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A Closer Look at The Seiko Prospex SPB183

Seiko Prospex SPB183

The Japanese brand Seiko is known for its innovation in watchmaking and new styles to suit nearly every taste in timepiece function and fashion. They're not the most expensive watches made, but the quality is high and the brand of solid reputation. Seiko celebrates its 55th anniversary with a new limited edition model in a throwback edition of its Reference 6105 diver's watch from the 1970s. The Seiko Prospex SPB183 is a re-imagination of the vintage diver from yesteryear with the most recent ancestor, the Captain Willard diver of 2019, and two later editions. The brand is honing in on the seaworthy timepiece with new and improved iterations as it's a popular line that's been well-received by the public. The latest edition for 2020 deserves a closer look at its finer points to fully appreciate its merits.

The Seiko Prospex SPB183 at a glance

The recent anniversary edition of the Prospex SPB183 is the third iteration of the popular watch with two versions marketed earlier. The Reference SPB151 and SPB153 feature green and black dials with bezel inserts that match the colors of the dials respectively. Professional Watches highlights the limited edition version for review. The Captain Willard edition retailed for nearly $4,000. The three more recent SPB models are more affordable. It's an attractive timepiece with classic styling in a simple and easy-to-read layout. The blue dial represents the depths of the ocean. It's a straightforward timepiece with a few luxurious features worth noting. There are few frills associated with the anniversary edition other than the blue dial not found in other iterations of the collection, and a small splash of red color on the second hand.

Specifications of the limited edition Seiko Prospex SPB183

The Prospex SPB183 features a deep marine blue dial with a matching bezel insert. The single directional rotating dive bezel with elapsed timing is decorated with a coin-edge finish that makes it easier to grip, and more attractive. Seiko Luxe explains that the Hour and minutes markers, as well as the hands, are treated with LumiBrite coating to create a bright glow exemplifying the characters in low light situations such as nighttime or deep water diving. A date window appears at the 3 o'clock position on the dial. The second hand is offset in a contrasting gold-tone color with a red dot at its chunky tip to more accurately read its placement. The dial is covered with a thick dual-curved sapphire crystal lens, treated with a coating of anti-reflective material on the inside and the outside. The case is stainless steel with an ultra-hard coating to prevent dents and scratches. It measures 42.7 mm in width with a depth of 13.15 mm. The crown is the same material in screw-down styling and built-in crown guards. Construction of the crown system consists of various gaskets to prevent water from reaching the inner workings of the movement, certifying the timepiece by ISO6425 standards for scuba diving. The watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters. The case back is solid stainless steel. The bracelet is made of the same materials as the case and crown with hardening. It's a link style with a 47.6 mm distance lug to lug and a brushed finish. The bracelet locks firmly to the wrist with a secure tri-fold clasp with a push-button release, a secure lock, and an extender. The Prospex SPB183 comes with an alternate silicone strap.

The movement

The Prospex SPB183 features an upgraded version of its in-house movement. The brand calls it the Seiko caliber 6R35. You can wind the mechanism manually, but it is also automatic. It has 24 jewels, and it beats at a frequency of 3 Hz or 21,600 vibrations per hour. The power reserve is 70 hours. Functions include hours, minutes, seconds, stop-seconds, and date.

Pricing and availability

The Seiko Prospex SPB183 limited edition 55th anniversary watch became available to the public, in November of 2020. The production run is strictly limited to 5,500 pieces. It sells for $1,400 representing a solid value for the innovations and merits as a diver's timepiece. It's a celebration of the 55 years that the Japanese company has been in business, producing some of the finest watches at a value price. Two years after its release, you can still find examples of the special limited edition for sale on the official Seiko website.

Final thoughts

The Seiko Prospex SPB183 is often called the reiteration of the 1970s Prospex Diver. It's available at a price far below the Captain Williams edition, suitable as a collectible piece, and for wear with sporty ensembles. The attractive timepiece makes a nice addition as a fashion accessory to most wardrobes. The Prospex is also a functional diver's watch with a rating for water resistance to depths of 200 meters. We love the simplistic and classical styling that makes the dial easy to read in all types of lighting. The Prospex diver is the ideal companion for scuba divers. It holds up well during active watersports activities, and you can wear it in the shower. It's a collectible to be worn and used and not left in a display case. The limited anniversary diver is a collectible, but it goes far beyond that distinction. Seiko upgraded the movement for accurate and precise timekeeping that keeps you apprised of the time and the date. They designed it at an affordable price point to make a high-quality diver accessible to a broader segment of watch fans. We also like that it comes with a metal bracelet for everyday wear and an interchangeable silicone bracelet for use in the water. If you're looking for a solid diver's watch that can handle the rigors of scuba diving, it's ideal as a gift for the diver on your list. It's also a novel addition to your collection, as it is another upgrade in the Prospex SPB collection.

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