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The Seven Finest Moritz Grossmann Watches to Buy Right Now

Founded in the late nineteenth century, the watch-making company, Moritz Grossmann, opened and began to make fine watches in a small town in the Ore Mountains. Moritz learned the craft of watchmaking from a good friend, Gottfried Friedrich Kumme, while also studying horology and traveling to other countries and studying abroad in places like Sweden, England and Denmark, where he learned the latest secrets about the fine art of creating timepieces. He created machine-tools that were necessary pieces of machinery that helped him with the creations of  pocket-watches, pendulum-watches and chronometers. Moritz was well-known for his lectures, articles and essays about watchmaking. He eventually he opened a German horology school in Glaschutte in 1885, one of the last, biggest marks he'd leave behind in the field of fine watch-making before he died in 1878. Moritz Grossmann Company began in 2008, started by Christine Hatter, and she continues the tradition of fine watch-making, combining old-world charm and horology traditions with modern technology to create unique timepieces.

Here are seven of the finest Moritz Grossmann watches of all time.

Benu Tourbillon White Gold 

One of the most memorable and impressive complicated watches of any brand, the Benu Tourbillon is a mixture of class and complication that reveals the tourbillon cage through an aperture that is situated at the six o'clock mark, however, this design was discovered to interrupt the minute track, so the manufacturer thoughtfully added a minute scale from '25-'35 right between the sub dials. This was ingenious, as it allows the correct minute to be read as the minute hand passes along the lower end of the dial. Moritz Grossmann uses their traditional, elegant Moritz Grossmann hands; fluid-shaped, three dimensional hands with a purple-hue that are all created in-house over a four-day period.

The movement uses Grossmann's heavyweight balances and winders. The winder on the Benu is located next to the crown and operates to restart the movement when the crown is pulled out for resetting the time. As if all the detail Moritz Grossmann uses isn't enough, 20-25 human hair is used to stop the oscillating balancing wheel and 245 hand-finished components in all are used to create this magnificent, and delightfully elegant men's watch with a white gold case and bezel and sapphire glass.

Moritz Grossmann Benu 41 Power Reserve Grey Dial

This is a self-winding watch with white gold case that measures 41 mm. The perfect men's watch that embraces masculinity in a sleek, classy look. The white gold case houses a black dial and sapphire glass. You'll also find a small, second display back with luminescent hands and a 41 hour power reserve. The bezel is constructed of steel with a steel folding clasp and comes with an elegant leather strap.  All of Mortiz Grossmann's watches exhibit the same quality that the company was founded on. Te Benu is a prime example of the care and experience used for the brand that make this line of timepieces so exquisite  and why watch enthusiasts continue to find Mortiz Grossmann one of the finest watchmakers worldwide. The Benu 41 Power Reserve Grey Dial watch is a well loved piece due to it's luxurious simplicity and timeless appeal.

Moritz Grossmann Benu ATUM WEISSGOLD

This watch was designed with a 100.1 manually wound movement that is adjustable to five positions. One hundred and ninety-eight parts were used in constructing this watch and 20 jewels with 3 of which are in screwed gold chatons. The balance diameter is 14.2 mm and gives a frequency of 18,000 semi-oscillations per minute. The case and bezel are constructed of white gold and with a sapphire case and hand-crafted hands. The watch is attached to a beautifully designed brown, crocodile leather strap with a buckle clasp. For a simplistic look on your wrist, you can't go wrong with this beautifully designed Mortitz Grossmann Benu ATUM WEISSGOLD watch that has proven to be one of their all-time finest watches. This watch sells for $32,563.

Atum Power Reserve Platinum

This is a pure, aesthetically looking watch with a clear and concise appearance. The bi-colored bar-shaped display and the handcrafted, sculpted lancet shaped hands add such a crisp, sharp touch to the dial. Elegance is the perfect description for this man's timepiece, designed for those who do not like overstated watches that are busy and complicated. On the side of the bezel is the pusher, right next to the crown, which is Grossmann signature design for the winder. The case was designed with 750/000 white gold and a manufacturer 100.2 caliber manually wound movement that is adjusted in 5 positions. The number of parts for this watch is 227 while the number of jewels is 26. You will get a full 42 hours of reserve time when fully wound, and its functions include, hours, seconds and subsidiary seconds with stop seconds. This is one of Grossmann's top watches of all time and it sells for an upward amount of $38,000.

Moritz Grossmann Tefnut Pure Steel

The Tefnut Pure Steel timepiece is pure elegance. Designed with gold hour markers long with convex numerals at 6 and 12, and handcrafted hands and a slender gold case, this watch is one of Moritz Grossman's finest and one that can be worn for dress or casual. Grossmann constructed the Tefnut Pure Steel with 150 pieces and a manufacturer 102.0 caliber, manually wound movement. This time piece required 26 jewels and a shock resistant Grossmann balance was used with 4 inertia, which gives it precise time keeping. The Tefnut allows for a 48 hour reserve when fully wound. The hand-stitched alligator strap gives the watch its rich elegance that gives it its versatile appeal for any occasion. Men find this to be a very comfortable watch to wear; not heavy or bulky and fits on just about any size wrist.

Moritz Grossmann Tefnut Lady Rose Gold

Tefnut is the Egyptian and the first offspring of Atum, which is where the concept of this design hails from. Although it is an elegant watch, the basis of this timepiece is classic. It was designed to be more functional and practical serious matters and wear - the perfect timepiece for that business meeting or work-related occasion. Some of the Tefnut Lady's most prominent features include, a fluted crown, elegantly tapered lugs, and a slightly cambered sapphire crystal. Arabic numerals were placed at the 6 and 12 o'clock stations and the dial was designed in either argente or charcoal. The caliber of movement used for this watch is the 102 caliber with a 3/5 plate movement. You can't get any classier for women than the Moritz Grossmann Tefnut Lady Rose Gold watch, and it remains one of the company's finest watches of all time.

Mortiz Grossmann Atum Steel Blue Dial

The Mortiz Grossmann Atum Steel Blue Dial remains one of Grossmann's finest watches of all time despite the simplicity and classic look of the piece, which is exactly what the company strived for. It is well constructed and powered with the top-of-the-line movement to ensure accuracy and reliability. This is a hand-wound watch that when the crown is pulled to re-set the time, the seconds automatically stop. The button at 4 o'clock must be pushed in order for the seconds to begin movement again. The purpose of this maneuver is for the watch to keep better time, one of Grossmann's ingenious ideas for precise time-keeping. A 201.1 caliber was used for this watch and clear white sapphires were used for the jewel bearings. Although the movement is clearly an attractive feature for this watch, the finish itself is quite simplistic and plain. Lacquered brass was used for the dial and the markers are stainless steel batons that were meticulously cut with a diamond-tipped drill. Mortiz Grossman includes his signature name logo under the 12 o'clock hour and attached a beautifully designed leather band for a sharp and elegant look. This is one watch that remains at the top of the list for one of Grossmann's finest watches of all time.

Mortiz Grossmann has kept true to the company's authentic look and mechanics and has brought the look and feel of old world together with today's modernized technology for the perfect combination in timepieces. No matter which watch you purchase from the Mortiz Grossmann lineup, you can't go wrong as far as craftsmanship, durability and quality. With a select number of fine watchmakers globally, Mortiz Grossmann has earned his name as a fine watchmaker with his impeccable skill and craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation-to-generation and continues to impress the most knowledgeable in the watch industry.

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