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How Much Does it Cost to Attend a Kansas City Chiefs Game?

The Kansas City Chiefs isn't one of the most popular teams in the NFL. However, it nonetheless sees a fair number of people from both Kansas City and the surrounding region who are interested in seeing them play at Arrowhead Stadium. Those who are planning an outing that involves said team at said stadium might want to look up relevant information such as the cost of tickets, the cost of concessions, and the cost of parking, which should help them ensure the best results possible for them and their fellow fans.

What Is the Cost of Tickets for a Kansas City Chiefs Game?

For starters, the Kansas City Chiefs is one of the less expensive NFL teams to see them play in person. The exact cause is unclear, but there are sources that have speculated about it being a product of their lackluster performance over the last couple of decades, which has had a dampening effect on the enthusiasm of local football fans. In fact, the Chiefs Wire outright speculates that this effect is so strong that said individuals are staying home in spite of a strong start because they have been disappointed again and again in the past, thus explaining why the average cost of tickets for the first week was $129 while the average cost of tickets for the third week was $118.

Those who are curious should know said averages make the Kansas City Chiefs close to the bottom when it comes to prices, so much so that they are comparable with other NFL teams such as the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns. Theoretically, it is possible that the prices for tickets to Kansas City Chiefs games will see an increase in the future should the NFL team continue to be successful on the football field, but until that happens, one shouldn't be too confident in that regard.

With that said, it is important to note that there can still be significant differences between the prices for tickets for the same Kansas City Chiefs games. After all, some NFL teams are much more popular than others, which in turn, means that some NFL match-ups are much more popular than others. For that matter, it should be remembered that some seating positions offer much better views of the match than others, which is why there can be a difference of hundreds of dollars between them. For proof, interested individuals should check out the sheer range for the prices for the same Kansas City Chiefs games, with one example being a range of $51 to $546 and another example being a range of $31 to $652. Due to this range, interested individuals will want to choose their seating positions with both care and consideration to ensure a perfect balance between their cost and their viewing experience.

What Is the Cost of Concessions for a Kansas City Chiefs Game?

Unfortunately, the Kansas City Chiefs don't seem to be one of the less expensive NFL teams to see when it comes to the matter of beverages. In short, Cheapism claims that the cost of a beer is $10 while the cost of a hot dog is $6. For comparison, this makes the Kansas City Chiefs one of the eight NFL teams to charge a double-digit number for beer, thus putting it more expensive than most. Furthermore, the $6 for a hot dog is higher than the average as well. With that said, it is important to remember that interested individuals can get other items such as fried chicken tenders in a sandwich as well as popcorn chicken tossed into a Tennessee hot sauce, which will have their own prices worth looking into as well.

What Is the Cost of Parking for a Kansas City Chiefs Game?

When it comes to parking, interested individuals can get better prices if they choose to buy their parking passes ahead of time. After all, if they choose to buy beforehand, they can get a parking pass for either $35 or $70 per game depending on whether they are driving a standard-sized vehicle or something bigger. In contrast, if they choose to wait until the game day, they are going to have to pay either $60 or $100 based on the same criterion. There is an option for season parking passes as well, but those won't be useful for people who aren't planning to see the Kansas City Chiefs play on a regular basis.

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