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The 10 Most Expensive Things on Ebay in 2019


Sellers on eBay have moved a whole lot of products over the years. As it turns out, you can buy some unpredictable and expensive items on the site. Advertising space on a human forehead ($37,375), a grilled cheese sandwich with the Virgin Mary's face ($28,000) and an imaginary friend (Price not listed) to name just a few. You might be surprised how much people have made off of these strange sales. We got such a kick out of all the bizarre and costly items we found on the resale and auction giant it made us wonder what the most expensive things for sale are this year. This is our top ten most expensive items on eBay for 2019.

10. Auto Transport Business: $1.5 Million

For those looking to get into a new business, this might be the perfect listing. According to the seller, all the equipment, trucks, contracts, licenses, and drivers come with the sale. This Auto Transport business is licensed for multiple states, and the tires on the trucks are in decent condition. If you're seeking the chance to run a business from home and you have a million and a half dollars to spend, then buying an auto transport business in Ohio might be a smart move for you.

9. Complete Machine Shop for Sale in N.W. Ohio: $1.5 Million

Another excellent opportunity for someone looking to get into an established business is this machine shop, which is also in Ohio oddly enough. The company specializes in cutting tools, but with a whole machine shop at your disposal, we'd imagine you can manufacture a whole lot of different products. Staff isn't included on this listing, so you'll have to hire your own. Millionaire tinkers or serious shop owners are going to love this place. The building is around twenty-five thousand square feet and comes with all the equipment inside. However, if you want some of the equipment instead, they're willing to negotiate individual sales too.

8. The Lady In White Antique Oil Painting: $1.5 Million

This listing confused us a little bit. The Lady In White is undoubtedly a lovely painting. However, there's very little information on it. The listing merely says it was painted sometime between 1717 and 1885. This painting is unsigned and other than it's size, no real information is given. Perhaps it's a hidden gem from a great artist, or maybe it's just the best guess from someone who pulled it out of their grandmother's attic.

7. Dale Chihuly 2K Piece Chandelier With Installation: $1.5 Million

Artist and famed glass worker Dale Chihuly is known for his titanic creations. If you're in the market for a lovely and extremely complex chandelier that was created by a world-renowned artist, then we've found your listing. This lighting solution is made of over two thousand handmade pieces of blown blue and turquoise glass. When you purchase this lovely artwork, the installation is free worldwide.

6. 2014 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6X6 BRABUS B700 Package: $1.65 Million

This is the most unusual Mercedes Benz we've ever seen. It's a modified SUV style that looks a bit like a tank, and a jeep had a child together. Obviously, this is a dream car for the millionaire on the go who needs a little more cargo space and wants to see envious stares everywhere they go. Buyers looking for some genuinely unique wheels can pick this up for a little over a million and a half dollars with delivery included, plus the seller might take trade-ins.

5. White 2015 McLaren P1: $1.85 Million

Have you ever thought to yourself that you really need a McLaren P1 but you don't feel like driving around to find one today? We have great news for you! There are two available on eBay right now. This one is white, and that means you get a fifty thousand dollar discount compared to the other version of the same car in silver.

4. Silver 2015 McLaren P1: $1.9 Million

This silver P1 McLaren is even sleeker with its shiny paint job. The seller will deliver to your door, which seems only fair for a car that's just shy of two million dollars. Classic butterfly wing doors on the McLaren make a Delorean's Gull-Wing doors look chunky and outdated. When you dream of driving the very best, seeing a P1 on eBay is sure to make your day.

3. 45,000 Square Mile Avocado and Papaya Farm in Panama: $2 Million

When you grow tired of all the bright lights of your big city, manse, sometimes you yearn for a simpler life. Picking up this avocado and papaya farm located down in tropical Panama might be the perfect solution. The huge forty-five thousand acre property has five houses on it. You can bring friends and family with you or house the employees to take care of your new business.

2. 1948 Tucker Convertible: $3.49 Million

Sometimes a McLaren or a moded out Benz is just too common and gauche. Browsing car aficionados might want to check out the one-of-a-kind Tucker Convertible. This gorgeous sky-blue dream machine only has ten miles on it and was never really driven, so you can assume it's in mint condition. Then again the seller didn't include a VIN, and according to eBay the car is both manufactured before 1981 and 'too new to have a history report.' Buyer Beware, this is either one of the rarest cars in the world or possibly a false listing.

1. TV Station Building With Two Studios: $3.5 Million

We admit this listing made us laugh. There's nothing particularly funny about a television station for sale in Pennsylvania. However, under the condition, the seller typed "Good," and that made us smile. After all, who doesn't want a "Good" TV station? The building is seventeen thousand square feet with two studios inside, and they say it will make a fine production studio.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who has a few million to spend on a weekend shopping spree, but doesn't feel like leaving the mansion can stop by eBay and cruise for a new business or high-end car. We weren't sure what to expect. You can get anything from diamonds and collectible antiques to cheap parts from overseas. Now we know right where to go the next time we need a papaya farm in South America or a questionable oil painting that might be a lost or stolen work from a true master. The only question left to ask is, what will they sell next?

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