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A Closer Look at the Grand Seiko 61GS

Grand Seiko 61GS

The Grand Seiko 61GS made its debut in 1968. It replaced the 62G watches and introduced a self-winding movement powered by the Grand Seiko 6100 series movement. Its movement made it possible to achieve high levels of accuracy. For instance, you can achieve an accuracy of +/-1 minute per month with this watch. According to Grand Seiko, they achieved this accuracy by using Very Fine Adjusted (VFA) calibers. As a result, Grand Seiko surpassed the GS standard, which was capped at 5 to -3 seconds per day. Accuracy is an admirable feature in this watch and others like it. However, there are other crucial features that make this watch a must-have. Here are four features of this watch that will make you rush to the store to get it.

Case Material

Its case is coated with stainless steel with gold plating at the back of the watch. Both metals serve important functions in this watch. For instance, stainless steel is hard and hence resistant to external forces. So, you do not need to worry about your case bending or changing shape due to dropping the watch. Also, stainless steel wards off oxidation since it is non-reactive. Unfortunately, oxidation makes the watch turn dark, thereby making it look old or grotesque. Luckily, this watch will retain its new look for a long time. Finally, stainless steel protects this watch from rusting. Stainless steel contains about 10.5% of chromium. Chromium, therefore, reacts rapidly with oxygen so that the watch does not react with oxygen to develop rust. When chromium reacts with oxygen, it forms a thin oxide layer on the watch, which shields it from rusting. As for the gold plating behind the case, it is usually for aesthetics. Some people desire to wear gold watches but cannot afford them. Even though it is not made of gold, having a case coated with gold is not a bad idea. First, it will appear as though you have a gold watch. Also, it will be cheaper than gold watches since the amount of gold used for coating is little. According to Watches of Today, the amount is too small to be measured.


Jewels significantly aid in a watch's movement. Before we explain what they do, it is essential to understand what they are. Jewels are usually small pieces of ruby or sapphire inserted within the watch's movement. The jewels prevent the metal components of the gear from rubbing against each other. If the metal components continually rub against each other, it generates friction. The friction then causes the parts to wear and tear, which consequently causes their movement to stop. Not only will the movement stop, but the pivots and bearings will be severely damaged. The jewels in this watch are able to stop the metals from interacting with each other due to their hardness. So instead of metals rubbing against each other, the metal parts will rub against the jewels. A standard watch will typically have between 10-and 17 jewels. However, this watch has 25 jewels. That is because the watch has an elaborate system of gears and more of them. For a smooth winding process, this watch needs 25 jewels.

Strap Material

Leather straps have remained fashionable for a long time. This watch was made with a leather strap in the 1960s, and leather straps continue to be used by watchmakers today. According to Brainy Quote, Yves Saint Laurent once said this quote: "Fashions fade, style is eternal." The quote could not be any more accurate for leather. Leather straps have stayed relevant due to their versatility. For instance, both adults and children look good in leather watches. With this watch's leather strap, you will not need to shop around for watches for a particular demographic. Also, their versatility applies to the type of outfit you are wearing. For instance, watches with metal straps are limited since they are typically worn with casual gear. Fortunately, with a leather strap, you can wear it with your casual or official outfits. Lastly, leather straps are more comfortable than metal straps. Metal straps tend to be reactive with air temperatures. As a result, the straps may either be too hot or too cold to be worn. On the other hand, leather does not react to atmospheric temperatures and hence retains an optimal temperature. Also, metal straps tend to be uncomfortable since they squeeze your wrist. However, leather is flexible and can assume the shape of your wrist. That means that it will not pinch you.

Case Diameter

Diameter is perhaps the most outstanding feature of a watch. For instance, a watch with a big diameter will generally appear big. That means people will be able to spot the watch from afar, which is sometimes what some people want to achieve. However, there is a challenge most watch wearers encounter. For example, they usually do not know which diameter to go for. Luckily, this watch has a standard diameter of 37mm, hence ending your endless worries. Generally, men's watches range from 38m to 46mm. As for women, the diameter is usually less than 38mm. With this watch's diameter of 37mm, it is ideal for both genders. So, if you resent the struggle of shopping for a watch for a particular gender, then this is the best watch to get.


The Grand Seiko 61GS was a revolutionary watch for its time. Grand Seiko managed to tackle a common problem people face: lateness. It is not uncommon for people to be late for school or their doctor's appointments because their watches lose a significant amount of time. Fortunately, this watch is highly accurate due to its advanced caliber. Besides accuracy, another important feature people admire in watches is smooth movement. Let's face it; it is frustrating to have a watch stop moving. There are many reasons for watches stopping: insufficient number of jewels, low power reserve, and so on. Again, this watch solves the movement problem by having enough jewels. Besides the number, the type of jewels also matters. Luckily, the makers of this watch did not use weak jewels hence explaining why the watch remains popular to date.

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