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The 20 Best Military Watches of All-Time

Military Watch

As you are well aware, there are many types of watches on The market today. They each have a slightly different purpose. Depending on your need for a watch, you might have several different types in order to fit The situation. One of The more popular types of watches are those designed to be tough enough to withstand The rugged use required by members of The military. These are tough watches that are Tactical in nature. They provide specialized functions that are quite useful to The person wearing them, and They are also designed to stand up to harsh conditions that might be thrown at them on a moment's notice. Because They are so durable, military watches are designed for a wide variety of outdoor activities. This is why you will see runners, rock climbers, scuba divers, and just about any other type of outdoorsy type person wearing them. Naturally, not all watches are made The same. If you are in The market for a military or Tactical watch, you might be wondering what brand and model you should get. There are so many different types of these watches available today that it can seem like a daunting task to find The perfect one for you. That is why we have put together this list. Continue reading to discover The 20 best military watches of all Time.

Suunto Core

20. Suunto Core

This is a watch made in Finland by a company that is well regarded as being able to make durable sport and military grade watches. This particular watch has many features that you will find to be useful. It also looks great, being all black and made from a rugged composite material. It also has a bezel made of aluminum. You will also find that The digital dial will let you know information such as The barometer and an altimeter, and it even includes a compass.

Luminox Recon Point Man

19. Luminox Recon Point Man

Many people in the military are very familiar with Luminox. They have been making watches for both The Navy Seals in America and members of The Air Force for a number of years. These watches are so durable that Luminox has long offered a 25 year warranty on The glow put out by the watches put out via a patented self-powered lighting system. You will find that The bezel contains a compass and minute markings increasing every five minutes. You can also switch between 12 and 24 hour design.

SureFire 2211 Luminox

18. SureFire 2211 Luminox

Here is another military watch manufactured by Luminox. This is a company that was founded back in the year 1979 and has expanded since then. This particular watch is useful for more than just telling time. You will find that it has a powerful flashlight that can put out 300 lumens of white light when you need it The most. The watch itself is all housed in a casing that is square and that is made to last. It has a bezel that is round and a dial that is black.

Marathon watch Pilot's Navigator

17. Marathon watch Pilot's Navigator

You will actually find Marathon watches dating back to to the year 1904, but their name switched to The current one in 1939. This is the company that supplied watches to all of The Allied troops, so you know that it has been around for a while. More Recently, The Pilot's Navigator watch was worn by troops on the American side in the wars in Iraq as well as Afghanistan. It is made by a Swiss company and housed in a fiber shell case that is designed to withstand many types of impact.

16. Casio G-Shock Rangeman Tactical

Nearly anyone who wears a watch is aware of the Casio brand from the Asian nation of Japan. They have been manufacturing the G-Shock brand of military watch since 1983. The name represents Gravitational Shock and is meant to demonstrate to The consumer just how durable and rugged these watches are. This particular watch has a radio signal clock built into it. It receives a signal from The atomic clock to automatically adjust the Time as one moves from one Time zone to another.


15. Garmin Tactix Bravo Tactical Watch

Garmin is a combination of American and Swiss companies that got Its start back in 1989. It has quickly become a world leader in The development of Tactical watches. You will find that this watch comes in a totally black color. None of The materials are reflective in nature. This is designed for stealth, which is meant for members of The military. The display can easily be read in The daytime, while there is also compatibility built in for nighttime vision.

Panerai Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech Watch

14. Panerai Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech Watch

Panerai is a company known for making products for tough guys. That makes them The ideal manufacturer for military watches. You will find that They got their start by producing watches for members of The Royal Italian Navy. This watch is shock resistant and meant to be for diving. It is directed by an automatic movement system and has an anti-shock system built into it. Because both The case and The bezel are comprised of Carbotech, you will find that it is quite light on The wrist.

Luminox F-22 Raptor 9241.M

13. Luminox F-22 Raptor 9241.M

Here is yet another watch on the list that is made by Luminox. This one was made specifically for fighter pilots. It has a case that is 44mm in diameter. It is made of titanium, giving it a sleek look. Even The bezel and case are made of titanium. You will find that this watch has a black dial and consists of luminescent hands that are easy to see in most types of lighting conditions. You will find a picture of The F-22 Raptor on The back of this watch.

Marathon watch Search and Rescue Diver's Automatic

12. Marathon watch Search and Rescue Diver's Automatic

The name of this watch says it all. This is The second watch that you will find on this list, so you know that Marathon is a brand that is well regarded for The quality of the military watches that it manufactures. This one is made for rescue divers and is used by members of The U.S. Marine Corps. There is a dial that is black and some tritium markers located throughout the watch. This makes it easy to see when underwater. It is water resistant for up to 300 meters.

