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A Closer Look at the Vacheron Constantin's Traditionnelle Complete Calendar Watch

Vacheron Constantin's Traditionnelle Complete Calendar Watch

A new Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Complete Calendar watch will never need the moon phase adjusted in your lifetime. It's one of the exotic features of this complicated timepiece that makes it stand out as unique in the sea of luxury moon phase wristwatches. The luxury watch brand has followed up with its initial 2018 release of the Traditionnelle Complete Calendar with a new variant in white gold that adds to the previous versions in yellow gold and pink gold. The youngest member of the family is worthy of a closer look.

History of the Traditionnelle Complete Calendar collection

Vacheron Constantin introduced the first of three Traditionnelle Complete Calendar watch at the beginning of a new collection in 2018, stirring a fair amount of excitement among watch enthusiasts. The pink gold version made its debut in 2020, now the trifecta is complete with the latest version in 18k white gold joining the collection in 2021, according to the Robb Report, It's a brand new model with Reference number 4010T/000G-B740, adding one more option for metal preference. If you're not familiar with the Traditionnelle Complete Calendar Collection, it's one that serious watch collectors won't want to overlook.

The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Complete Calendar Watch at a glance

The most outstanding innovation of the Traditionnelle Complete Calendar is its moon phase complication. The indicator requires just one adjustment to be made every 122 years. Another feature we love is the customization offered through Vacheron Constantine. You may order your selection in the band of your choice. The latest model is causing quite a stir in the watch community with a great deal of attention and press. Hodinkee joined the Robb Report in becoming among the first to offer their views on the timepiece. They're careful to point out that Vacheron Constantin has a history of producing complete calendar and triple calendar complications. Still, the moon phase is a new complicate not previously added until the development of the Traditionnelle Complete Calendar collection. The white gold variant offers an elevated sense of sophistication with its monotone theme, which is in line with the mark of success in business for those invested in nuance in formal business attire.

A closer look at the Traditionnelle Complete Calendar

For the specifications, we went straight to the source at Vacheron Constantin. The case is made with 18k white gold and measures 41 mm in width and 10.72 mm in depth with a classic round shape with a fluted design. The case back is covered with sapphire crystal to present an exhibit of the intricate workings of the movement beneath.

The dial

The dial should be celebrated for the symmetrical layout that makes it highly legible. The background is slate gray, providing an exceptional base for the white gold hour markers that show up nicely in contrast. The hands are dauphine style, also in white gold, with a thin needle seconds hand. The Railway minute track lies in the outer portion of the dial. Month and day windows are placed around the rim with a dedicated pointer for quick reference. The moon phase indicator sits at the 6 o'clock position.

The movement

The Traditionnelle Complete Calendar Watch in White Gold is powered via the brand's in-house automatic movement. It's titled the caliber 2460 QCL/1, which runs at 4 Hz with 28,800 vibrations per hour. This is a triple calendar movement with the addition of a high-precision moon phase. The movement in totality measures 29 mm wide and 5.40 mm deep with additional thickness due to the extra complication. The functions of the movement include hours, minutes, seconds, moon phase, and triple date.

Other facts about the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Complete Calendar in 18k white gold

The new addition to the Traditionnelle Complete Calendar collection is also anti-magnetic and is water-resistant up to 3 bar, or 30 meters. The bracelet is made of genuine Mississippiensis alligator in black. The strap closure is an ardillon buckle made of 18k white gold to match the case. You can also customize the band to suit your personal tastes and preferences.

Price and availability

The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Complete Calendar Watch in 18k white gold has taken its place beside its siblings, the examples in pink gold and yellow gold. This version is the more sophisticated and staunch of the three, with the others offering a bit more fun and playfulness with the colored precious metals. The price of each of the white gold variants is set at $41,300 with others in the price range up to $47,900.

Final thoughts

We were a bit surprised at the moderate pricing of this high-end complicated timepiece. We imagine that there are quite a few Vacheron Constantin fans who were looking forward to a new release to complete their collection. For those with an interest in adding one more piece to the collection, VC also offers a limited-edition Collection Excellence Platine version. The specifications are all the same as the other three, but the metal is 950 platinum and the price goes up to $71,500.It's been an exciting year for watch enthusiasts. Vacheron Constantin dropped the latest variant in its still-new Traditionnelle Complete Calendar collection with an 18k white gold version with a black alligator strap. This seems to add a bit of balance to the collection as the other two lovely examples are so dressy with their precious metals in yellow and pink that a more austere member of the family was needed to bring balance. It's a welcome addition with an extreme level of sophistication with its slate gray dial and monochrome theme. It's the ideal timepiece for success and power dressing.

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