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A Closer Look at the Grand Seiko 'Oruri' SBGW279

Grand Seiko 'Oruri' SBGW279

Like most of us, you are probably wondering what an Oruri is? According to Grand Seiko, an Oruri is a blue and white flycatcher from Southeast Asia. In most summers, the songbird typically chirps, much to the delight of the Asian locals. To pay homage to the bird, the watchmakers made the Grand Seiko 'Oruri' SBGW279 blue dial to mimic the bird's blue feathers. If you are fond of vintage watches, you will like this watch. This brand is influenced by the design of the first Grand Seiko watch made in 1960. It comes with a simplistic dial with no date, distortion-free finishing, and a manual-winding movement. Now that we have described the watch's appearance, it is time we delve into its functionalities. Tag along.

Strap Material

Its strap is made of crocodile leather. There is something more aesthetically pleasing about this material compared to other types of leather or other strap materials. This strap has one color scheme (brown) with a pattern of lines running on it. You could conclude that the lines resemble a crocodile's spots. Also, crocodile leather is a good agent of water absorption. With some straps, you will feel the sweat on your wrist. As a result, you will be forced to remove the watch and wipe off the sweat. Since crocodile leather absorbs sweat, you will not feel any wetness on your wrist. Therefore, you will not have to wipe off any sweat. Lastly, the material is more durable than other types of leather straps. So, you could fold them without worrying about the strap snapping. Besides being unable to snap, the material also does not peel off. That means your strap will keep looking new for a long time.

Case Material

The watch's case is made of stainless steel. Since the case is the most noticeable part of the watch, the manufacturers used stainless steel for this watch due to its several advantages. First, stainless steel is tough. That means it can withstand any force applied to it. So, if you accidentally drop this watch, you do not need to worry about the case changing its shape. Additionally, the material is anti-corrosive. According to Reliance Foundry, its anti-corrosiveness is due to the use of chromium in the material. When chromium reacts with oxygen, it does not form rust. Instead, it forms a protective layer, thereby keeping the case rust-free. Finally, the material does not cause any allergies as nickel material does. According to Mayo Clinic, nickel allergies manifest in the form of itchy rashes. Although there are minor cases of nickel allergies, some people will still consider nickel cases a huge risk. Therefore, this is the best watch to obtain.

Glass Coating

The part of the watch that matters most is the glass. After all, it is where you view the time. Have you ever wondered why glasses are always clear? That is because they contain an anti-reflexive coating, just like this watch. Anti-reflexive coatings eliminate reflection on the watch. Reflection causes you to see other objects in the glass rather than the time on the dial. As a result, you would have to strain to view time on such a watch. By eliminating reflection, more light passes through the glass, enabling you to see the time more clearly.

Magnetic Resistance

This watch has a magnetic resistance of 4,800 A/m. According to ISO, the watch's magnetic resistance meets ISO 764 standards. Magnetic resistance is important since magnetism largely contributes to a watch's inaccuracy. The internal parts of a watch are made of metal. Typically, the balance spring is the part most affected by magnetism. When it gets magnetized, it sticks to itself and becomes shorter. Consequently, the watch begins to oscillate rapidly. To curb such an outcome, the watch's movement is protected with an inner cage made of soft iron. Instead of the balance spring being affected by magnetism, it is the soft iron that takes its place. However, soft iron does not remain magnetized for long. As a result, it cannot affect the movement with its magnetism.

Glass Material

The watch's glass is made of sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal is preferred for glass cases because of their hardness. Due to their hardness, they are scratch-resistant. Honestly, scratch makes watches unappealing. It does not even matter how big or small it is. Fortunately, you can scratch this watch's glass, intentionally or unintentionally, without worrying about leaving a scratch mark. Also, its hardness means that the glass cannot quickly be shattered. Unlike a scratched watch, you cannot view time on a shattered watch. As a result, you would have to replace the glass. Usually, the glasses shatter after they have been dropped. However, with this watch's sapphire crystal glass, you could drop it and not worry about it shattering. Lastly, sapphire crystal has a very high melting point of 2030°C. As a result, the glass cannot shatter due to thermal shock from heating. When you heat an object, you expect the whole object to expand. However, some glasses do not expand evenly, which causes them to break. The shattering occurs as a way for the glass to relieve itself from the pressure build-up. So, if this watch were to fall into a fire or a hot pot accidentally, you have no reason to panic since its glass will remain intact.


A good watch is durable in terms of functionality and appearance. Thankfully, the Grand Seiko 'Oruri' SBGW279 watch delivers on both fronts. A bad sign that your watch is spoiled is inaccuracy due to losing time. It would mean replacing the watch's movement. Fortunately, the watch is antimagnetic, and so its internal metallic components will remain unchanged by magnetism. So, you can be sure that this watch will give off accurate readings, meaning you will not have to wind it frequently. Watches are not only for displaying time but also for enhancing your look. However, what if you wore a rusty watch during your presentation at work? You would quickly notice people gawking at your watch. Since this watch is made from stainless steel, it will not corrode and hence retain its new look for a long time.

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