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The Five Most Expensive Patrick Mahomes II Football Cards Ever Sold

Patrick Mahomes

American football quarterback for the National Football League (NFL) is Patrick Mahomes II is the son of former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher, Pat Mahomes, who played in the majors from 1992 until 2003. Patrick Mahomes II, since his birth year of 1995, has competed in the sports of baseball, basketball, and of course, football. It is Mahomes II's belief his time as a pitcher while in high school contributed to his ability to perform as a quarterback in football. He also credits his time as a high school basketball player for this as well. His high school was in Whitehouse, Texas, and while there he was voted as MaxPreps Male Athlete of the Year for 2013-2014. On the website,, he was rated as a three-star football recruit, as well as the twelfth best dual-threat quarterback in his class. After high school, Mahomes II attended Texas Tech University. In addition to capturing the attention of football scouts, he was also a top prospect for the 2014 Major League Baseball draft but was not expected to be selected due to his commitment to Texas Tech. He was, however, chosen by the Detroit Tigers in 2014, but opted not to sign the contract. Instead, he remained committed to football and first began as a backup quarterback for the university. As a freshman, he also split his sports competition time as a relief pitcher with the Texas Tech baseball team. During his sophomore year, he only played in three baseball games for the university while the rest of his time he served as the starting quarterback. It would be in 2016 he'd focus strictly as a football quarterback and leave his college baseball days behind him. In October 2016, Mahomes II set multiple school records, as well as some of NCAA's records, including the FBS for a single game offense with 819 yards. He was awarded the Sammy Baugh Trophy, which is given annually to the nation's top college ball passer. He was also named an Academic All-America second team by the College Sports Information Directors of America. In 2017, Mahomes II announced he would forego his final college year for eligibility and enter the NFL draft.

For Mahomes II, he started out with the Kansas City Chiefs as the tenth overall draft pick in 2017. In 2018, he became the starting quarterback for the team that saw him throw 5,097 yards, fifty touchdowns, and twelve interceptions. His performance saw him become the first and only quarterback in history to throw over five thousand yards. This accounts for both college football and the NFL. Adding to this achievement, the 2019-2020 playoffs saw Mahomes II lead the Chiefs to the LIV Super Bowl. For the team, it was the first time in fifty years they made it to the final game as they faced the San Fransisco 49ers and beat them. Mahomes II won the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP), as well as the NFL Offensive Player of the Year and NFL Most Valuable Player. He also became the third African-American quarterback to win the Super Bowl championship game. As of 2020, Mahomes II signed a ten-year contract extension with the Chiefs that's worth $503 million USD between team play and potential bonuses. During the 2021 Super Bowl for the 2020 season, Mahomes II and his Chiefs were in the final again but lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Still, with the power of youth on his side, as well as two Super Bowl experiences, Patrick Mahomes II has already accomplished in just a few short years many top-name quarterbacks have yet to achieve. As a result, one of the most exciting quarterbacks the NFL has seen is now witnessing football fans and collectors pay top money for anything and everything to do with him.

5. 2017 National Treasures Green Patrick Mahomes II Rookie RC Patch Auto/15 PSA-9 ($188,988)

This football card sold for $188,988 USD on January 25, 2021. What makes this card so special is the extremely fragile emerald green foil inlay that is usually scuffed or chipped. There are only fifteen of these particular cards that have ever been produced. A PSA-9 rating also makes this particular card that much more valuable due to its near-perfect condition.

4. 2016 Panini Select '17 NFL Draft XRC Patrick Mahomes II Gold Prizm Redemption #2 PSA Gem Mint 10 ($192,000)

On December 13, 2020, Heritage Auctions sold a rookie card of Mahomes for $192,000 USD to the highest bidder out of the seventy-four bidders that competed against each other to call this card their own. According to PSA's registry site, there are only one of these cards in existence. It has been bought and sold three times, which first started out at the bargain-basement purchase of $350.00 USD on January 21, 2018, through eBay, then at $10,200.00 USD on January 30, 2020, also through eBay. It then went up for bid at Heritage Auction which enabled one of eBay's most recognized sport card sellers, probstein123, to keep up its business running as a buyer and seller of these highly coveted items.

3. 2017 Panini National Treasures #161 Patrick Mahomes Signed Jersey Rookie Card RPA (#55/99) - PSA GEM MT 10 ($399,750)

On January 31, 2021, this perfectly conditioned, PSA-10 football card sold for $399,750 USD at Goldin Auctions. This is a tie with another Patrick Mahomes rookie card that was sold later in the year by the exact same auctioneers.

2. 2017 Panini National Treasures Rookie Patch Auto (RPA) #161 Patrick Mahomes II Signed Patch Rookie Card (#53/99) - PSA GEM MT 10 ($399,750)

As mentioned on the PSA website, Goldin Auctions sold a 2017 rookie card of Patrick Mahomes at $399,750 USD, on October 27, 2021, to the highest bidder. According to PSA's records, there are only eight of these cards in its mint PSA-10 condition that exists.

1. 2017 Panini National Treasures Platinum Augotgraphed Rookie Card ($4.3 Million)

According to TMZ Sports, a Patrick Mahomes rookie card sold for over $4.3 million USD. When the NFLer first learned of the news, he found himself shocked when he heard about the big price tag. He even made a July 28, 2021, tweet about it on his Twitter account. The card was sold through the PWCC Marketplace. It is the only card of its kind ever to be created and was given a PSA grade of 8.5, which means it's in near perfect condition. Selling at $4.3 million during the summer of 2021 surpassed the previous most expensive football card record of $3.1 million, which was an autographed Tom Brady rookie card. The buyer was LJ's Card Shop in Ohio, which is in the business of collecting unique cards to add to their collection in what is described as a meaningful way.

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