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A Closer Look at The Pequignet Hossegor Black Titanium

Pequignet Hossegor Black Titanium

Peguignet is a French watchmaker known for its in-house movements and high-end timepieces present the Hossegor Black Titanium is its latest luxury watch that is taken down a few pegs in price to affordability that is near entry-level, but not quite. They've scaled back with a Swiss Sellita automatic movement that owes no apologies in its precision and durability, yet it doesn't boost the cost as an in-house version would. These details are figured into the formula of market value for new releases. The brand offers its latest light sports-style watch for luxury casual wear in the Pequignet Hossegor Black Titanium which merits a closer look to appreciate its finer points. At first glance, the Hossegor Black Titanium has the appearance of a masculine date watch. The rubber strap is a dead giveaway that it's a diver, complete with its rotating bezel. It's an attractive and stylish timepiece with a classic round shape and large face. The indices jump out in their white contrasting colors, against the black background. The simple design is inviting but there's something sophisticated about the black color with just the right amount of white and red color splashes to keep it simple but add a dash of variety.

A closer look at the Pequignet Hossegor Black Titanium

A Blog to Watch confirms that the intention behind the sporty styling is to create a functional luxury accessory that tells the time legibly and sensibly with a sophisticated black styling that elevates it beyond a watch for the outdoors to one that is just at home with slacks and a tie in the business environment. It's stylish yet rugged with a masculine aesthetic. The Pequignet Hossegor Black Titanium is a diver watch with water resistance up to 100 meters, or 330 feet. It's suitable for use when swimming, playing water sports, and snorkeling. The case of the Hossegor is 43 mm in diameter for a generous size, enhancing the legibility of the dial. It's made of titanium with a coating of black DLC narrow lugs that attach to an end link. The bezel is a unidirectional rotating type. The dial features dot and slashes hour markers white against a black background for intense contrast and exceptional readability. The hour, minutes, and seconds hands are artistically black at the base with a bright white coating of luminescent material from midway to the tips. It's a stylistic feature that makes them stand out against the background and appear to float from a glance. They're exceptionally wide to heighten their visibility. Pequignet points out their intentional open design, free of frills that gives a simple reading of the time with bright glowing luminescence for darker or murky environmental conditions.

The movement

Pequignet powers the Hossegor Black Titanium with a Swiss-made Sellita automatic movement. It's a caliber SW200 with functions close to the ETA 2824 by comparison, running at 4 Hz. The functions include hours, minutes, seconds, date, and a power reserve of 38 hours. It's not a cheap movement, nor the most expensive the brand could have used, but it's kept within the reach of a larger segment of the population who appreciate the look, feel, and function of a luxury diver watch with a sporty aesthetic. The strap is made of rubber material and is comfortable on the wrist. It's practical for wearing in the water. The closure is a cut-to-measure butterfly deployant type, allowing the wearer to cut the strap to achieve the ideal fit. Pequignet offers extra strap extensions for further customizations, but they're the only vendors offering the accessory to the watch, and you'll pay a premium price.

Other information about the Pequignet Hossegor Black Titanium watch

The Hossegor Black Titanium is fitted with a sapphire crystal atop the dial, for water resistance and scratch resistance. It's treated inside and out with an anti-reflective coating to eliminate the glare of bright lights and make it easier to read the time and date whether in bright light or darkness, thanks to the lume. The Pequignet Hossegor Black Titanium is a men's diving watch, rendered in a French military styling that isn't as suitable for dressy occasions as casual business or everyday wear. When it comes to high-end timepieces, the Hossegor Black Titanium fits in a sweet spot that is a notch above entry-level. with a price of USD 1,602 or 1,400 Euros. If you're in the United States, Pequignet hasn't yet made it that far yet. It's home in France and sells through vendors in Europe. It's not difficult to find a European vendor online to find one. They're currently available through Pequignet and other authorized distributors.

Final thoughts

If you're looking for a luxury divers watch that won't break the bank, the Pequignet Hossegor Black Titanium is worthy of consideration. Although it follows along classic lines without many frills or fancy features, there's something special about its look. It exudes a sporty classiness that keeps it elevated above the traditional entry-level watches. It's not exactly downplayed with the Sellita SW 200 movement. After all, it is Swiss-made and of good reputation in the watchmaking world. But it's not high-flung either. The Hossegor Black Titanium is not intended to deliver an ounce of flash or bling. It stays true to its no-nonsense purpose of fulfilling two roles. It's a functional diver watch that doubles as an attractive accessory for casual outfits. It fits in with casual business attire just as easily. We give it applause for versatility as it easily fits into multiple worlds. Pequignet has hit a sweet spot in the market for those who are beyond the cheaper versions of luxury accessories. It's a solid investment for those who are ready to add a touch of class to their everyday wardrobe with a practical timepiece that is made to hold up under rugged conditions.

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