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A Closer Look at The Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal

Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal

Zelos has announced the release of its Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal model wristwatch. this is a diver's and sports watch that offers a variety of remarkable dial and case options. It is a highly functional timepiece that is neither too large nor too small for most sports enthusiasts. It's made to appease the desire for stylishness with the necessity of practicality for outdoorsmen. To properly acquaint you, here are 10 things that you probably didn't know about the Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal.

1. The size hits the sweet spot

For many, the 40mm size is ideal. It's small enough to not get in the way during sporting actvities, yet large enough to present a clear and legible view of the time. The Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal's case is made of solid 316L stainless steel. It measures 11 mm in depth exclusing the crystal lens. The crystal adds an extra 1.5 mm to the depth. The shiny finish to the bevels of the case give it a more solid appearane with additional polishing at the lug tips.

2. The bezel is refined

The aesthetics of the bezel are refined with vertical lines and a low profile. This gives it a more pleasing appearance than some of the taller bezels that look out of place. It also creates a problem when it comes to turning the bezel as it also induces a heavy ratchet. The low profile makes it more difficult to turn the bezel because there is less material for the fingers to grip. It turns hard and this is a design feature that could be improved upon should a new edition of the watch be rendered in the future. It is a bi-directional rotating type

3. The watch is legible in all light

Zelos added an element that makes the Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal extremely easy to read in all kinds of lighting conditions. The indices are large enough to see in the daylight hours. The application of luminescent coating has been made to the markings of the bezel as well as to other components of the dial. It glows very brightly in dark conditions for excellent nighttime legibility.

4. GMT is easy to read

The 24-hour GMT hand is easier to read thanks to a feature that has been added for this purpose. Underneath the sapphire crystal, a 24-hour scale is set on the bezel. This makes it possible to also read a third time zone on the 38.5 mm diameter of the bicolor black and teal bezel.

5. The Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal is a diver's watch

This timepiece is suitable for use when swimming, showering, snorkeling, or diving. It has a water-resistance rating up to 200 meters. It is built to withstand the pressure of ocean depths without damage to the inner workings inside.

6. Zelos accomplished a tremendous feat with the Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal

Watchmaking technology has made some huge advancements over the past several decades. We are in awe of the fact that Zelos has produced a diver's watch that is rated at 200 meters' water-resistance with a see-through sapphire crystal case back. While screwed-down stainless steel versions have traditionally added the type of strength necessary for protecting the movement, Zelos has come up with a design that delivers this protection while showing off the elegance of the mechanical movement beneath.

7. The movement is a Swiss ETA

The movement that powers the functions of the Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal watch is a Swiss ETA 2893 Elabore. This model is made with a custom rotor. Although it's not overdone with fancy designs it has a clean aesthetic. The watchbeats at 4 Hz with a power reserve of 38 hours.

8. The bracelet is also stainless steel

The Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal is an attractive diver's and sports watch featuring a strong stainless steel case. The bracelet is designed in a link style to match the case, made of the same high-quality 316L stainless steel material. It firmly attatches the timepiece to the arm with a fliplock clasp for additional security. This watch is also available with a rubber strap, which is likely to be the best option if you spend a lot of time in the water. The comfort or wearability of the watch tends to differ a bit depending on which strap option you choose.

9. It's remarkably low priced

After discussing the premium elements of this finely crafted and high-quality diver's watch, it was surprising to learn that it is priced by the manufacturer at a price that is under $1,000. The Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal sells at $899.99. This places it well within the classification of affordable luxury diver's watches.

10. Other features and what you get in the package

For a price of $899.99 and applicable taxes, the Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal features a birdirectional bezel insert with 48 clicks mounted on ball bearings with the addition of a lumed sapphire crystal insert. The dial is a sunburst style that is textured with C3 X1 Swiss Superluminova treatment for luminosity. The crown is a screwdown type that is signed. When purchased from the manufacturer or a licensed dealer, the package comes with the Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal watch that is mounted on the steel bracelet. The bonus of a tropic rubber stap that is outfitted with a custom Zelos buckle is included so you can switch it up in accordance with the type of activities you're participating in. Also included in the package is a Steel Warranty Card, a travel watch roll and an attractive wooden gift box. We checked out the watch at a couple of licensed vendors. We discovered that it's a popular seller for many of them so if you're planning to order the watch for yourself, it is prudent to do so before the supplies are exhausted.

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