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A Closer Look at Spinnaker's Cahill Diver 300 Automatic

Spinnaker's Cahill Diver 300 Automatic

Most water-resistant watches are designed to accommodate a distance of 50 meters or less in water. However, such a watch cannot be used by a deep-sea diver. It is because they usually go as far as 200 meters. Choosing a watch with the wrong depth means that the gaskets around the crown and crystal could wear off. Fortunately, there is a watch that divers can use whenever they go 200 meters below the water. That watch is the Spinnaker Cahill Diver 300 Automatic watch. The watch is designed to accommodate water resistance of up to 300 meters. Additionally, it has clear lines and an easy-to-read dial to enable you to view time while you are underwater. To further understand this diving watch, here are five features about it below.

Strap Material

Most watchmakers either use leather straps or metal straps for their watches. However, Spinnaker has both straps for this watch. Therefore, it is up to you to choose your preferred material. To help you choose, we will highlight the advantages of each material. Leather is versatile since you can wear it with your formal or casual gear. As a result, you do not need to be particular about matching it with one specific color of your clothes. Also, leather offers the perfect fit. Since it is stretchy, it takes the shape of your wrist with time. On the other hand, metal straps are easy to clean when wet. If you wipe the strap with your hand, all the water will come off. However, with leather, you would have to wait for the water to dry. Before it dries, it makes the strap appear stained. Additionally, metal gives your watch a more luxurious look since metal straps are generally considered more aesthetically pleasing. For instance, most people would pick a golden-looking strap over a leather one.


Without luminescence, it can be hard for you to view time in the dark or underwater. Fortunately, this watch uses a luminescence technology called Swiss Super-LumiNova. Some watch companies restrict you to a particular color scheme for luminescence. Luckily, Spinnaker has five colors for you to choose from: blue fumee, blue, red, green, and black. Although you have several options, scientists recommend that you go with a blue or green choice. Our eyes can perceive the colors rapidly due to the combined color perception of rods and cones. One concern about luminescence is the use of radioactive minerals like radium by some watchmakers. Prolonged exposure to it causes lung and bone cancer. Fortunately, this watch does not rely on any radioactive luminescence. Instead, its luminescence is a non-radioactive and non-toxic formula that contains strontium aluminate.

Case Material

Its case is coated with sapphire, which includes an anti-reflective coating. Part of what makes a watch attractive is the case. However, if it is scratched or cracked, it ruins the watch's appeal. You are better off with a watch with a ruined strap than a ruined case. Fortunately, sapphire is the second hardest mineral after diamond. Due to its hardness, you would need considerable effort to break or crack it. The case's anti-reflexive coating eliminates reflections from its front and back surfaces. With no reflections, more light can pass through the case to optimize visual acuity. As a result, you will be able to view time clearly on your watch without straining. Besides improving clarity, the coating also makes your case attractive.


This automatic watch uses an NH35 – TMI caliber to run. Currently, the caliber is popular in most affordable watches. The caliber can be wound by hand and includes a hacking upgrade from the Seiko NH25A. In terms of accuracy, its range lies between -20 and 40 seconds under normal conditions. You can also confirm its accuracy by getting its measurement. Before you measure, ensure the watch is fully wound. If you do not, the absence of power reserve may skew the results. There are two ways you can wind this watch. First, you can do that by turning its crown 55 times. Since it is easy to lose count with this method, you can also wind it by shaking it side to side. Shaking it winds the watch immediately since it is equipped with the Seiko Magic Lever. The lever also saves you the time you spend turning the crown 55 times.


The watch's movement relies on a system of moving gears. As the gears move, the metal components rub against each other to cause friction. However, too much friction can cause wear and tear, eventually destroying the watch's pivot and bearings. Since metal gets destroyed by friction, the watch has jewels that take the place of metal. To select a jewel, you need a hard one. That is the reason this watch uses sapphire jewels in the watch. Since it is hard, it can withstand any force exerted by the gears. As a result, the metal components can interact without rubbing against each other. Since this watch has a complex movement system, it is not enough to consider the hardness of a mineral. Watchmakers also consider the number of jewels. Since this watch has many gears, it has 24 jewels. Most simple watches use utmost 17 jewels. The movement of gears means some metal components will rub against each other. You will thus need a jewel here. So, the more gears a watch has, the more jewels it needs.


Even though the Spinnaker's Cahill Diver 300 Automatic watch was made for divers, it is still suitable for formal and non-formal apparel. The apparel you wear dictates what strap material you should choose. For instance, choose the metal strap if you want to wear the watch with your casual outfit. On the other hand, if you want to wear this watch with your formal gear, select the leather one. An important factor when buying a watch is its durability. After all, no person would want to keep replacing their watch. Luckily, you will not have to replace any cracked glass with this watch's hard case. Besides glasses breaking, sometimes watches stop running. Fortunately, this watch has enough jewels to prevent that from happening.

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