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A Closer Look at the $50 Casio Duro Dive Watch

$50 Casio Duro Dive Watch

Casio has emerged as one of the leading brands in affordable wristwatches. Casio Watches is known for delivering durably constructed timepieces in a host of models and variants that practically it has something for everyone. The watchmaker has designed its share of more expensive watches but it also maintains a lineup of affordable examples that represent a good value for what they provide. The $50 Casio Duro Dive watch is one such example that deserves a closer look and examination to understand its merits.

Casio style and innovation

According to Hodinkee, The Duro MDV 106-1A has emerged as one of the most affordable diving watches on the market today. It's almost unheard of to obtain a diver's watch for this price. Knowing Casio's commitment to durability and quality, piqued our interest to delve further into the features of the timepiece to learn more about the materials, construction, and overall value. The Duro Dive is one of the best-selling models on the internet and since its release in 2011, over 600,000 versions of the watch have been sold throughout the world. The model has even curried the favor of the likes of billionaire Bill Gates.

The making of a classic

The Casio Duro Dive has been around for a decade as of 2021. It's become a go-to for consumers in search of a divers' watch at a low price. The Duro Dive has become one of Casio's classic models and the interest in the watch is as high today as when it was first released. Some Casio fans who love water sports have designated it as their go-to. It has a classic round case shape with a simple layout that is made for telling the time and doing so at a glance. The dial is laid out simply without any surprises or major distractions. The only thing we didn't like about this Dive watch is the ultra-thin sweeping second's hand. It's brightly colored in red, which is a plus, but its needle design is so thin that it's hard to see in low light conditions as it hasn't received the same luminous treatment as the luminous-filled chunky hour and minute hands. The thickness of the hands makes them hard to miss in any type of lighting.

Specifications of the Casio Duro Dive watch

Wristocracy goes into the finer details of the Casio Duro Dive in its review. We start with a look at the dial of the MDV106. The background is delivered with a black reflective background with a date display at 3 o'clock, the Casio logo beneath the 12 o'clock hour marker with the brand name, and large dot indices that are impossible to miss. The face is clean without non-essential adornments. The chunky hands are white, to match the indices with a red seconds hand. The elements contrast so nicely with white on black that it's highly legible at a glance. The luminous treatment that is applied to the hour markers, hands, and indices isn't that bright but it gets the job done for seeing the time in low-lighted environments. They glow nicely against the reflective black background. The case is made of stainless steel material in black with a resin band and an anti-reverse, unidirectional bezel. The thickness of the case is 12 mm with a width of 44mm for a chunky profile, the usual for a divers' watch. The lugs are spaced at 22mm apart. The straps and bracelets are interchangeable which opens up an array of options for matching your attire on any given day. The case back is solid, also made of stainless steel with a brushed finish and fairly intricate engraving. The dial is protected by a shatter-resistant mineral crystal.

The movement

The movement that powers the Casio Duro is an in-house stock quartz module 2784. It's a battery-powered mechanism that provides quartz precision timekeeping that is seen in many higher-priced watches. The watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters of 660 feet for a professional level for divers and swimmers.

Pricing and availability

According to Casio's official website, the price of this classic has risen to $69.95. It's still a steal for under $70, but some other vendors offer brand new Duro Dive models at a lower price range that starts at $52.95. It depends on where you shop. the Casio Duro Dive Watch has been available since it made its debut in 2011. It's one of the staples of the brand that has become a classic. You can find them on the official Casio website as well as in a variety of other places.

Final thoughts

Casio secured its place in the hearts of water enthusiasts who are not looking for a Rolex or other similar high-end watch to wear during their aquatic activities. The Casio Duro Dive is a reasonably priced watch that delivers on the necessities of time telling with a simple layout and design that doesn't get in the way of the practicalities. It's an attractive watch that accommodates a variety of different straps and bracelets, for changing up its aesthetic. The black theme with white accents makes it a neutral colorway that is suitable for nearly any outfit one would wear. It's best suited for larger wrists because of its thick profile and 44mm width. The Duro Dive has become a classic of the brand and it continues to be one of the most affordable dive watches on the market today. It's been around for a while and it's one of those models that people come to depend on. Casio has maintained its same standards of quality with a durable stainless steel case and a water resistance of 660 feet. It's almost hard to believe that you can still find a quality diver with precision timekeeping at the budget pricing Casio maintains.

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