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Can You Buy a Rolex at Walmart?


When Hans Wilsdorf started making Rolex watches, he said he wanted to be the first in the field and have everyone acknowledging that a Rolex is the only best watch to have. He achieved his vision, and the timepieces are revered so much that even pre-owned Rolex watches are highly marketable. There are many places you can buy an authentic Rolex but have you ever considered getting yours from Rolex? Well, if you did not know, the giant retailer sells Rolex watches, and here is more on how to get yours.

You Can Buy a Pre-owned Rolex from Walmart

Two years ago, someone asked on Reddit if Walmart was a good place to buy a Rolex watch. The Reddit user was not interested in buying a Rolex at Walmart but found it funny that the store went out of character to start stocking the timepieces. Other Reddit users responded that Walmart was just like Amazon marketplace where buyers would buy the watches through the store, as third party listing. The discovery that Walmart is selling vintage watches shocked many including The Manual. The author, Jon Gugala, said they could not believe it either that Walmart had chosen to act as a marketplace for secondhand luxury watches. The keyword here is “luxury,” so do not go browsing for cheap watches. So, apart from Rolex, Walmart also stocks Omega, Breitling, Cartier, and Patek Philippe timepieces. The Manual even recommended getting your pre-owned Rolex from Walmart because, surprisingly, the prices are fair. Apart from the price, you will also be glad to know that all the watches are guaranteed genuine products. Even Walmart shoulders responsibility in case of anything. It offers warranties of at least one year through the principal sellers. Walmart goes a step further to ensure that buyers are fully aware of what they are spending their money on by offering full disclosure of the watches. Therefore, expect to find a detailed description of your preferred timepiece, including any flaws, to enable you to make an informed decision. On Walmart’s website, you can see the current pre-owned Rolex watches available for sale. Among them is a Rolex Airking 5500 men’s watch priced at $4,600. They make it clear that it is a discounted price considering that it was previously going for $5,300. As with all other watches listed on the site, it comes with a warranty and is certified authentic. For this reason, although some are skeptical about buying a Rolex from Walmart, it is no different from ordering one on Amazon. Therefore, those worried that Walmart does not have experts to authenticate the watches need not be hesitant.

Why Walmart Started Stocking the Watches

Walmart has been in business since its founding by Sam Walton in 1962, thanks to a few strategies. One of them is pocket-friendly prices that have forced small businesses to shut down; the other is selling everyday items, making it a one-stop-shop. In 1993, Walmart was found guilty of predatory price cutting. According to Los Angeles Times, an Arkansas judge ordered the giant retail store to pay $300,000 in damages to three drugstores. Walmart had been selling drugs and beauty products at very low prices that would have forced the three drugstores of business. Well, what goes around comes around, and Walmart now faces the same threat from other sellers. Most shoppers compare prices by visiting brick-and-mortar stores, a practice called showrooming, before deciding that ordering online is better. The practice has undercut Walmart's profits so much that a recent study found out that if Walmart and Target would stop showrooming, they have the potential of growing their sales substantially. Besides, the amount of time a Walmart employee spends explaining details of a product to a person who will not buy would have been better utilized elsewhere. The study showed that three-quarters of shoppers who visit Walmart end up buying from Amazon. According to Vox, Walmart acknowledged the threat through a memo that leaked. The document revealed that the store was struggling to retain new members since it was no longer the preferred retailer. With Amazon being the biggest threat, Walmart perhaps saw that it would venture into the business of selling watches and try to lure Amazon shoppers its way. Still, Panos Mourdoukoutas, a former Forbes contributed believed that selling Cartier watches on Walmart’s site was a big mistake. He argued that since Walmart catered to the low-income earners, pricing a watch at $133,653 would alienate the customer base. However, with pre-owned Rolex watches, Walmart found a way to maintain its competitive advantage against Amazon.

Where Else Can You Buy Rolex Watches?

As a prospective owner of a pre-owned watch, it is best to have options to choose from to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. Insider provides a few. Bob’s Watches has an advantage over Walmart because besides coming with a warranty from the manufacturer, the dealer also offers its warranty on the timepieces. Bob’s Watches also shows integrity by giving buyers and sellers fair quotes. StockX, famously known for selling sneakers, also sells luxury watches. Of course, the timepieces have to be verified by experts before you part with your hard-earned money. Additionally, eBay shows high levels of transparency through its authenticity guarantee program. It bears all the costs involved in the authentication process. Authenticators check the watch against the listing description, and if it passes multi-point inspection, the product is shipped with a unique authentication tag for your peace of mind. Another dealer, Jomashop, does not provide a manufacturer warranty for the watches; instead, you will have to be content with the store’s warranty. However, no need to worry because Jomashop does not buy its watches from individual sellers. It sources its products from authorized dealers and wholesalers. Finally, if you cannot find what you are looking for in all these stores, perhaps RealReal will have the watch you desire.

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