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20 Most Expensive Beanie Babies in the World (Updated 2023)


Have you ever wondered about the potential value of your Ty Beanie Babies collection? Have you ever thought that one of your stuffed animals can be among the most expensive beanie babies? It is noteworthy that certain Beanie Babies have fetched prices surpassing even those of high-end designer jewelry, indicating their immense worth to collectors.

Since their debut in 1993, Ty Beanie Babies have gained popularity among collectors, and by 1995, they had become a sensation among casual fans as well.

However, the true value of these toys only became apparent after they were retired. In 1999, Ty announced the discontinuation of Beanie Babies, but due to their overwhelming demand, they were reintroduced within a year with "The Beginning" in 2000, marking the start of an extensive line of Beanie Babies worth money.

Although the Ty Beanie Baby collection is still expanding, collectors continue to seek original, rare Beanie Babies worth money, while casual fans enjoy newly-released toys. Some are driven by their passion for valuable Beanie Babies, while others consult price guides to determine whether their childhood toys hold significant worth.

The recent eBay auctions of Ty Beanie Babies reveal that collectors are willing to pay a high price for rare, original, and the most valuable beanie babies. While some have been sold for a few hundred dollars, the most expensive Beanie Babies have exceeded the value of multiple luxury watches combined.

To assist those interested in selling their most valuable Beanie Babies, we have compiled this year's price guide of the most expensive Ty Beanie Babies ever sold, arranged in ascending order of value. Additionally, we have included a guide on where to sell Beanie Babies worth money online and how to identify whether yours is a valuable Beanie Baby after the rankings.

20. Jake the Mallard Duck - $900

Jake the Mallard Duck

Sweet Jake the Mallard Duck was introduced as a Beanie Baby by Ty, Inc. in 1998, An interesting fact is that it was retired a year later. 

As everyone seemed to know these toys were a fad that could be profitable. Jake is one of the sweetest Beanie Babies created. He is colorful, plush and features a poem on his tush tag. Jake was also often counterfeited making the authentic Jake the Mallard Duck more valuable. An original Jake the Mallard Duck is worth $900.

19. Humphrey the Camel - $1,200

Humphrey the Camel

Humphrey the Camel is one of the nine original Beanie Babies created in 1993. There have been several editions or generations of this particular Beanie Baby. The rarest and most valuable can be worth around $1,200.

Humphrey the Camel was retired in 1998 which is about the time that collectors began trying to grab the latest fad in toys to resell at a later date as the rare versions became more valuable.

18. Employee the Bear - $3,000

Employee the Bear

Employee the Bear was created 1995 and given to the company's sales representatives as a gift. Only 300 of these Beanie Babies were produced, which makes them one of the most valuable beanie babies. 

The bears feature a new face and are bright violet in color with stitched magenta threading. Half of those produced have a red ribbon and the other half have a green ribbon.

17. Nana the Monkey - $4,000

Nana the Monkey

This rare beanie was originally known as Nana, but it was renamed Bongo in 1995. Nana the Monkey was one of the first Beanie Babies created. The monkey has brown fur with lighter brown face, hands, feet and tail. It has black button eyes.

Even though not all Nanas are worth a lot of money, some of them are extremely expensive. Today, the average price of the original version of this Beanie is $4,000.

16. Peace the Bear - $6,750

Peace the Bear

This beanie was introduced in 1997 and was retired in 1999. It is beloved for its striking visual appearance, as it is the only Beanie Baby that is tie-dyed. These bears also feature a peace symbol embellished on its chest.

This was the first Beanie Baby with an embroidered emblem. There are very rare Peace Bears with no peace symbol and those are worth much more than those with the peace sign.

15. Mystic the Unicorn - $2,700 - $7,000

Mystic the Unicorn

The original edition Mystic the Unicorn that was created in 1994, and its price is $7,000, as it is extremely rare. It is also the most coveted by collectors.

Mystic the Unicorn has a fine rainbow mane, blue eyes and a sparely iridescent horn. A rare and more valuable Mystic the Unicorn will have errors on the tag. This Ty Beanie Baby is one of the rarest Beanie Babies.

14. Halo the Bear - $7,500

Halo the Bear

Halo the Angel Bear made its debut as a Beanie Baby in 1998 and was quickly retired. This is one of the first special edition Beanie Babies as well as a beloved Bear. Not only does this bear symbolize a child's Guardian Angel with its Halo and Wings, but the rarer the better.

A rare authentic 1998 Halo the Bear will have a rare white star on its white fur, not a yellow star like more common Halo the Bears. Other rarities include errors on the Tush tag, including an error on the poem itself.

13. Chef Robuchon - $8,000 - $12,000

Robechon Beanie Baby

This unique beanie was introduced in 2006, and was modeled after the famous chef Joël Robuchon. Only 200 of the bears were produced. The bear is beige with black eyes and nose. He wears a chef's uniform and hat. The collar is red, white and blue. Blue stitching on the front of the uniform says "Joel Robuchon New York."

The price of this beanie is between $8,000 and $12,000, and it depends on extras, such as the invitation or the box. For example, the Chef Robuchon that is still boxed costs much more. 

12. Pinchers the Lobster - $10,000

Pinchers the Lobster

Pinchers the Lobster was released in 1994 and retired four years later in 1998. The very first beanies had an error on the tag, which made them even more valuable. 

Pinchers is a dark red and a simple shape. It features black button eyes and black threaded antennae. 

