which ultimately saw the elimination of the need for the physical calendar.

Almost ten years later, Casio introduced the shock resistant G-shock timepiece – a project that came as a challenge to create the toughest watch in the world. The G-shock employed a triple protection design for the case, module, and components, and its practicality was instantly acknowledged. Its popularity was further accentuated by its unique appearance, which exemplified its functionality. Thanks to the brand’s policy of incorporating the latest technology, G-Shock has grown to become the flagship timepiece product of Casio.

Here are the top ten G-Shock watches available today.

1. GPW-1000GB-1A ($950)


G-shock watches are famed for their ability to withstand severe environments on the sea, on land, and even in the air. The GPW-1000GB-1A comes with gold ion plated metal parts, including the bezel, the crown, the band loop, the buckle, and the buttons. It also features a GPS hybrid wave receptor that ensures accurate timekeeping anywhere you go, adjusting standard time and summer time based on acquired information. Its Multiband 6 can accommodate six transmitters around the world: Japan, China, The U.S. and the U.K. It also features Triple G resist that is designed to endure three forces: vibration, centrifugal gravitational force, and gravitational dropping forces.

2. MRGG1000B-1A ($3000)


Officially released in 2015, the G-Shock MRGG1000B-1A has actually been described as the supreme G- shock. Both the band and body are covered with titanium, which has been heated in a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen to make it harder and more scratch-resistant. The watch is also comfy and lightweight, and hasthe ability to synchronize time with GPS or Multi-Band 6 signals virtually anywhere on the globe. The watch
comes with 3 sub-dials for day, world time hour & minute, and 24 hour time, as well as a date display. Also
featured on the MRGG1000 are Smart Access electronic crown for smooth switching between functions and
convenient simultaneous operation of functions; dual dial world time with forty time zones; and GPS Hybrid
Wave Ceptor.

3. MTGG1000AR-1A ($1900)


The MTGG1000AR-1A is in class of its own – a shock resistant timepiece with solar powered, radio
controlled timekeeping installed. The case is a beautiful blend of resin and metal, while the rose gold IP is
coated with a black ion-plated IP in parts to bring out a well-worn outlook. The hands and hour markers
also have a phosphorescent coating, and the 10 o’clock inset dial is embedded in a rose gold boundary ring
to enhance the color scheme.

4. G-Shock MRG-G1000DC ($2,600)


The recently unveiled MRG-G1000DC features a silver exterior with copper color accents on the button guard pipes, crown, inset dials, and the index. The copper hue was inspired by traditional Japanese metalwork. In fact, the watch was designed to pay tribute to the artistic skills of ancient Japanese craftsmanship. A unique ion plating treatment is used to achieve the copper color. The band and case are made with light, rust-resistant titanium, and then finished with Sallaz polishing. The watch also comes with LED light, full auto calendar, alarm, dual dial world time, and Tough Solar Power.

5. G-Shock GWN-1000H-9A ($500)


There’s no better way to describe the GWN-1000H-9A than simply a G-shock timepiece that predicts the weather! The watch is designed to withstand the toughest conditions in the deepest seas, thanks to the integrated Smart Access technology, Compass Bearing, Temperature Hands Serve for indicating Atmospheric pressure, and Triple Sensors to measure Altitude/Atmospheric Pressure, and Direction. The GWN-1000H-9A is a stainless steelbezel and yellow in color.

6. MRG-G1000D-1A ($950)


The MRG-G1000D-1A is the first of its kind to incorporate GPS hybrid wave ceptor and shock resistant construction into a complete-metal case, resulting in accurate timekeeping anywhere in the world. The watch also comes with a “clad guard structure” that ensures durability and easy crown operation in a smaller configuration. What’s more, the wearer can view the current time in 2 different time zones at the same time, while the Super Illuminator display enables a clear view of information. When combined with the sapphire crystal and a dual-emphasized, Sallaz-polished finish, the MRG-G1000 becomes both a functional and elegant timepiece to own.

7. GPW1000rd-4a gravity master ($950)


This watch features a Rescue Red theme that pays tribute to the red color of rescue aircraft and vehicles, as well as the navy blue uniforms of the rescue staff. It combines blue accents with solid red bands for a bold and sporty appearance. The outer resin body of the gravity master comes with a gray stainless steel bezel and a blue dial ring. In addition, the timepiece features Multi-Band 6, Tough Solar power, and Triple Sensor (thermometer, compass, barometer, and altimeter). Owners also get to enjoy the integrated GPS hybrid wave ceptor timekeeping.

8. GST-210B-1A ($320)


The black GST-210B-1A features black resin bands and stainless steel outer bezels. Released by Casio USA, the timepiece comes with LED light with adjustable afterglow & auto switch; 12/24 hour format; full auto calendar; hourly time signal; five daily alarms with one snooze alarm; countdown timer; world time; and shock resistance among other features. The watch runs on battery, which can last up to two years.

9. GST-200CP-2A ($320)


The GST-200CP-2A was launched to continue the renowned toughness of G-Shock watches. The timepiece offers analog timekeeping packages that you could definitely use. Everything about the watch’s face is prominent, leading to enhanced visibility. The three-dimensional look, on the other hand, adds to a sharp, stunning visual impact. The resin case and shock resistant features of the GST-200CP-2A make it durable and the integrated super illumination ensures visibility in the dark. What’s more, the watch comes with a world time of thirty one zones, making it a global timepiece, in addition to hourly time signals with five daily alarms. It can read time in both 12 and 24 hour formats and is water resistant up to 200mm.

10. GW9400BTJ-8 ($480)


Produced in collaboration with the famous snowboard company “Burton,” the limited edition GW9400BTJ-8 is one of the finest and most affordable G-shock watches. The watch features Triple Sensor that is clothed in the distinctive BURTON ice blue hues, creating the illusion of a snow-covered mountain. There is a snow pattern printed on the watch’s band, while the buckle and ring are black iron-plated. There is another BURTON logo on the band ring. The combination of the solid reputation of the G-Shock brand and the global popularity of BURTON makes the GW9400BTJ-8 a truly special timepiece.

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