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A Closer Look at Bell & Ross Limited-Edition BR 03-94 Multimeter Watch

Bell & Ross Limited-Edition BR 03-94 Multimeter Watch

Bell & Ross is a relatively young watch company formed in 1992. Two friends worked together on a project at university, creating the Bell & Ross company as a result. Carlos A. Rosillo and Bruno Belamich launched the enterprise in 1992. Their passion for aviation led them to enlist the expert opinions of professional pilots to create models that are functional tools for pilots and attractive as fashion accessories. Bell & Ross render careful attention to detail of their most recent masterpiece called the Limited Edition BR 03-94 Multimeter Watch. The Multimeter hinges on the technicalities one would expect in a professional aviator's watch, but this model is geared toward athletes. It employs the same principles of functionality and applies them to a different theme. The Multimeter offers functions that health track health data during exercise. It's with pleasure that we examine its intricacies with a closer look and a discussion of its finer points.

The Bell & Ross Limited Edition BR-03-94 Multimeter Watch at first glance

The BR-03-94 Multimeter is a timepiece that initially looks like a modern smartwatch with its black case and brightly colored dial. A closer look reveals that there are no digital readouts. Instead, the black background sets the backstage for several running circles and half-circles. They arc gracefully from the inside of the dial to its center. A second look helps us understand why the designers named it a Multimeter. Each of the arcs represents the readings of a multi-scale chronograph in graphic form. Its aesthetic puts one in mind of a useful multi-purpose tool, which was the goal. Bell & Ross is passionate about delivering quality pilot watches with all the readings necessary to enhance safety at a glance. In the same spirit, this timepiece focuses on athletes' needs. The data is laid out simply and stylistically. The first impression is that it's a complicated timepiece. While that's true, the movement is the most complex part. After you get used to the dial features, it's easy to read and understand.

A closer look at the Bell & Ross Limited Edition BR 03-94 Multimeter Watch

The Multimeter's dial is the most interesting feature with a black background with tan, white, light green, yellow, and orange arcs representing the functions, tachymeters one through three, asththmometer, pulsometer, scale, and base function unit. The day is offset at the 1 o'clock position in a round window. The case is shared by other Bell & Ross models. It's matte black ceramic with a 42 mm diameter and a 12.8 mm thick. It has a chamfered bezel with a rounded square shape. It's styled in the likeness of a cockpit gauge, as other Bell & Ross watches. It's their signature feature. Long pushers for the chronograph function sit on either side of the crown. The hour and minute hands are treated with SuperLumiNova for legibility in low light conditions. The dial is protected with a sapphire crystal lens with an anti-reflective coating.

Other features

The watch is affixed to the wrist via a perforated black rubber strap with black synthetic fabric. It fastens with a pin buckle of steel with black PVD for the finish. Uncrate reveals that the movement is an automatic Caliber 301 mechanical. the functions include hours, minutes, small seconds, and date. Other complications are the chronograph with a 30-minute counter, central chronograph seconds, tachymeter, pulsometer, and asthometer indicated in different colored rings. Bell & Ross successfully combined a series of wonderful complications in a watch that provides multiple tools for monitoring health functions while simultaneously telling the time and date.

Reading the dial

Hypebeast explains that the Pulsometer scale measures the wearer's pulse, the Ashmometer measures the number of breaths taken per minute and the tachymeter readings offer three scales for running driving and cycling. Five colors distinguish the concentric scales for differentiation at a glance. A Blog To Watch further notes that the scales are ideal tools for athletes with calibration suitable for runners and cyclists, moving away from the traditional sequence with three scales in a legible format thanks to the color differences. Their bright graphics make it easier to read the data, delivering useful information on an attractive dial.

Pricing and availability

Bell & Ross offers the Bell & Ross Limited Edition BR-03-94 Multimeter watch for pre-order on the official website. Interested parties may contact the watchmaker to pre-order the timepiece, which is slated for release on June 22, 2022. The price is $5,800 per piece. It's worth noting that this is a limited edition with just 500 copies for distribution throughout the world.

Final thoughts

The Bell & Ross Limited Edition BR 03-94 Multimeter Watch is destined to become a collector's piece from the moment of its release. The limited number of 500 pieces in the collection makes it a rare watch. It's a mechanical version of the modern smartwatch without digital trappings. Bell & Ross has taken the concept of health monitoring to a new level with its new mechanical fitness timepiece. It's an eye-catching piece that can be confusing at first glance. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear what the concentric circles on the multi-color dial represent. The Bell & Ross Multimeter is a fascinating timepiece that may present a slight learning curve. When you master the system, the tool provides the date, time, and data to support fitness programs. The wearer won't need to use the internet or phone apps to retrieve information. The Multimeter's brilliant design eliminates the need for a tiny computer hidden in its mechanical movement. The Bell & Ross Limited Edition BR 03-94 Multimeter Watch is an exceptional example of form and function with its unique aesthetics and use of graphics and color. One of our favorite features is the chamfered bezel. It's a tiny detail that makes an impression visually, showing the attention the makers paid to the smallest details. Our take on the new watch is that it's a work of brilliance and innovation in watchmaking. We expect news of the pending release to limit the number of watches that make it to the stockroom.

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