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The 10 Best Mickey Mouse Watches Money Can Buy

2021 Citizen Mickey Crystal (FE7044-52W)

When Mickey Mouse first made his feature film debut "Steamboat Willie" on November 18, 1928, was Walt Disney aware at the time this would become the most beloved cartoon character of all time around the world? Over the years, as Mickey Mouse evolves into the global icon he is today, the entire World of Disney grew with him as together they played their role as the leaders of pop culture. What makes pop culture into what it is bases itself on the fan appeal that makes a product become what is best known as a cult classic. In the case of Mickey Mouse, calling this cartoon character a cult classic is an understatement.

Merchandising Machine

With Mickey Mouse less than a decade away from reaching his own centennial celebration, the surge of products coming from the Disney franchise will likely manifest even more so than it has already. One such product includes wristwatches. Like all merchandise, there are some that are made with high-end quality materials for the discerning enthusiast as well as cheaper designs for the more frugal. Whatever the budget is, there is a Mickey Mouse watch designed for everyone who happens to be a fan of this iconic character.

2019 Citizen Mickey Mouse (GA1056-54W)

10. 2019 Citizen Mickey Mouse (GA1056-54W)

Despite this particular Citizen Mickey Mouse watch being a 2019 model, it's still with its weight in gold, or in this case, stainless steel with the rose gold finish. The case measures 29.5 millimeters in diameter and is 7.3 millimeters thick. The 15.8 millimeter-width wristband and the stationary bezel are also made of stainless steel. This sleek watch features a movement that runs on Quartz solar and has a water resistance depth of 100 feet. Designed to be eco-friendly, this watch is powered by light, not by battery, so there is no need to wind up the watch in order to keep it functional. Currently, this 2019 Citizen Mickey Mouse watch is retailed at $342.00 USD.

Invicta 30833 Disney Mickey Mouse SteelGold Limited Edition Men’s Watch

9. Invicta 30833 Disney Mickey Mouse Steel/Gold Limited Edition Men’s Watch

Instead of numbers, each hour on this limited edition watch features a classic image of Mickey Mouse. The case of this Heritage 1928 Collection watch measures 45 millimeters in diameter and its gold-linked band's width is 25 millimeters. The Quartz movement of this watch is every bit as smooth as the golden seconds' dial that rotates around the face of the watch. The hour's hand is white with black trim and the minute's hand is white with red trim, both adding that little extra color to an already brilliantly designed watch. The average price tag for the Invicta 30833 Disney Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Men's Watch sits at $240.00 USD.

2013 Ewatch Factory Disney Women's W000487 Mickey Mouse Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

8. 2013 Ewatch Factory Disney Women's W000487 Mickey Mouse Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Valued at $100 USD, this slim watch by Ewatch Factory features a stainless steel case measuring 26.2 millimeters and 10.2 millimeters thick. Also in stainless steel is the 16-millimeter thick strap. The dial color is white and the Quartz movement and the watch has a water resistance rating of 99 feet. While the Ewatch brand may not be as well known as the likes of Citizen and Invicta, part of the appeal is going with an independent brand where your money may be going more towards the quality of the product itself and not the brand's name.

Invicta Disney Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Men's Watch - 47mm, Gold (27405)

7. Invicta Disney Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Men's Watch - 47mm, Gold (27405)

The Invicta dial colors involved with this Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Men's Watch are black, gunmetal, and silver with a gold-tone stainless steel casing and strap design. The case measures 47 millimeters in diameter and the strap's width is 22 millimeters. The chronograph lasts twelve hours has a Quartz movement type with Swiss components. The luminous white really stands out from the black face of the watch that features the image of Mickey Mouse. The brilliance of the yellow also adds more character to a watch that originally sold at $429.00 USD upon its release.

