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A Closer Look at The Norquain Independence 22 Skeleton Watch

NORQAIN Independence 22 Skeleton Watch

Norqain is known for its release of annual limited-edition models of the Independence. It's a new tradition started in 2019, adding one more member to the collection with its COSC certification, but when the limited numbers are purchased, the option the buy a new Independence is gone. The watchmaker is about to change that and make the releases available in larger quantities as needed. The most recent version of the Independence is the 22 Skeleton Watch, and Norqain confirmed it's a model that will be around a while.

The Norqain Independence 22 Skeleton Watch at a glance

The first thing you notice about the Independence 22 Skeleton Watch is the open skeletonization of the dial. It has a clean aesthetic with a clear view of the inner workings of the movement beneath through its clear crystal cover. The branding and applied time indices appear to float over the mechanisms, giving it an interesting sense of depth and dimension. The 2022 edition of the Independence follows its first open-worked dial released the previous year, and it takes the styling up a notch in luxury and sophistication. Fratello Watches points out a few of the finer points that stand out at a glance. The elongated crown protectors are incorporated into the crown for a unique appearance that sets this version of the Independence apart. It shows the watchmaker's obsession with the small details that add up to a brilliant execution of sophisticated yet simple styling that offers a complexity that doesn't overwhelm.

A closer look at the Norqain Independence 22 Skeleton Watch

Continuing with our inspection of the new Independence 22 Skeleton Watch, we observe the finer details likely to appeal to collectors. Fans of the brand and collection must know that the initial release will consist of 300 pieces, but the sold-out stock will trigger a new release to fully satisfy the demands of the public. Based on previous sales of Norqain's releases it's likely that there will be a few more production runs. While the rarity of the individual examples will suffer from the ample supply, the quality remains with an inherent value not based on scarcity.


Monochrome leads us through a closer look at the specifications and details of the new Independence 22 Skeleton. It's a sporty timepiece featuring a machined case of premium 316L stainless steel in a width of 41 mm and a depth of 11.8 mm with a combination of sandblasting, polish, and brushed finishes for the nuances of fine detailing. The combined design features with elongated crown guards and recessed areas near the lugs create more depth and visual novelty. To the left of the case's side is a mirror-polished plaque that is screwed in. You'd only notice it if you were looking for it, but it's a detail worth mentioning that shows thought was given to the design elements. The sapphire crystals on the front and back allow for an unimpeded view of the movement. The dial features faceted indices treated with Super LumiNova for exceptional illumination in low light conditions. You can read the time day or night. We love the detailed white-on-black chapter right that connects to the indices with the sloped flange with a 5-minute scale that frames it. Norqain skeletonized the central hour and minute hands and outlined the central second's hand in red, giving it a triangular tip with Super LumiNova.

The movement

The Independence 22 Skeleton watch gets its power from a caliber NN08S, a Swiss movement. It's an upgraded version of the Sellita SW 200-1S model. It features an automatic, skeletonized styling, COSC chronometer certification, and a ruthenium finish. The movement beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour with a 38-hour power reserve. Functions include central hours, minutes, seconds, and power reserve.


A Blog to Watch staff appreciates the quality of the C1 type Super-LumiNova treatment that provides bright illumination of the time display in the darkness. Norqaiin removed extraneous design elements to provide the best possible view of the mechanical movement through the front and back. They point out that the movement features enhanced shock resistance, which has been an issue with some other skeletonized movements, with secured mounting points and connecting arms that blend in with the design scheme. It's a stronger and more durable skeletonized movement that watch enthusiasts can appreciate.

Other facts about the Norqain Independence 22 Skeleton Watch

The crown is knurled with a screw-down styling, also featuring 316L stainless steel material. The bracelet matches the case in stainless steel link styling with alternations of brushed and polished links and folding clasp closure for security. This watch is water-resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet. The price is CHF 3,790, or USD 3,959.57.

Final thoughts

Norqain has been in business for four years but you wouldn't know it's a newcomer by its reputation. It's holding its own in the market with many of the older brands. The Swiss luxury watchmaker established a solid presence in the watchmaking community with its attractive and durable timepieces. Each example comes at an arguably reasonable cost compared with the quality. The Independence collection is already on the radar of collectors who faithfully buy out the annual releases. The changes in Norqain's business model will make the latest edition available to everyone who wants it. The previous release sold out the day of its release, and although it could happen with the new Independence 22 Skeleton watch, the brand has assured us all that they will launch multiple production runs to ensure that everyone has a chance at ownership. The news is welcome to those who missed out on previous Independence editions. You may not be quick enough to get in on the first few production runs unless you take the time to vie for the fast-moving merchandise and are among the first in line, but you are assured to have your chance this time around. We can hold Norqain to its promise.

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