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FitOn: World's 1st Blood Oxygen Saturation Smartwatch

Would you like to know more about your current health status and have the ability to monitor your vitals wherever you are? For anyone who has a desire to track health and fitness, FitON is the first blood oxygen saturation monitor in the form of a smartwatch. This new and innovative device has just hit the market and it perfoms multiple tracking functions that lets you know about your health status. Here is everything we know about FitOn.

What is it?

FitOn is a tracking device that monitors vital signs and wellness. You wear this fitness tracker like a wristwatch for Sp02, HRV and respiratory function tracking. This device provides you with valuable health data and it can be used anywhere. It allows you to monitor your health status at any given time around the clock for three major functions combined in one small device.


The FitOn team responsible for the creation of the FitOn are former employees of Withings, Garman and Huawei along with professionals from other industries. The founder of the company is Roddy Bryan who has a background in algorithm development and several years' experience working with fitness trackers. Chiri David is co-founder who brings 5 years of industrial design experience to the team. Andy Zhang is in charge of manufacturing and Mark Zheng is the team's hardware engineer.

How does it work?

The FitOn tracker records workouts and provides all of the stats related to your exercize as well as the health impacts of your day and any improvements in performance. Wear it while you're running and the device will recognize the activity and begin counting your paces. The device is blue tooth ready and connects to GPS for obtaining route suggestions which are shown on the screen along with your running stats. The system pauses automatically when your body slows its pace. FitOn is designed to accurately track all of your physical activities along with intensity and duration. The device is inteneded to assist in fitness training that is determined in accordance wit hyour established fitness goals.

Additional provisions

Your heart rate sets the baseline for recommendations for relaxation and personalized guided breathing sessions. The included FitOn app allows you to snap pictures so you can share them with friends and family on social media along with email and text messaging.

FitOn monitors sitting time to assist you in avoiding sedentary time for greater fitness benefits. It talso assists in managing stress levels and improing your working efficiency by controlling accumulated stress from heavy work.

An integrated short term heart rate variability feature along with respiratory sinus monitoring detects moments of high stress for a comprehensive stress assessment along iwth health and risk situation assessments. This helps users to more easily identify key stress triggers and the accompanying nervous system responses for making wellness plans to more effectivly deal with stress.

FitOn also provides Automatic sleep detection that tracks the amount of time that it takes to fall asleep, the precise periodof time that you awoke druing sleepand levels of sleep including light and deep. It tracks the total sleep time and determines the best time to wake you from your sleep to enhance your productivity. FitOn offers a comprehensive analysis of your sleep cycle. The team is working on increasing the accuracy of this device with advanced algorithms and analysis of vital signs to signal any indicators of illness with early prediction.

FitOn monitors oxygen saturation in the blood which is helpful in predicting possible illnessses including sleep apnea, hypoxia penumonia, disease and infections of the lungs. This device can tell when you are sick. It also offers notification of vital signs inclduing respiratory rate and cardiac load.

Remarkable features

  • Message Notification supporting 150 languages and communication apps
  • Incall Hang up
  • Remote Snapping for photo taking from a distance
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Smart palming control
  • Timer and stopwatch

How much does it cost and where can you buy it?

FitOn is currently only available for purchase on Kickstarter. It is associated with a crowdfunding campaign and can be ordered/reserved for backers who want to be among the first to obtain this product with a cost of $39.

This device is ultra portable, affordable and easy to use. It is water resistant up to fifty meters and is fit for use in shallow water swimming in the ocean or a pool. It should not be used for deep water activities including water skiing or scuba diving.

Challenges and release date

FitOn will be ready fo shipment by Christmas of 2017. The challenges that are currently being faced are with certification as it must be tested and approved by a variety of independent agencies, but it is now in the process with the FCC for CE certification. It may need to be optimized in accordance with the process for immediate completion.

This sophisticated product requires a lot of work to produce. The finished product is currently being tested to identify any potential issues and resolve them. Materials have already been secured for production and the team is ready to begin manufacture for Christmas shipments. Each FitOn order comes with small and large bands, a charging cable and the FitON Tracker.

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