Disney x Gucci Grip watch, 40mm

6. Disney x Gucci Grip watch, 40mm

At $2,295.00 USD, the streamlined design going into this Mickey Mouse inspired Gucci Watch comes from the world of skateboarding with its grip feature. Presented in a larger silhouette, the playful image of Mickey Mouse at the bottom compliments the case of this watch. The steel bracelet allows the wrist size to measure from 4.7 inches to 7.8 inches. The steel case is with anthracite and yellow gold PVD dials that indicate the hours and minutes. The glass is made with antireflective coated sapphire and the watch has a water depth tolerance of 100 feet.

Invicta Men's Disney Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap, Gold, 26

5. Invicta Men's Disney Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap, Gold, 26 (Model: 35072)

The goldtone of this stainless steel watch features a black-faced watch with the back of Mickey Mouse turned towards you in what truly is an elegant design. The silhouette of the most famous Walt Disney character seems to be what the main Mickey Mouse image is looking upon as if appreciating the artwork with you. The watch's hands and hour placements are white with a gold-tone and the seconds are red. The diameter of the case is 5.2 centimeters while its thickness is 18.75 millimeters. The width of the band is 26 millimeters and the dial window features a flame fusion material. This watch has been known to sell for $138.00 USD on average.

2019 Citizen Mickey Mouse (FE7060-05W)

4. 2019 Citizen Mickey Mouse (FE7060-05W)

This calfskin leather strap to this 2019 timepiece is black on the outside, red on the inside. The face of the watch features two black and white images of Mickey Mouse, one of which is winking back at you. The polished stainless steel case measures 40 millimeters in diameter and 7 millimeters thick. Considered as a women's standard watch due to its strap width of 14 millimeters, this slick watch can be worn by anybody during any occasion. The eco-drive technology also makes this watch simply rely on light as a power source, which means there is no winding of a battery involved. Currently, this particular model of watch typically sells for $200.00 USD.

2019 Citizen Eco-Drive® Mickey Mouse Moon Phase Rose-Tone Strap Watch with White Dial

3. 2019 Citizen Eco-Drive® Mickey Mouse Moon Phase Rose-Tone Strap Watch with White Dial (Model: AP1053-15W)

Featuring a 43-millimeter case made from rose-toned stainless steel is this black leather strapped watch with push-button deployment. The white dial and subtle starry pattern feature an analog display of monthly, day, date, and moon phase displaying above the image of Mickey Mouse. The eco-drive technology enables this watch to maintain its power by using light instead of a standard watch battery to keep it functional. The water resistance level of this watch is 164 feet. On average, this particular watch currently sells for $340.00 USD.

2017 Invicta Men's Disney Limited Edition Quartz Watch with Two-Tone-Stainless-Steel Strap, 26

2. 2017 Invicta Men's Disney Limited Edition Quartz Watch with Two-Tone-Stainless-Steel Strap, 26 (Model: 23769)

Featuring a blue dial with the brilliant image of Mickey Mouse and chronograph functions with 24-hour, 60-second, and 60-minute sub-dials and date display is this limited edition two-tone stainless steel watch. The 43-millimeter diameter of this watch's case is also 17-millimeter thick and holds a water resistance depth of 660 feet. The band's size is 11 inches with its width at 26 millimeters. The dial window material is made from synthetic sapphire and the bezel is made from stainless steel. The price of this watch typically fetches around $130 USD.

2021 Citizen Mickey Crystal (FE7044-52W)

1. 2021 Citizen Mickey Crystal (FE7044-52W)

Brilliantly displayed on the face of this timepiece is the classic image of Mickey Mouse who seems to be brushing his own finishing touch to the numerals. The case of the 2021 Citizen Mickey Crystal wristwatch is made from brushed and polished stainless steel and measures in diameter 36 millimeters. The matching strap is also made of stainless steel, as is the deployment buckle. This watch also features an eco-driven movement, which means any source of light is what powers up the watch so that there is no winding up of a battery. The glass protecting the case allows a water resistance of 165 feet. On average, this particular watch sells for $215.00 USD.

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