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A Closer Look at the Seiko 5 Sports GMT

Seiko 5 Sports GMT

Seiko is welcoming the summer with a fun new timepiece that will make your cross time zone trips all the more efficient. For the first time since the 5 Sports GMT lineup was introduced, the watchmaker is releasing an affordable GMT watch in three colorways. Now, fans of the company that were disappointed at the discontinuation of the SKX have something to look forward to with this watch, which adds GMT functionality to the classic SKX design. Let’s take a closer look at the new Seiko 5 Sports GMT.

Color Options

One thing to be excited about when it comes to this release is the number of options available to buyers. Seiko is offering the new 5 Sports GMT in three colorways:

  • SSK001K1: Features a black dial, grey, black, bezel, and a red GMT hand
  • SSK003K1: Features a blue dial, black and blue bezel, and red GMT hand
  • SSK005K1: Features an orange dial black and grey bezel, a polished GMT hand, and gold accents on the bezel insert

The two-colored dials are designed with a sunray-brushed aesthetic, while the black dial is matte. All of these design choices serve to add more depth to the colors.


The new 5 Sports GMT comes in a 42.5mm stainless steel case with a water resistance of 100 meters and 13.6mm thickness. The case shape should be familiar to SKX fans thanks to the classic silhouette design, sculpted crown guards, and the 4 o’clock crown. To keep the watch handsomely and comfortably secured to your wrist is a well-articulated stainless steel bracelet with a jubilee design. The dial is refined, complete with applied indices and complemented by a rotating 24-hour bezel and a GMT scale on the rehaut. Overall, the case should rest comfortably on your wrist as a 40/41mm watch would.


This GMT’s insert stands out for three major reasons. First, the bezel is very prominent and the Hardlex crystal material is highly resistant. Second, the 24-hour scale that appears on the inner face is exquisite and adds depth to the piece. Finally, the inserts on all colorways are bicolor – blue and black on the blue dial model and grey and black on the orange and black versions. The dual-tone inserts combined with the Hardlex surface create a stunning visual feast. From some angles, the inserts look black until you move the watch and the second color pops with a somewhat chrome effect. You will see this most prominently on the blue model. In addition to creating a visually appealing spectacle, this design shows the ultimate attention to detail by Seiko.


The new Seiko 5 Sports GMT is powered by the 4R34 GMT movement. While the quality is at par with what you would expect from other 4R movement series, this one features an additional fourth hand that tracks a different time zone. This perk will come in handy during your cross time zone travels. You can view the movement under the watch’s transparent Caseback. The GMT’s movement is automatic, runs smoothly, thanks to the 24 jewels scattered across it, and comes with a hacking seconds feature for precision time setting. The frequency is impressive at 21,600 vibrations per hour and is backed up by an approximate power reserve time of 41 hours. Overall, the GMT function in the 4R34 movement sets it apart from other 4R series movements. It has a class 2 magnetic resistance of 4,800 A/m, which means it can handle magnetic fields coming from home appliances and everyday electronics within 5-centimeter proximity.


It is easy to spot the connection between this new watch and the SKX Series when looking at the dial. The indexes and hands are near identical across the lineups, and all the elements are treated with LumiBrite, Seiko’s signature high performance material. Similarities aside, however, this GMT model stands out from its predecessors thanks to the date-only display. Other watches from the line feature a day-date display. Above the date is a cyclops. Other features that are unique to this watch include the additional 24-hour hand that tracks a different time zone and the 24-hour scale that appears on the inner flange. Overall, the dial is unique without eschewing the classic design of the SKX watches.


All versions of the Seiko 5 Sports Style GMT feature a jubilee design, retro-style steel bracelet that is somewhat reminiscent of the SKX Series. Unlike the SKX, however, Seiko has taken no prisoners in ensuring the quality of this still band both in terms of functionality and design. It looks and feels good on your wrist and is equipped with a secure lock and folding clasp.

Price and Availability

The three versions of the Seiko 5 Sports GMT – SSK001K1, SSK003K1, and SSK005K1 – will be launched as part of the brand’s permanent collection and not limited edition as fans suspected. It will hit the shelves in July 2022 and retail at EUR 470. Compared to other watches in the lineup, which sell for around EUR 260, this piece is a little on the pricey side. However, it is well worth the investment, and the price is actually fair since you get a jubilee bracelet, Hardlex insert, new rotating bezel, and additional GMT compilation as part of the deal. Not to mention Seiko is synonymous with quality timepieces.


When the Seiko 5 Sports lineup replaced the SKX line, some Seiko fans were skeptical. The release of the Seiko 5 Sports GMT has more than eased these worries. The watch unveils a host of new and fun features and design elements while staying true to the spirit of the classic Seiko aesthetic. Expected to retail at around $500, the new Seiko GMT is a good bargain considering its dashing looks, practicality, colorway options, and GMT function. It is definitely a piece you will want in your collection.

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