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A Closer Look at the Citizen Promaster Diver Orca

Citizen Promaster Diver Orca

Command the waters with the new Citizen Promaster Diver Orca. It is a masterpiece watch designed for stern enthusiasts and divers. Orca is the latest edition of the Promaster Sea Collection. The watch has an original and incredible design inspired by the sea Orca. Diver Orca is a sporty watch that continues to prove its high-performance prowess. The original Diver orca is made in a special edition for men.

History of Citizen Watches

Citizen is a famous Japanese brand well known for its high-quality watches. The brand has existed for almost a century, giving them a wealth of experience in the watchmaking industry. One of the most significant contributors to the company's success is the desire to renovate and consistently improve its watches. It is the first watchmaking company to use solar charging energy. The brand is also well known for its environmental concern, seen through its eco-drive function. Their watches are popular among many individuals because they are simple, elegant, and durable.

They have a wide variety of watches that suit the different needs of buyers. In 1918 the company started making affordable watches for Japanese citizens. In the 1930s, Japanese and Swiss investors officially launched the company. The investors went to Switzerland, where Rodolphe Schmid registered the brand. Registration of Citizen Watches began with a collaboration between Schmid's Assembly plant and Shokosha Watch Research Institute. During World War II, Citizen witnessed a gradual improvement in its success, but people knew little about it.

The Breakthrough

According to First Class Watches, the big breakthrough came after a few years. The brand decided to concentrate its efforts on innovating new technology. The recent move was significant in making Citizen a big brand. In 1959, the company created the first waterproof watch in Japan, Para water. Since it was the first waterproof watch, it quickly sold out. The success of this watch motivated Citizen to delve deeper into the watchmaking industry. They launched the diving collection, which was also popular. What followed was a series of successes that saw Citizen become a globally recognized brand.

One of its significant achievements was introducing watches with quartz movements. After this, they developed a watch movement called Eco-Drive. Eco-Drive has become a considerable movement, and when you look at the history of Citizen Watches, everyone is curious to know how the brand managed to initiate the first solar charging movement. They introduced the campaign in 1976, and up to date, the company is proud of its environmentally friendly focus.

Citizen's portfolio reflects strength, precision, resilience, accuracy, and premium quality. Besides the Eco-Drive movement, Citizen became the first brand to introduce the first multi-band atomic watch. The atomic watch is highly effective because it has ultimate precision and accurately synchronizes and adjusts its time when you move to a new time zone. Over the years, Citizen has continued to surprise its fans, which has not stopped. In 2018, the company partnered with Disney and co-branded a watch collection known as Star Wars featuring Marvel and Disney.

Features of Citizen Promaster

Citizen Promaster Diver Orca is an iconic men's watch. The new Orca is available in three different designs; the blue dial version, the black dial version, and the special edition. The latest version is similar to the original version because they have identical features. The basic specifications of the new version have a 46mm stainless steel case. The original case is made from titanium. The watch's thickness is 14.16 mm and has a lug-to-lug measurement of 50mm. The strap is made from propriety polyurethane which is 13.5 mm. When it comes to water resistance, it has a capacity of 200 meters, approximately 660 feet. Another unique aspect of this watch is the e-168 movement which has estimated power that can last six months. Citizen is well acquainted with using the e-168 movement on their watches.

When you turn the watch in a convex position which resembles a dome-like shape, you will notice the watch has a convex mineral crystal. It is located at the bottom of the watch if you want to activate the Eco-Drive movement. The minute hand has different colors, which depend on the model you purchase. The blue model has a red hour hand, while the black model has a minute white hand. The adjusting button features the Promaster logo, which resembles an arrow. In between the indexes, there are little ridges. The strap is slightly stiff compared to other Citizen watches, with the name Citizen engraved on the tang buckle. At the back of the case is a giant Orca carved, which gives the watch a fantastic design.

Essential Information

The New Diver Orca was initially launched in 2006. It is very similar to the original design. The notable differences between the original and the new are; that the new has a stainless steel case while the old case is made from titanium. The new design has a deeper grove and a slightly different front bezel. Looking at the bezel, you will notice the new version has little red accents designed in a circle which is missing in the old version. According to Hodinkee, the original design is written eco-drive at the top, while the new design has its writing at the bottom.

One striking similarity between the two versions is the hands and the indexes. They also have a similar Orca marking and date window. When you purchase this watch, it will come in a special mini scuba case. Regarding packaging, Citizen Watches always stands out with its unique cases. Inside the case, you will find a manual that will require you to do a registration. The watch retails at $475, and the special edition will be sold at $525. It comes with a five-year limited warranty.


Citizen Promaster Diver Orca is an excellent watch. The watch has three designs; a black model, a blue model, and a special edition. The blue and black models cost $475, while the special edition is $525. These watches are unique; especially the Orca engraved at the back of the case.

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