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The Bovet 19Thirty: Wristwatch Eyeing the Pocket Watch


Pocket watches are not as outdated as you may think. In fact, they are making a fashion statement under the brand name Bovet 19Thirty. They have, however, made incredible upgrades and formed a classy blend with wrist watches. That’s right! Bovet has done the unprecedented and produced the ideal blend of a wrist watch and pocket watch: the Bovet 19Thirty. The Bovet 19Thirty is outright expensive, and some may find it even eccentric, but it is nevertheless elegant and classy to say the least. Here is everything you need to know about this revolutionary watch.

A Brief History

1930 is considered as they year when a majority of the people switched from pocket watches to wrist besides, the unique name adds a touch of elegance to the classic time piece. The Bovet 19Thirty was launched in an exclusive venue in London by Bovet’s CEO, Pascal Raffy. The venue, Asprey, is known for its collection of exclusive and mostly expensive watches that fit the category of Bovet 19Thirty. Although the launch was not widely publicized (which helped in keeping the high-end watch wrapped in mystery), it was nevertheless a success.


The Bovet 19Thirty – A Choice between Two Versions

There are two versions of the Bovet 19Thirty that share certain similarities but are quite different. The first is the Bovet 19Thirty Fleurier, which comes in a bow-and-crown design at the 12 o’clock position. The second is the Bovet 19Thirty Dimier, which features a bow-and-crown design at the standard 3 o’clock position

The Bovet 19Thirty Fleurier stands out from its counterpart in that it can be worn both as a pendant (which is somewhat similar to the pocket watch’s concept) or as an ordinary wrist watch. Additionally, the bow-and-crown design on this version is positioned at the 12 o’clock position, which is a deviation from the company’s norm of the 3 o’clock position. The Bovet 19Thirty Dimier, on the other hand, can be worn only on the wrist.

The only other notable difference between the two versions is the variation in the dials. In the Bovet 19Thirty Dimier version, the hour and minute hands are anchored at the 3 o’clock position while the Fleurier version has them anchored at the 12 o’clock position.


Bovet 19Thirty Features

Other than the positions of the bow-and-crown design and manner of wearing, both versions of the Bovet 19Thirty share all other features. The features include:

Stainless Steel Cases

The cases are made of sleek and shiny stainless steel that makes the watch look not only flashy but also compact. Coupled with the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, the case ensures that the inner delicate mechanisms are always safe and intact. It also ensures that the watch will always looks as good as new many years from now.

Two Sub-dials

The Bovet 19Thirty comprises of two sub-dials for purposes of design and accuracy. One dial tells hours and minutes and the smaller one tells seconds. Asked why the company chose to include two sub-dials, Raffy said that the goal was to ensure utmost accuracy. The dub-dials come in three colors: a unique hue of blue, cold enamel ivory, and a polished black. The numerals also come in three languages: Roman, Arabic, and Chinese.

Power Reserve Indicator

For reliability, the Bovet 19Thirty features a power reserve indicator positioned at the side of the hours and minutes sub-dial. The indicator is conveniently small not to clutter the dial comes is a semi-circle shape that complements the circular sub-dials. In addition to the semi-circular power reserve, there is a semi- circular circle located right opposite the former. It does not seem to serve any purpose, but it is assumed to balance the presence of the power reserve indicator. Both semi-circles, however, are engraved with distinct French words. The power reserve features the words, “Pour servir ponctuels gentilshommes,” which translates to, “to serve a punctual gentleman.” The second semi-circle features the words, “Faictes de mains de maistres” which translates to, “Made by masterful hands.”

A Stylish Base Plate

The base of this watch is a rhodium-plated silver plate that gives a magnificent outline of the sub-dials and other features. What makes this base plate unique is that is features a cotes de Geneve circular pattern that attracts and reflects light at different intensities. This not only makes the watch all the more glamorous but also makes it fun to read time.


The Bovet 19Thirty – An Ideal Homage to the Pocket Watch

Besides the fact that the Bovet 19Thirty can be worn like a pendant (a manner very close to a pocket watch), it pays homage to the pocket watch in a very unique way. Its choice of name is symbolic of the time when pocket watches lost preference among most people. Wrist watches proved to be more convenient than pocket watches among soldiers during World War I, and they were gradually incorporated into the society where style and design was incorporated. This, coupled with the fact that the Bovet19 Thirty incorporates certain aspects of a pocket watch, serves the purpose of reminding people about the elegance of classic pocket watches. At this point, you are probably wondering, “how much does this watch cost anyway?” As you would expect, it is expensive, but considering everything that it has to offer some may find the price to be fair. The Bovet 19Thirty is currently valued at $19,300. As if that is not enough, you have to look at the most exclusive watch retailers to get one since, as most Bovet watches, it is not for everyone.


The Bovet 19Thirty is a revolutionary time piece in the watch making industry and a mark of luxury and elegance. It combines the classic design and elegance of the pocket watch with the modern wrist watch concept and incorporates astound style and design in every detail. If you are looking for luxury, style, and eccentricity, then look no further than the Bovet 19 Thirty and be ready to dig deep into your pocket.

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