Bell & Ross WWI-92 military Watch

11. Bell & Ross WWI-92 military Watch

You will find that this is a stylish watch that is very functional. It got Its start back in 1992. It is made by a French company and the watch itself is fashioned on a design that was popular in The 1920s. The steel casing if 45mm and round. There is a glass bead finish that has been blasted into The watch, giving it a distinctive look. There are five minute markings on The watch, along with hourly numbers. The strap is made of brown calfskin.

MTM Speical Ops Radiation Detection RAD Watch

10. MTM Speical Ops Radiation Detection RAD Watch

MTM stands for Multi Time Machine. This was a company that got Its start back in the decade of the 1980s. It was actually created by a member of the Special Forces, so you know that it has many of The features that members of the military find to be most important. It has a Geiger counter built into The watch, which is believed to be The only watch in The world to have that feature. It can measure ranges of Radiation from 0.00001 to 9,999 mSv.


9. Garmin Tactix Charlie Tactical Watch

This is another watch made by Garmin that makes the list of The 20 best military watches of all time. This particular watch has an impressive display that is 1.2 inches in diameter. It also has 240X240 resolution for clear viewing. You will find that it has 16 GB of memory and is able to act as a heart sensor and that it even has a gyroscope. There are a number of useful features that can be used when you are outdoors.


8. Hamilton Khaki Field

Hamilton is a brand of watch that has been made in America since 1893, although it is now owned by a Swiss company. This watch was developed during World War II. It is made to be tough and last through almost any condition. At The same time, it looks great, sporting a classical look. It has a slim case and it is made from round silver and stainless steel.


7. Timex Command

Here is a Timex watch that looks unique. The company was founded in the United States back in 1854, starting out as a producer of wall clocks. This watch is digital and has a watch guard that has a camo-pattern to it. There is a case that is actually constructed of stainless steel that is a green color, while the watch strap is comprised of resin that is green as well. It includes a chronograph, a comprehensive timer, and an Indiglo backlight that you can use to illuminate the watch face in virtually any type of condition.

The Casio G-Shock Frogman

6. Casio G-Shock GA700UC

Here is a G-Shock made by Casio that has proven to be quite popular. This looks like a military watch, right down to The green color scheme. You can also get it in dark gray or tan. In short, members of the military like it because They choose a watch color that matches their particular fatigue uniform. It is shock resistant and rated to water resistant up to 200 meters. You will also find that is can tell Time across The world and has multiple chronograph features.

military Watch company GIO PVD military Watch

5. military Watch company GIO PVD military Watch

This watch is also made by military Watch company and is perhaps one of The more popular ones ever made. It is made by The swiss. It actually looks rather generic and simple, but do not let that fool you. It serves Its purpose well. This one has frequently become the watch of choice by the NATO Forces and infantry soldiers. It is housed in a stainless steel case that is 40mm in diameter. The battery powers The movement of the watch and is made to last for five years.

Breitling Emergency II Titanium

4. Breitling Emergency

This is a watch made by a Swiss company and is well known for The aviation features that They built into most of their models. The company actually dates back to 1884, so they have quite a bit of experience. This particular watch is unique because it has a beacon that will send out an emergency signal built into Its design. If you activate that, a that you are in distress is immediately sent out. It can continue to do so for between 18 and 24 hours depending on the temperature of where you are located.


3. Breitling Chronspace Military

This is another option made by Breitling. This is a stunning watch that is durable enough to hold up to the toughest of conditions you could put it through. Black steel forms the foundation for this casel. It also has a compass built into the bezel. The display is made from a sapphire crystal that is glare proof.

Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch Titanium

2. Suunto 9

This watch from Suunto is rather high tech. It is meant to be a smartwatch designed for people who love the outdoors. Professional triathletes have really grown to like this one. The power can last for as much as 120 hours. This watch also has a great GPS system built into it that works thanks to Its motion tracking ability.

IWC pilot

1. IWC Pilot watch Top Gun Edition

This is the top watch in terms of the best military watches of all time. This is a beautiful watch that comes in several different variants, with the one fashioned after the Mojave Desert being particularly stunning. It has a 46 hour power reserve built into it. The dial look darks brown and has luminescent markings throughout.

So, there is the list of 20 best military watches of all time. Take a good look at the descriptions of each again so that you can find the right watch for you. Go out and take a look, try them on, and then decide which one suits you the best.

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