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A Closer Look at the ERA Prometheus

ERA Prometheus

When people talk of watches, many brands come to mind. Watches typically give an impression of you, hence owning luxurious ones boosts your confidence. Various companies have designed watches that have a different look and go for different prices. A closer look at ERA Prometheus will reveal to you a millionaire watch that is going for just $1499. Perhaps one of the things that make the watch that expensive could be the lavish packaging to give you goosebumps as you open it. It could also be the ERA logo on it, but all features of the watch as disclosed on ERA Timepieces portray a sophisticated and stylish look which makes most people fall in love with it. Besides the ERA Prometheus comes in two versions; the titan version and the prime version. Let us get into the finer details of this timepiece


The impression of people on products will mainly depend on their first look at the brand. For ERA Prometheus, the case is the part that we first see when we come into contact with the watch. According to Kaminsky Blog, ERA Prometheus' case is made up of stainless steel. It has a diameter of 44mm and a thickness of 12.7mm. The case has sharp, beautiful lines making the case well built. The whole case is also polished, thus giving it a standard look. The back of the case has indentations to provide it with a grip making it steady on the wrist as well as eight screws to keep the contents safely secured. A crystal coating at the back makes it water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters for 10 minutes. It is thus not recommended to go swimming with ERA Prometheus.


The dial of ERA Prometheus is skeletonized with a sculpted minute and hour hand to improve visibility when there is low light. Diamonds are fused to the bezel of the watch to enhance clarity because of the glittery nature of diamonds. Sun and moon can be seen in the 3 o'clock position while a star can be seen in the 9.00 o'clock angle which helps to complete the sophisticated look that most executives are ever seeking to command a little more respect from their subordinates. It has a carriage that goes around with the second's hand as it moves. The logo of ERA, which is a pretty design is also part of the dial, and this gives it a good appearance. It is easy to read the time because of the precision in the dial. In this YouTube video, you find out that the watch has been made accurate with a plus or minus 10 seconds error. The standard error is significantly reduced, giving this watch a high precision. A look at the dial is impressive, and you can end up having your eyes fixed on the watch for hours.


The straps of ERA Prometheus come in different colors. The different colors allow you to get what pleases you through a variety of choices. The strap is made of soft leather, making it comfortable in the wrist. Some straps come in the form of a stainless steel bracelet which looks beautiful on the wrist. A silver buckle attaches the straps of the watch with adjustable fixtures on them to fit individuals with different wrist sizes. The straps come in different sizes to satisfy the varied preferences of the customers. They are attached to the case by spring bars making it easy to change the straps when need be. A premium double-thread stitches the strap.


The ERA Prometheus has a caliber of HZ3360A. This caliber allows it to move at a constant rate, thus ensuring accuracy in timing. It has a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The anatomy of the watch is designed keenly to maintain the spectrum at all times. The ERA Prometheus has a power reserve of 42 hours, which is undoubtedly excellent. It is designed to measure the hour, minute, and second by use of the rotating hands. The anatomy of the clock coordinates the rotation of these hands of the clock in a manner that the time will be as accurate as possible at all times.


Buying a product for the first time gives you a lot of doubts about the product, but ERA Prometheus comes with a two-year warranty for your peace of mind. The developer is confident about the quality of this product and hence gives a two-year warranty to the customers. When packaging the watch, a warranty card and a certificate of authenticity are put in place for the customer to get the warranty services in case of failure of the clock within the first two years of use.


Despite the impression of ERA Prometheus, the watch takes two weeks to get to you after ordering, which is relatively a long time. Some people become anxious and want the product delivered to them within the shortest time possible, but with ERA Prometheus, they need not be so eager. However, for such an elegant watch, why not wait since you are sure to get the best at the end? Now that the cat is out of the bag when ordering ERA Prometheus, patience is the key thing.

Is it worth it?

Overall, ERA Prometheus is a perfect watch, and you will be proud of it. It is a watch that will give you a millionaire look at an affordable budget of $1,499. The watch is a true definition of attainable luxury, considering the features and the price of the watch. The quality of the watch is a good one, and hence you will be sure to enjoy having the timepiece for a long time. So when you wish to get a classic watch without breaking the bank, then look no more. Grab yourself an ERA Prometheus watch, and you will get value for your money.

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