11. Digger the Crab - $10,000

Digger the Crab

It is the beanie that was introduced in 1994 and was retired in 1995. There are several editions, but the most valuable Digger the Crab beanies are from the first generation. The original version is bright orange, while later editions are bright red. 

Digger the Crab features black button eyes and black thread antennae. Digger has eight legs and two large pincers and comes with a poem on its tag.

10. Claude the Crab - $10,000 - 100,000


Claude the Crab is among the most adorable and most coveted Beanie Babies. It is the only Beanie Baby with a poem dedicated to his name. 

The design of Claude the Crab is what makes this beanie so expensive. He comes in a blend of diverse colors that include shades of dark-blue, rich greens, mellow browns, and an elegant cream undershell. Although it is ranked as one of most expensive Beanie Baby, there is controversy about Claude the Crab’s real value. Some Claude the Crabs are listed at the price of $100,000, while others have a more reasonable price  - $10,000. 

9. Patti the Platypus - $20,000


Patti the Platypus is as adorable as his name sounds. One of the earliest versions of Beanie Babies, he is still a hit sensation among collectors and is worth more than his weight in gold.

Patti the Platypus is not as rare as you would expect. However, some versions of this Beanie Baby stand out from the rest and fetch in quite a good price.

The Magenta colored version, in particular, is in high demand among collectors. Why? Because the Magenta colored is the first and oldest version of the Beanie Baby. Besides, the color is unique and makes the cute platypus even more adorable.

8. Brownie the Bear - $20,000

Brownie the Bear

Brownie the Bear was one of the nine original Beanie Babies and could be worth around $20,000 today. This first generation Beanie Baby was retired soon after it appeared. Another version of Brownie was "Cubbie" which is identical but much less valuable.

This original Beanie Baby featured brown fur and a tan snout. It had no poem. Bears are the most popular Beanie Babies, but because Brownie was featured in the first collection, it's more valuable to collectors.

7. Hoppity, Hippity, and Floppity the Bunnies - $30,000

Hoppity the Bunny

The adorable bunnies Hoppity, Hippity, and Floppity come as a set unlike many other beanie babies. They were made in January 1997 and retired in May 1998. 

This makes them pretty hard to come by, and that is why this set of bunnies is so expensive. Even if you can find one on its own, it still might be worth a decent amount. For example, a rare version of the second generation Hoppity the Bunny Beanie Baby could be worth $5,000 or more.

6. Peanut the Elephant - $30,000

Peanut the Elephant

This dark, royal blue Beanie was created in 1995. An interesting fact is that there was actually an accident in with the dye. A subsequent Peanut the Elephant Beanie Bay was a much lighter, powder blue which was popular with children. It was retired three years later in 1998.

There is also the purple version of the Peanut the Elephant, but the most expensive one is the blue one that costs up to $30,000. 

5. Seaweed the Beanie Baby - $42,000

Seaweed the Beanie Baby

Seaweed the Beanie Baby is an adorable little guy that could be worth a lot today. The original cuddly brown sea animal debuted in 1996 at the beginning of the Beanie Baby craze.

Seaweed's first offspring were limited in number because there were several errors that had to be corrected from the original.

The original tush tags had several errors. If you find a Seaweed Beanie Baby that is an original version, here are things to look for on the tag.

4. Valentino the Bear - $42,300


Valentino the Bear is also one of the beanie babies worth money and is almost perfect by all accounts. He is an adorable Beanie Baby that resembles a miniature adorable bear. However, unlike an ordinary bear, Valentino the Bear has a good choice of color as he comes in a blend of red and faded white for an elegant look.

However, certain versions of this Beanie Baby come with an imperfection that has substantially increased its value and demand among collectors.

Although an ordinary version of Valentino the Bear will go for several dollars, one with a misspelled name tag will fetch up to $42,300.

3. Bubbles the Fish - $129,000

Bubbles the Fish

Before "Finding Nemo" came out in movie theaters, Bubbles the Fish was a popular Beanie Baby. The stuffed toy debuted in 1996 and had several further generations.

Bubbles is a sweet orange and black striped fish. The thing that made Bubbles one of the most valuable beanie babies, as with most rare Beanie Babies, its errors.

The third generation Bubbles has the wrong color thread hand sewn through its mouth. The fourth generation of Bubbles features incorrect tush tags.

The most valuable Bubbles the Fish were made in 1996 with errors on the tush tag including words not centered. All these errors lead Bubbles the Fish to be one of the most valuable Beanie Babies.

2. Lefty the Donkey And Righty the Elephant - $50,000


Even though Beanie Babies are in general clear of politics, Ty created their first versions of Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant in 1996. The interesting political fact about these Babies is that released in time for the exciting election that pitted President Bill Clinton against Republican Bob Dole and Independent Ross Perot.

The rarest version of the Lefty the Donkey And Righty the Elephant was sold for $50,000. 

1. Princess the Bear - $500,000

Princess the Bear is more than just another stuffed animal or Beanie Baby; it is a piece of a tragic history. Produced in 1997 after the Beanie Babies craze had begun subsiding, Princess the bear does not belong among the original batch of Beanie Babies.

However, it is very much a Beanie Baby and crowns all the rest when it comes to looks and price. Princess the Bear was made as a tribute to Princess Diana, the Princes of Wales.

It was meant to motivate Beanie Bear lovers and anyone else whose heart was moved by the adorable stuffed bear to contribute to the princess’ memorial fund.

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