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The 10 Richest Teams in the NFL

Dallas Cowboys - Value: $5.7 Billion

Despite the pandemic, the last year has been a great one for the NFL, at least from a monetary perspective. According to Forbes, values across the franchises rose by an impressive 7 percent, with the result that the average franchise value now exceeds $3 billion. Four teams have even managed to increase their value north of the $4 billion mark. If you're keen to find out just how much your favorite team is worth, read on to find out more about the 10 richest teams in the NFL.

Houston Texans - Value: $3.3 Billion

10. Houston Texans - Value: $3.3 Billion

Despite being the newest team in the NFL (they were founded as recently as 1999), the Houston Texans have already achieved an impressive worth of $3.3 billion. The team was owned by their founder, Bob McNair, until his death in 2018. His widow, Janice McNair, now owns a majority stake in the team. For the first decade, the team floundered. In 2011, their fortunes changed. They've since won 6 AFC South championships in total.

Philadelphia Eagles - Value: $3.4 Billion

9. Philadelphia Eagles - Value: $3.4 Billion

The Philadelphia Eagles were founded in 1933, but it took until 2017 for them to win their first Super Bowl. The team is known primarily for its fans, who are widely considered the most intimating in the NFL. Their rivalry with fans of the New York Giants is particularly intense, although they're also known to get testy at the mention of the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Football Team, and Pittsburgh Steelers. Today, the franchise is the 9th richest team in the NFL with a value of $3.4 billion.

Washington Football Team - Value: $3.5 Billion

8. Washington Football Team - Value: $3.5 Billion

The 8th richest team in the NFL is Washington Football Team. Founded in 1932, the team has played over 1000 games in total. They also have the distinction of being among just five NFL teams to romp to victory over 600 times, not to mention the first team in the NFL to have their own marching band and fight song. They're currently worth $3.5 billion.

Chicago Bears - Value: $3.525 Billion

7. Chicago Bears - Value: $3.525 Billion

According to Wikipedia, the Chicago Bears experienced a phenomenal 19 percent increase in value between 2019 and 2020, bringing their total value to an impressive $3.525 billion. Founded in 1920, the Bears have achieved more victories than any other NFL franchise. They've also won a place in the history of pop culture thanks to the 1985 team's recording of "The Super Bowl Shuffle", which bagged a place on the Billboard Hot 100 and even got nominated for a Grammy Award.

New York Jets - Value: $3.55 Billion

6. New York Jets - Value: $3.55 Billion

In at number 6 with a value of $3.55 billion is the New York Jets. Under their original name of the Titans of New York, they played as one of the original members of the American Football League (AFL). They eventually joined the NFL in the AFL–NFL merger of 1970. Despite appearing in the playoffs 13 times, they're one of only two teams to have only made the Super Bowl on one occasion. According to, the Jets, who now play in MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, haven't had a game not sell out in more than 25 years.

San Francisco 49ers

5. San Francisco 49ers - Value: $3.8 Billion

At number 5 with a value of $3.8 billion is the San Francisco 49ers. According to Investopedia, the team has won five Super Bowls since they joined the league, with the latest being XXIX in 1995. Last year, the 49ers were named the 12th most valuable sports team in the US. The franchise has been owned by the York family since 1977.

Los Angeles Rams - Value: $4 Billion

4. Los Angeles Rams - Value: $4 Billion

The Los Angeles Rams were established in 1936 in Cleveland, Ohio. Originally, they went under the name of the Cleveland Rams. In 1946, they relocated to Los Angeles and adopted their current moniker. After several years in LA, they moved to St. Louis, only to return to LA for the 2016 season. They're now the only team to win championships representing three different cities. They're worth the grand total of $4 billion.

New York Giants - Value: $4.3 Billion

3. New York Giants - Value: $4.3 Billion

Up next is the New York Giants, a team with a value of $4.3 billion. The Giants have a long, illustrious history. They were one of the first five teams to join the NFL in 1925 and the only one of those teams to still be around today. As well as being the league's longest-serving member, they're also one of its most successful, having won eight NFL championship titles in total. Only two other teams (Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears) have won more. Today, the team is majority-owned by John Mara, the grandson of the team's founder, Tim Mara.

New England Patriots - Value: $4.4 Billion

2. New England Patriots - Value: $4.4 Billion

With a value of $4.4 billion, the second richest team in the NFL is the New England Patriots. Like most teams, their value has increased dramatically over the past decade: last year alone, they experienced an 8 percent growth. After starting out as a charter member of the American Football League (AFL), they joined the NFL in 1970 as part of the AFL- NFL merger. Although they failed to make much headway prior to the 2000s, they've become one of the most successful teams in the league since, and currently hold the record for the most Super Bowl wins.

Dallas Cowboys - Value: $5.7 Billion

1. Dallas Cowboys - Value: $5.7 Billion

At number one (and to the surprise of no one who follows NFL) is the Dallas Cowboys with a value of $5.7 billion. The Cowboys joined the NFL in 1960 as an expansion team. Since those early days, they've made the Super Bowl 8 times (trailing only the New England Patriots in terms of appearances) and won five of those times. They've also won 8 NFC championships and are the only NFL franchise to win 20 straight seasons. In 2015, they became the first sports team to reach a valuation of $4 billion. They've now served as the most valuable franchise in the NFL for 14 years in a row. Not only are they the richest team in the NFL, but they're the richest team in any league, with the New York Yankees (the second richest sports team in the US), trailing them by $700 million.

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