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The Five Most Expensive Richard Mille Watches Ever

Richard Mille Panda RM 26-1

Richard Mille is a Switch watch manufacturing company that was established back in 2001 by Richard Mille and Dominique Guenat. According to Successstory, Richard Mille is among the leading companies in releasing high-end timepieces that are lightweight, comfortable, and accurate. Additionally, most Richard Mille watches feature an aesthetic automotive design that is instantly recognizable and gives it an edge over its competitors. In this post, we will take a closer look at the five most expensive Richard Mille timepieces ever.

Rafael Nadal RM 027

5. Rafael Nadal RM 027 - Price: $600,000

Richard Mille loaned Rafael Nadal the RM 027 watch as he was the ambassador of the brand line. This 38 by 45 mm sized watch is made out of carbon nanotubes and features tourbillon technology in its mechanisms. The RM 027 watch is said to have a high performance and comfortably light, which is really emphasized by the manufacturing brand as Nadal wears the watch in his gameplays.

Furthermore, only 50 pieces of this watch were released, and the first one, which was given to Rafael Nadal, was stolen in a burglary incident, but the culprit was apprehended. At the original launch of the RM 027 watch, it was valued at $500,000 to $600,000, but to date, the price has been reduced to 376,000 USD.

RM 051 Michelle Yeoh RG Phoenix Watch

4. RM 051 Michelle Yeoh RG Phoenix Watch - Price: $900,762

According to Therichest, Richard Mille decided to team up with the actress- Michelle Yeoh and released a very eye-catching timepiece specifically for women. Michelle Yeoh is a well-known actress in Malaysia and designed a Phoenix on to the timepiece as a symbol of feminism and brings out other outstanding feminine qualities in Asia.

The RM 051 watch comes with various marvelous features, including; diamond embellishments, white golden case body, crocodile straps, and tourbillon mechanisms that ensure the watch has a high performance. In addition to the Phoenix head symbol, the watch's design was inspired by the Asia cultures, particularly the empress of China, whose symbol portrays justice and goodwill.

There is also a black onyx base plate on the RM 051 watch that is claimed to eliminate any negative energies from the body, bringing balance to the wearer. Like many other luxurious watches, the RM 041 watch is a limited edition with only 18 pieces produced. The average selling price of this watch is around $900,762.

Red Skull RM 52-01

3. Red Skull RM 52-01 - Price: $1.41 million

Just like the RM Panda 26-1, this Richard Mille Red Skull 52-01 was released to express creativity and try to attract a wider market range through the sale of new watch designs. The Red Skull RM 52-01 watch is a remodel of the previous RM 052 timepiece and comes with a black PVD coated grade 5 titanium plate, crocodile straps, and a tourbillon mechanism.

The skull itself is painted red gold and filled with 19 jewels in its tourbillon mechanical movement, plus the nanotubes that serve as a stabilizer. The Red Skull RM watch is available in three other variants, with each of these variants featuring an elegant skull perfectly crafted into the watch's dial.

If you take a closer look, you will be able to spot the manual winding Tourbillon caliber well-fitted on a PVD-treated grade 5 titanium baseplate. Just as the name suggests, this watch has an 18K red-gold skull on its dial. The Red Skull 52-01 uses carbon nanotubes and TZP ceramic for its bezel, Caseback, and case.

Richard Mille RM 56 Sapphire

2. Richard Mille RM 56 Sapphire - Price: $1.56 Million

Third on our list for the top five most expensive Richard Mille watches is the RM 56 Sapphire model. In addition to the fact that the whole case is made out of sapphire, this RM 56 watch incorporates the Richard Mille Tourbillon technology and has straps designed through aerospace nanotechnology.

When it comes to the mechanical parts, Richard Mille decided to use the Chrono tourbillon technology for its whole complex movement system. Although it may prove difficult to look at the clockwork and into the hands simultaneously, the RM 56 model ushered in a new set of high-ending, offering incredible possibilities even for a match. There are only five pieces of the RM 56 model available in the market, and each is priced at approximately $1.65 million.

Richard Mille Panda RM 26-1

1. Richard Mille Panda RM 26-1 - Price: $1.6 Million

The Richard Mille Panda RM, 26-1, is an exquisite, diamond-set timepiece that is an accurate representation of the adorable and friendly nature of pandas. This watch comes with a manual winding Tourbillon movement, which provides you with standard minutes, hours, and power-reserve indicators.

Other exciting features in this RM 26-1 model include; a 45 mm diameter white gold case, a lavish black onyx baseplate, and crocodile straps. Even more appealing to this watch is the panda that sits in front of a bamboo tree hand-painted and sculpted by hand from yellow gold. Furthermore, this diamond embezzled Panda RM 26-1 model is originally derived from the original Richard Mille 026 timepiece.

Since there are only 15 pieces of this eye-catching watch worldwide, their prices are very expensive, with one costing around $1.6 Million. What makes this RM 026-1 model more in demand is the inclusion of black sapphires and entirely set with diamonds, which makes this timepiece a true definition of luxury.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, the manufacturing brand Richard Mille has proven to carry a significant amount of mass popularity in the watch industry, with the release of luxurious timepieces. In addition to producing high-end watches, the Richard Mille brand is associated with a wide array of athletes and celebrities, who have been very influential in marketing the brand's products and increasing its popularity among the masses.

The year 2022 marked the 22-years of watchmaking by Richard Mille and its significant growth in relevance among today's watch enthusiasts. Although most of Richard Mille's watches are very expensive, they are certainly worth your investment as they come with various unique and amazing features that are very rare among ordinary timepieces.

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