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A Closer Look at the Ressence Type 8 'Entry Level' Watch

Ressence Type 8 'Entry Level' Watch

Ressence is a watch brand owned by Benoit Mintiens, a Belgian Industrial Designer. The brand has been in existence for over twelve years, and they have managed to maintain a consolidated and dynamic approach to time display. Ressence has a patented display module known as (ROCS) that has distinct marks and displays its time on sub-dials that revolve around the dial. Recently, the brand introduced its sixth generational watch known as the Ressence Type 8. The new look is sleek, simple, light, and half the price of other Ressence watches.

The History of Ressence

According to Ablogtowatch, Ressence is an independent company in Antwerp, Belgium, established in 2010. The company specializes in making luxury watches. The brand has been toiling for years to ensure that it makes an excellent alternative to traditional luxurious watches that are experiencing an increase in consumer interest. The company is doing its best to ensure that it produces modern-day watches that are marketable in the current consumer environment faced with myriad challenges. The watch industry faces numerous challenges, such as inadequate supplies and highly volatile markets. It is a great challenge to obtain all the exotic, customized parts essential in making the Ressence Type 8. The above challenge has made it impossible to produce many units. There are limited productions, and the first edition of the Ressence Type 8 was released in March 2022 with a price tag of 12,500 Swiss Francs. The Ressence Type 8 watch was invented with the aim of improving the mechanical functioning of the modern-day watch. The goal was to design a legible watch that is easier to use. Ressence invented a unique dial featured with discs. They did a few groundbreaking developments, which involved filling the discs with oil and replacing the crown with a lever. The above adjustments improved the watch’s functionality, which has enhanced our relationship with a mechanical watch. In 2013, the Ressence Type 8 won the coveted Horological Revelation Award at the prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie. Residence Type 8 has a distinctive approach to the modern-day art of watchmaking. The designer has combined modern-day self-engineered innovation with Swiss technology. The design is an imagination of how mechanical watches can be used in the current age.

The Ressence Type 8

The Ressence Type 8 is a collection that has never been in existence, and it offers a minimalist option. It is a two-hand regulator watch with a separate orbiting hour and minute hand. The watch is very light and weighs 42 grams together with the strap. According to Ressencewatches, the case is made from grade 5 titanium which is 42.9mm with a height of 11mm. The dial is convex in profile and cobalt blue; although you can’t see it, it looms at night because it has been designed to glow fiercely. The Ressence Type 8 is a much slimmer watch, and it is the most compact of all the Ressence models. It is a smaller watch because it comprises titanium and sapphire. The size is smaller than the previous models, making it unisex, and you can comfortably wear it under a cuff on the wrist. The watch is lugless, which is rare in modern watch designs.

Essential Information

The Ressence Type 8 entry-level watch has a cobalt blue dial and a well-designed case. The dial is unique because it has space. The watch has both hours and minutes display. The designer ensured the watch had leftover space, which he decided not to fill in. It is breathtaking to watch the dial because of its ever-changing painting. The Ressence Type 8 has established a new era of the 21st-century watch. It is a purer form of modern-day innovation. There is still more to come. There are predictions that future innovations of type 8 will have more creative arts that focus on developing the form rather than on functionality. Like all Ressence watches, the type 8 entry-level has a fingertip setting. The watch is set by turning its case back. According to Watches And Wonders, the watch has an ambidextrous design and a streamlined shape that makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear on all wrists. The Ressence Type 8 has a unique design for ergonomic comfort. It is colorful, playful, and streamlined for maximum legibility. The watch is powered by a traditional automatic movement that reaffirms the brand’s commitment to enhancing mechanical innovation.

Technical Specifications- Ressence Type 8

According to Monochrome-watches, the Ressence Type 8 has the following technical specifications;

  • Case: 42.9mm diameter * 11mm thickness- grade 5 titanium- sandwich architecture, top polished, bottom brushed- domed crystal sapphire over dial- sealed case back– winding and time-setting system on the case back rotate in two directions- splash resilient- 42g including the strap.
  • Dial: titanium blue cobalt convex matte dial (75mm radius) - revolving on the periphery minutes and engraved sub-dial featuring super blue- LumiNova revolving hours.
  • Movement: 8 module patented ROCS, driven by the customized automatic ETA minute axle of a 2894/2 base- 28,800 vph- power reserve of 36h - hours, minutes.
  • Strap: blue leather- polished titanium buckle
  • Availability: Worldwide from 30th March 2022 at Ressence official retailers
  • Price: CHF 12500 (excluding tax)

Availability and Price

The Ressence Type 8 Entry Level is available and comes with a blue leather strap and a titanium polished ardillion buckle. The watch will be showcased at the famous Watches and Wonders and sold worldwide from 30th March 2022 through Ressence official retailers. The current price tag is CHF 12,500, excluding tax.


Ressence watches have reinvented the way time is displayed. Its sleekness and outstanding design are exceptional conversation starters. Everything about the watch is thorough, from its shape to the case, to the comfort you experience when it’s on. The designers did an incredible job of further developing the existing technology and combining it with other savvier designs. The design is simple, making it one of the best-looking watches. The space on the dial is something that everyone loves.

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