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How to Spot a Fake Balenciaga Runner


If you are into athletic shoes compatible with any fashion style, you have probably come across the Balenciaga Race Runners. The shoes are elegantly designed by combining different kinds of fascinating materials such as mesh, leather, suede, and neoprene. These are stylish slip-on sneakers made for complementing trendy girls and guys each day’ fashion looks. It’s no surprise that these Balenciaga shoes are found in the wardrobes of various Hollywood celebrities. For instance, Michele Keegan has been spotted with a pair of white Balenciaga Runners, while Alex Gerard has a pair of red and black Balenciaga Runners. A pair of these splendid Balenciaga Race Runners goes for around $695. However, like with many famous high-end fashion products, the shoes have seen the making of fake replicas and copycats found on several online shopping platforms. Read on to know how to spot a fake Balenciaga runner.

Balenciaga logo

On all models of Balenciaga shoes, not only the Balenciaga Runners, one of the highly challenging details for any counterfeit is the Balenciaga logo. According to Mybizshare, it is still extremely hard to replicate all the font details in terms of their height and width on different materials, which is why most fake Balenciaga Runners have failed with the logo details. If any of the logos on the shoe feature uneven letters with imperfect inclining or thinner font, they are fake. Real Balenciaga Runners have deep and crispy fonts, while fake ones have thin and faded logos. Check out the logo on the side of the sole if it looks well-defined and high quality. If not, then the Runner shoe is definitely fake.

Leather on the back of the shoes

On the real Balenciaga runner, the leather patch at the back of the shoes should be a bit grainy but still smooth. When it comes to a fake Balenciaga runner, the leather patch might have some visible vertical stripes out of place. This can indicate the difference in the quality of leather used on a pair of fake Balenciaga versus an authentic Balenciaga race runner.

Balenciaga Insoles

One more secret authenticity trick is the Balenciaga insoles. At first glance, an insole of a fake Balenciaga runner might highly resemble the one of an authentic Balenciaga runner in terms of the same colors, materials, and even logo. However, there is a primitive and tiny line that replicators fail, which we are here to reveal to you. If you closely inspect the made-in information and embossed logo on the insoles, the impression of the fake insole is shallower than the original Balenciaga insole. The original insole should contain a clearly defined impression of ‘MADE IN ITALY,’ ‘BALENCIAGA,’ and ‘PARIS.’ The word ‘PARIS’ should have a dot on the left.

The side sole logo

You should find an embossed Balenciaga logo on the side of the shoe sole. However, you should check it carefully to ensure it is real. An authentic logo should be situated at the bottom, clear and well-defined. On the contrary, a fake logo tends to have a shallower impression, making it appear indistinct at the top. The phony logo will probably have a slightly different font than the original, particularly the letters’ G’ and ‘C.’

Made-in information, logo, the size on the shoe bottom

The Balenciaga runner shoe has a logo, shoe size, and ‘MADE IN ITALY’ information on the shoe bottom. This writing should be crisp, clear, and perfectly defined. On a fake BALENCIAGA shoe, the same words will appear vaguer. Ensure that the shoe size at the bottom matches the size printed on the tongue tag and sock line, whether it is external or internal. More so, the bottom of the fake Balenciaga runner normally tends to be more matte-looking and blacker compared to the original Balenciaga runner that has a more reflective surface.

Shoebox label

When purchasing a Balenciaga runner shoe, ensure to look at the label on the box carefully. The side of the shoebox should have a sticker label with a list of names, colors, shoe outlines, and codes. On the first look, the labels on an original and fake Balenciaga shoebox could be almost identical. However, the first sign to identify a fake shoe is the outline image on the label. The real outline image is vibrant and sharp, while the image on the fake one is not well defined. In addition, the real and fake shoeboxes have different fonts and spacing sizes for the respective printed words. If you can’t spot any difference, you can also conduct a quick online search to check if the stated code matches the actual shoe and ensure there is a legit release for the colorway or use Balenciaga legit check. The style code features a series of numbers and letters that correspond to the different colorways. Also, it’s important to note that the codes vary based on women’s and men’s versions of the shoe, even if they have the same colorway.

Balenciaga Dustbag

Last but not least, the Real Balenciaga dust bag features a white cotton color with a black Balenciaga logo and a thick pull. The bag is pure white with relatively small Balenciaga fonts. The logo is located closer to the bottom from the center, and the bag’s quality feels very good. Therefore, if you notice any difference in the quality or color of the bag as well as the size and location of the logo, this could be a red flag.


We hope you have enjoyed reading the article, and it is useful in your shopping for a pair of authentic and breath-taking Balenciaga Runners. With these tips, you will easily tell a fake and authentic Balenciaga runner, so you don’t lose your money on the counterfeit product. However, the safest way to spend on a guaranteed pair of Balenciaga Runner is by buying from reputable official online websites. Generally, the authentic real Balenciaga Runner shoe’s overall look should be high quality with consistent lines and no faults.

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