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The Five Most Expensive Aaron Rodgers Football Cards

Aaron Rodgers

There are some people who achieve such a high level in sports that individuals know who they are when they don't even follow that particular sport. Aaron Rodgers is easily one such individual. He was the 24th pick out of the first round draft pick in 2005, having been drafted by the Green Bay Packers. That's the same team that he still plays for today. Over the course of several years, he has become one of the most prolific quarterbacks in NFL history. His stats are practically off the charts, with a passer rating of 104.5 and a completion percentage of 65.3. Throughout his career, he has achieved 34 rushing touchdowns and 3,372 rushing yards. Add 55,360 passing yards to those numbers along with 449 touchdowns and an impressive 93 interceptions. It's easy to see why he was the Super Bowl XLV MVP. He's also gone to the Pro Bowl an astonishing 10 times. In 2011, he was awarded both the Associated Press Athlete of the Year Award and the Bert Bell Award. In 2014, he received the Bart Starr Award. All of this means that his trading cards are highly sought-after and in some cases, command a significant price. Below are the five most expensive Aaron Rodgers trading cards ever sold.

5. 2005 Topps Chrome Refractor #190 Aaron Rodgers PSA 9 ($3,840.00)

What makes this card so special? In short, there is one thing that it has going for it that makes it as valuable as it is. It's his rookie card and as a result, one that's in good condition is worth a great deal of money (as you can see from the amount of money that this particular card is worth). Obviously, part of the reason that the card is worth so much money is because it's in good condition. That being said, it's also worth noting that one that's not in the best condition should still get you a fairly decent amount of money, although probably not anything approaching this level. By the same token, one that is rated a 10 out of 10 could probably get you a great deal more.

4. 2005 Auto RC 19/99 Ultimate Collection Aaron Rodgers PSA 9 ($8,700.00)

It's not surprising that this is also a rookie card, which is one reason that is worth so much money. However, the main reason that this particular card has a value that is close to $9,000 is because it's signed. Every card collector knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that a card that is in good condition and has been signed by the individual in question is going to be worth exponentially more than a card that isn't signed. That's especially true if the card has been signed in real time by the individual as opposed to a processed signature that only serves as a likeness of a particular individual’s signature. In this particular case, it is a genuine signature, one that makes the card worth a great deal of money.

3. 2005 Playoff Contender Rookie Ticket Autograph Card Aaron Rodgers ($19,999.99)

It's very rare that you run up on a card that is unnumbered and ungraded, yet still commands a hefty price tag. Finding one that can be sold for this much money is almost unthinkable. That's because when you get into cards that sell for $10,000 or more, they almost always have to have a PSA score and they typically have to be numbered. More often than not, having a card that is both unscored and devoid of an official number is more or less a death sentence when it comes to being able to sell it for any appreciable amount of money. However, that clearly isn't the case here. This card, which was produced during his rookie year, sold for almost $20,000. It certainly doesn't hurt that only about 500 of these cards were produced, which is a relatively low number. Nevertheless, this one is clearly special or it wouldn't sell for anything near this amount of money considering the limitations that are automatically placed upon it and every other card like it by being ungraded.

2. 2005 Topps Chrome Gold Xfractor Aaron Rodgers PSA 10 ($49,999.99)

On the other hand, this particular card has practically everything going in its favor. For starters, it has a PSA score of 10, so it's clearly in mint condition. That automatically means that it's going to be worth a lot more money than a number of the other cards that are floating around out there. In addition, it's a card that also commemorates his rookie year, something that means it's likely to be worth more money still. Last but certainly not least, it's important to note that the card itself was autographed. That definitely helps when you're looking at a card’s value. It certainly doesn't hurt that there were only 399 of these cards that were ever made, either. As a matter of fact, that's a huge reason why this particular card is worth so much money. Couple that with the fact that it's autographed and it's in extremely good condition, and it's easy to see why it was sold for so much money.

1. 2005 Upper Deck RC SPX Spectrum Auto Jersey #1/25 ($70,000.00)

The very idea that you could find a trading card that sells for $70,000 is a dream come true for some individuals. This particular card is extremely valuable and it's easy to see why. It's ungraded, so it's almost unheard of that it would fetch this much money but it's also worth noting that it is an autographed card from which there were only 25 that were ever produced. It also has a genuine piece of the player's jersey as part of the design, which drives the price up considerably.

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