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A Closer Look at The Citizen Eco-Drive HAKUTO-R Collaboration Satellite Wave GPS Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive HAKUTO-R Collaboration Satellite Wave GPS Watch

Citizen began the use of its proprietary Super Titanium alloy, created in-house, for the private lunar exploration program Hakuto-R. The collaboration started in 2019 when it served as a component in the construction of the landing equipment. The alloy is super-hardened on the surface with superior characteristics over standard stainless steel that lightens the weight by 40% and makes it five times harder. It's a metal that is ideal for wristwatches and space exploration equipment. The brand applied it to a new collection of watches in its Eco-Drive Hakuto-R collaboration Satellite Wave GPS Watch, now available through the manufacturer and select vendors, if you can still find them.

Background of the Citizen Eco-Drive Hakuto-R Collaboration Satellite Wave GPS Watch

A Blog To Watch reports that two Ciplanned lunar missions are set to launch early in the Winter of 2022. In addition to providing the program with the SuperTitanium alloy, Citizen also produced three limited edition watches in celebration of the exploration missions. Two of the three watches in the collection emerged in 2021 with the third limited edition making its debut with a newly developed recrystallized titanium alloy. Citizen is proud to report the Eco-Drive represents its efforts to create sustainable manufacturing processes to do its part to preserve the health of the planet.

A closer look at the Citizen Eco-Drive Hakuto-R Collaboration Satellite Wave GPS Watch

The latest edition of the Citizen Hakuto-R family features a case made of Super Titanium with a coating of Black Duratec, aka DLC. It's 44.3 mm wide. The shape of the case maintains the DNA of the original Satellite Wave GPS family with thick pushers around the crown and short angular lugs. the bezel features the names of 27 cities, encircling the curved sapphire crystal lens that protects the dial and the movement beneath. It's a world-timer with GPS timekeeping for accuracy and multifunctions. The dial features a pattern similar to the titanium crystals seen on the bracelet and bezel. Citizen's design team artistically raised some components while recessing others to create a sense of depth on the dial which makes it highly legible. Slight transparency in the daily allows light to pass through to feed the solar panels below the surface. The monochromatic aesthetic of the dial creates an air of sophistication. Each example in this collection has a uniqueness that separates one from the other. No two watches are identical because of the production method for creating the Super Titanium materials The crystallization patterns feature a look reminiscent of a mix of meteor fragments and forged carbon composite material. The case back is worth viewing with its Super Titanium construction and engravement of the Hakuto R lunar lander diagram.

The movement

The Citizen Eco-Drive Hakuto-R Satellite Wave GPS watch gets its power from a caliber F950 Eco-Drive movement. It's a solar-powered Eco-Drive quartz movement that generates power through any ambient light source. It's an advanced movement that features a chronograph, dual time zone display, perpetual calendar, alarm, daylight savings time, satellite GPS timekeeping, and world time for 27 cities.

Other facts about the Watch

The bracelet is Super Titanium with a finish of deep black DLC. The center links feature a unique pattern created by the recrystallized process in making the titanium which lends an effect that is nearly two tones.

Pricing and availability

The Citizen Eco-Drive Hakuto-R Satellite Wave GPS watch is listed on the official Citizen website for a retail price of $3,500. This version is the new limited edition exclusive model #CC4044-53E. Only 1,000 examples are available for purchase throughout the world. As of July 7, 2022, the model is still in stock and available for purchase. That's likely to change soon Citizen Watch also offers two other members of the collection. The Hakuto-R Super Titanium #CC4016-75E, released in July of 2021 is out of stock. It sold for $3,495 with all 1,200 examples claimed. The third member of the collection #AT8185-71E sold for $2,295, is also out of stock. This example was offered in a limited quantity of 1,600 pieces. The lower price is a reflection of its H800 Eco-Drive movement with similar functions at a base level with a 42 mm wide case.

The rarity of the 2022 Citizen Eco-Drive Hakuto-R Satellite Wave GPS watch

The other two versions of watches in the collection went on sale to the public a year ago. Every example has long since sold out. They were limited editions with strict production runs of 1,200 and 1,600, respectively. The new modern version has a few additions and tweaks that complete the trio as fine collectibles in the series. The most recent member of the family is part of a production run of a mere 1,000 pieces.

Final thoughts

Given the popularity of last year's Hakuto-R watches, the 2022 edition is the rarest and most highly desirable of the three. They won't last long. We suspect that hard-core collectors will vie to obtain the third piece to complete their collections of this magnificent space-age timepiece, made of materials that offer superior hardness with a lighter and more comfortable fit on the wrist. It's a brilliant example of how technologies have advanced to create metal alloys capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. The Hakuto-R will hold up under adversity, but there's more. Its most attractive features are the complex complications of the movement that create a high-functioning wristwatch that offers dual time zones in material that is processed to develop one-of-a-kind examples because of the formation process of the materials. No two are exactly alike, although they share the same DNA. It's exciting to see the progress made in modern horology techniques. They keep getting better each year. Citizen gets kudos for its new alloy that has impactful applications across multiple industries. We're seeing history made before our eyes.

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