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The Top Five Cabestan Watches of All-Time

Cabestan exists as a Swiss manufacturer that is one hundred percent in-house and completely independent. The popular watch-making brand is famous for its stunning, avant-garde creations that defy and redefine the contemporary metrics of the industry. Throughout history the watchmakers of this company have relied on three core principles, those being craftsmanship, innovation, and history itself. Cabestan considers these to be the lifeblood of the brand identity and the reason they have been so successful. Every timepiece that Cabestan rolls out of its doors offers a glimpse into the utter respect and dedication that goes into their making. They reveal the cultural legacy and utmost pride inherent in every creation.

As of 2003 Cabestan has been producing their signature timepieces with a regularity that has established their legitimacy as a true presence within the industry. Every piece of their creations are developed in-house and are kept traditional as follows with their tribute to horological history. The core technology that powers their timepieces relies heavily on the premises of watch-making that goes back to the 15th century, when pocket watches were still the order of the day. Cabestan has adhered closely to the tenets set forth in that long ago time, maintaining their innovative style in order to create unique and precise timepieces that are masterpieces in their own right.

5. SnakeNera

Lending an air of refinement to any who wear it, the SnakeNera allows the wearer to showcase a sense of creativity and uniqueness that allows them to stand out. While it fully embraces the values that its creator seeks to imbed in each piece, it is still able to show the standards in the same way as the other Cabestan creations. It has a familiar movement base and a lithe snake-like structure that are made completely in-house, without any outside source offering any input on the design. Each and every component of this beautiful piece is hand-finished and allows the watch to show off its wide variety of finished parts. This is not so much a watch as it is a piece of artwork. It stands as an achievement of those that are so firmly ingrained with the need to provide quality craftsmanship and a piece of the company’s history within each watch that is shipped from their site.

4. DragonNera

Much like the SnakeNera this piece is absolutely breathtaking in its level of achievement and display. It features an exceptionally well-rendered Imperial Chinese dragon that is cunningly made to fit with the traditional Lune Nera movement. This entire piece actually represents six months worth of creation and two years of development.

The craftwork in this piece is quite fetching. With the dragon being its crowning feature, this watch is a fine work of art that is only 20mm wide by 25mm long. This one feature took well over 300 hours of work to accomplish, and is a masterpiece of epic proportions that deserves a great amount of recognition.

3. Romain Jerome Titanic DNA

This particular piece is a limited edition that comprises six very unique timepieces that take inspiration from the five oceans that surround the globe. The sixth is directly inspired from the fateful shipwreck of the fabled Titanic, lending a bit of history as well as elegance to this handsome piece of artwork. For each piece of the watch there is a different tone, infusing copper, red, bronze, silver, charcoal, grey, and deep black in a stunning combination that brings a hint of the unknown and majesty based on the inspiration that made this creation possible.

What makes this watch truly special is that it is a very complex blend of materials that were salvaged from the tragic wreck and from the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, where the fabled luxury liner was first constructed nearly a century ago.

2. Ferrari

In order to reach far back into the Ferrari’s DNA, Crealuxe had to work especially close with the Ferrarir design team that is based in Marnello, Italy. It took a great deal of time, effort, and precision to create a chassis that could handle the high performance of the Casteban motor concealed inside. A great deal of inspiration was taken from the namesake of the timepiece in order to bring the necessary elements together in a way that could help to capture the intense emotion and status that is synonymous with the name of Ferrari.

Looking at the Ferrari’s namesake form, one envisions speed, aerodynamic design, precision, and perfection on a scale that brooks absolutely no mistakes. This watch is made from the same titanium alloy that is used in Ferrari Formula One race cars, and its single crystal enhances its very distinctive visual lineage that could only belong to Ferrari. Its motor is kept visible along with its large wheel, and it stylishly engraved rotary drums and carbon-fiber bridge are easy to see as well. Even its outer casing is designed to emulate the look and design of its famous namesake. Even its leather strap is made to encapsulate the feel of the leather seats of the Ferrari.

1. Trapezium

There is a great deal of respect to the origin of the brand with this model. It was originally developed from the geometrical form of a quadrilateral. Despite this it doesn’t matter too much which angle you view it from, you will always see a trapezium. The intricately woven combination of quadrilaterals manage to create a strikingly powerful visual that powers the watch’s design.

For such a simple design concept it is quite ingenious, and coupled with the off-center indexes this watch is simple to read. On top of all this the design also allows the bearer to take note of the 360 degree views of the inner workings of the watch, a feature that is quite impressive, not to mention favored by many that possess such exquisite taste in fine timepieces.


The evolution of the timepiece has come a long way in the past century and more. With more elaborate movements, new and innovative designs, and brands that continue to grow and expand in their own peculiar ways it is no wonder that Cabestan is right in the midst of it all as one of the most popular and exotic designs available.

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